Monday, December 21, 2009

A visit to a rural area

Goats of the village know their ways very well.

Its been long time since we visited my sister-in-laws house.Her village is situtated in an area where people still live with their old thoughts and style. Beautiful date garden .dates are main crops of the area.

It is quite far from our city and after traveling from the main road we have to turn to a link road which leads us to that her village,She lives in joint family stem with huge family. A view i saw from the link road.

her father in-law is one of the important heads of the village and owes large property in the village but he did not allowed her to continue her job after the marriage , even he denied his son to join a government job because he does not like the word servant along his family. My mid one sitting on a mango tree.

So women live in a big house with lot of comfort including clothing and jewelry but have huge desires inside their hearts.we spent their just a single day.and shared lot of things which we were gathering for long time in our hearts. My youngest one trying to run a hand pump.

Their feasts were quite heavy due to including lot of meat in almost each dish.My children also had a great time wandering in fields. A stream which falls in our way,looks quite peaceful.


  1. nice village..hmm i can see from this :) hv a nice trip ok :)

  2. Hello- thanks for stopping by on my blog. How did you find me? I love your photographs. God bless you and your family this Christmas

  3. Hello CU again :) i have award for u in my blog, please take it n Tq b4 :)

  4. reminds me of some places in brasil!
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  5. OH i love your photos!! They make me miss India. I did not grow up there. My father came from India to go to college, met and married my mom and then returned. He mysteriously dissappeared. Perhaps because i was girl, i do not know. No one knows much about his disappearance. When I was 8, she filed for divorce but didn't remarry till i was 15. I went to see my aunt and cousins 6 years ago and spent 2 months with them and travelling around India. I hope to return again. Thank you for your lovely photos. They draw my heart there!!

  6. Wow! Seems like I missed a lot... Wonderful photos you got there and I also love each of your stories..It somehow shows culture and beliefs..
    I enjoyed it dear!



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