Friday, December 11, 2009

its me again "part II"

one of them was spacial to me because she used to share her heart with when i was here she was normal looking girl among her five pretty sisters and always treated so bad by her own mother and sisters most of work load was on her shoulders that behavior of her owns made her so sad i dont know how can people do this to their own children,particularly how can a mother treat her child differently on the bases of color or looks It is not a recent picture ,but explains a lot.

,even this time she was not looking happy cause she was married to an old cruel man whom three unmarried sisters treats her same,some time i think god cannot be as careless ,he put us in situations like this be cause he wants us to be awake and fight for our rights.the otherone was the wife of her brother they took me to tree where we used to tied our biggest swing near the yearly festival the tree was not there any more i felt thousands of wet memories in my eyes, My 6 year old son"Asad" with one of his cousin .

meanwhile my son took the camera and went along cuisines for exploring the beauty around,me my sister and some cuisines were together,we had only two days in village so every thing important must be done in time there were some invitations to be attend in relatives and some mishaps to be pray for like suicides of two youngones one the daughter of my ant 's daughter who was being forced to some one against her will cause she liked someone else who was not comparatively well settled so that emotional girl gave her life ,she made a huge mistake which cannot be corrected now her mother ' s regrets and tears cant bring her back.people say she was the most beautiful girl in twon and as well as intelligent god may give her soul restn peace

dear friends i wll continue in next post


  1. I can't believe that until now fixed marriage still happens...up to the extent that one would rather take her own life.. so sad about that story..Also to the girl that was not being treated well by her family esp. by her mother..
    BTW, your son and nephew's photo was very nice and with that scenery, it became lovelier..It says a thousand words.

    Good day Shabana..

  2. Thank you for sharing all these memories. I'm so sad to hear these stories. We have much to be grateful for. May God have mercy.

  3. You were very clever at saying about the village n everyone in there, as though we went along was there :) Tq 4 sharing :)

  4. I arrived here just surfing, but I think I’ll be coming back again from time to time.
    Best wishes from an Estonian living in Italy


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