Thursday, November 5, 2009

My new neighbourhood

I was doing my laundry work today and it was quite large bundle this time,
When I was with my in-laws in our old house the neighborhood was quite familiar .people were living close to each other from years so there was lot of respect and care for each other but then we found that that house was not big enough for a big family and we bought our new home which was than large enough for our family which consisted of 5 members . I ,my husband and our 3 children.

In the beginning every thing was cool and calm ,Actually i am a person who like to live its own way ,I love to be busy in daily routine ,Looking after my children and house.It used to take almost all of my time and until i finish my work it becomes almost midnight.Before kids when i was free i used to spend my time in my hobbies ,reading , writing,gardening and a bit of movies and music . But now its all .....
impossible.we have got three houses attached with ours , 2 from both sides and 1 from back.Right and back are quite fine but the left ones are really strange.

There lives a women ,who is 2nd wife of her husband who rarely visits her, She has a great habit of spying ,she looks secretly from the main gate of her house out side the street.This i heard from other neighbors.She started visiting me frequently as we shifted in this house .every time she had her children with her all the time aging from 9 to 15.Every time they came was so horrible ,when they entered the house they all spread in every single room of house and act as they are finding some thing hidden they never asked before using anything.The thing i hated most they used to put a local music channel and gave it full volume i mean 100 they never cared what or how i am feeling at the moment and their mother instead of stopping them always encouraged them in their activities .This is what she used to say them" Go children play its your aunts house " ,
I found it quite abnormal because i had never seen it before.I was told earlier that she is hard to handle .But as my nature is ,I thought it might be her loneliness that she got that upset behavior .I often advised her to be busy in some positive activities.but it seemed that she was not happy with my advises .So she started bothering me through her children ,And one day her son threw stones nearly size of a tennis ball while my youngest son was sitting in the yard after having a bath ,it was just a blessing of god that none of the stone touched him ,As my husband came home i told him about this and he went and complained her husband.And after that day nor i visited her and neither she came to me.
She knew my routine in the evening when me and my husband have tea in our little garden her children still make horrible noises standing in front of our home . I don't know when but one day I pray it should end and I shall live in peace.I remembered her today because she never forgeted to visit me during my laundry .I pray that god my never give neighbors like this to anyone.


  1. OMG!! Thats horrible.. I hope that scenery will over soon.

    As for me.. My neighbour got lots of cats.. their children's pet. I love cat too.. but seems they never really take care of their cat well.. and all the cats come to my house.. to pee.. poo-poo.. and digg all my lovely garden.. it's happen almost 6 mths now (Yes I am counting) can't stand it.. T_T..

    I talk to my neighbour about this and they said wanted to take away all the cats.. pity all the cats.. they should teach their pets to do their 'business' on the right place.. but seems all the cats was left wondering around without a proper place to poo-poo... Sigh...

    Opppssss.... Sorry I am spilling out all to you.. ^_^

  2. Oh my you really have the most terrible neighbor! How could she be so nonchalant about the behavior of her kids when it could have almost hurt your son. Oh dear, you should not let your kids get near her kids. It's a different story when it involves harm to your children.
    I am very thankful to only have four neighbors. And that we live harmoniously.


  3. Shabhana

    So sorry that you have that awful neighbor who has no respect for your routine. Say a prayer for her, and let's hope that she learns to discipline her children.

    I'm sorry for asking but you say this woman is the 2nd wife. wow, I have no idea what that is like. I suppose if my husband had two wives, that would mean I'd have less laundry. I'm sorry to joke about this. I really do respect other cultures. I'm just fascinated by how other people live in far countries. I know living in the United States I take alot of things for granted.

    I'm so glad I found your blog. Have a great weekend.


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