Wednesday, December 9, 2009

hello its me again

hello friends i am back from my memorable journey ,it has become a precious part of my life .me and and my mother were seeing each other after long time so hearts were full of happiness and eyes were full of tears which expressed our most of emotions without talking .i found her more weak and tired then before.we talked lot about our past in which we used to sit together and share thoughts with each other about life and situations we faced.she told me lot of funny things about my childhood when i was a baby,those moments gave me fresh new life.
this is a view my beautiful village. you can see the vanished stream

my mother promised me that after my sister goes back to usa she will try to move to my home. my sister seemed to found a treasure ,her happiness could not be described in words.she said that thanks to god who made her life complete.we visited our village which colors were taken by autumn recently stream was almost disappeared brother told me that after dam it happens frequently.we went towards the fields where we used to run and play before ,i found them same we sat there and talked for while some familiar women saw us and came towards us it took while to recognize them these were my childhood friends they were married in another village so we could not met.

sorry friends i think i shall continue tomorrow .


  1. hello :) hmmm felt great if could visited our village to reavealed the memories when we a child :) btw glad hear u back again :)

  2. Hi Shabana, welcome back! Really great to hear that you had a precious time with your mom.
    Thanks for sharing your memories and the photo of the old village where you used to live.
    It's always nice to bring back some old memories...It brings a mix of emotions.
    Sad for the stream though :-(

    Take care!

  3. Assalamu alaikum Shabana, your village is very beautiful and it looks so because of the nature arround it. Is it in Kashmir?Thank you for sharing your memories.

  4. it's been a while since i visited my think that it's just a 3 hour ride:(


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