Tuesday, December 15, 2009

its me again "part III"

About 2 years ago she died ,but in her mother's eyes tears are still like the way they would have been on 1st day of her death.God almighty may give them courage to bear this pain.I wont talk about other incident ,because I think it will make this post much heavier ,and that I don't want.During the remaining two days we attended some invitations and had lot of fun,then we returned to the city where my mother and sister live.Next day mother made me many of my favorite dishes .With some stories of our childhood it became even tastier

Day after that my sister planed to go out without children in the night , She suggested this because it would have been a cold night.She took us to a Cinema , which itself was situated in a huge park.It was quiet expensive cinema as compared to cinemas of our city but regarding the place and its atmosphere it was worth those expenses.There I faced some funny misunderstandings while waiting in the hall of cinema , we saw a Chinese or may be Japanese women about 50 with a boy of about
twenties ,Who was playing very caring and obedient,I said to my sister lucky mother and she gave me a laughter and said he is not her son ,he is his husband,I couldn't decide whether i should laugh or not.

And other thing is that ,there was a family beside us among whom were 2 daughters and their parents,the thing which was strange to me was that the teenage daughters were looking well dressed and mature but their mother had very funny bushy type of hair style and funky behavior.Because of it most of peoples around were staring at her.We saw a Indian movie and had lot of fun together .We returned home late night.

Next day we had some guests because of recent festival.And the next day all of us went to a amusement park .where my children enjoyed a lot and so did we.There are lot of pics in the other camera of my sis ,I would like to share them as soon as she sends me those pics.
My Son's first driving experience .

My little one flying a plane.

A beautiful bird in cage.How sad...

My sister with her little princess.

My eldest one.

They just had a fight.

My two angels having great fun playing together.


  1. i love your photographs!! it makes me miss my family in India! They are in Chennai.

  2. they are sooo cute..:D

  3. nice picture with your own family life

  4. How great that you got to visit with family. Sounds like your childen (and you) had a wonderful time. I wish my mother was still alive. How I miss sitting in her kitchen. You're lucky you have your family.

    The kids look as though they're having a blast on that slide. My grandkids love those slides. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  5. Wow! I enjoyed looking at these photos. Thanks for sharing it with us..Hope to see more.
    Glad you had a blast with your mom and sis.


  6. Cute kids! Glad to know you had a nice time :)

  7. hmm nice experience :), hope the happyness always with u n ur family :)


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