Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a gift of winter

From today winter has  started practically .Yesterday's rain has helped it to get a quick start ,Winter has  also its own special beauty like other seasons.All scenes get a strange cover of glumness which holds the heart deeply,every thing seems contract we see most of people sneezing with tissue paper in hands me and my hole family have recently faced the flu and cold,so i can have bit hope that some next days will be remain normal for us cause

flu leave me hardly alone during the winter i think flu is the most oldest disease on earth and most confusing too,

over here our oldies says that never try to stop flu with medicine because it can cause some other infection,they advise to use some herbal treatment which does not stop it but gives bit re leaf. i could never learn how to fight this enemy i remember my grand ma and mother used to give me mind blowing hot  soup  of black pepper,cinnamon,cloves black cardamom which i had take any way no matter how much i hate it after marriage i tried medicine for it but they made my head go round so finally i found my elders'  idea better .god may let us all enjoy the safe and healthy winter.            


  1. i hope you feel better soon :-) The soup sounds good!!

  2. I hope you feel better soon! Thanks for stopping by my blog and feel free to come back to read more!


  3. I hope you and your family feel better real soon. Sounds like that soup/tea is pretty potent. I remember when i would start to cough, my mom would pull some herbs from her garden and made me drink it. It was just awful but it certainly did the trick. I remember her rubbing vicks on my chest and feet and then wrapping me all up. Then she would make a tea out of fresh oregano.. oh was it awful. But I always felt better afterwards.

    Take care.

  4. hope ur family feel better soon n the winter always be beauty for ur family :)

  5. Hi Shabana, I miss your post!

    We do not have winter here. It's also our flu season though. My eldest daughter used to always had a flu, take note almost every two weeks. And it really affected her academics due to frequent absences.

    Seasonal Flu vaccine does a big help for her. Now she rarely have it.

    I really wish well for you and of course for your whole family.


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