Sunday, November 8, 2009

some time fear is good

some days ago we went out on weekend place we chose was a huge park beside the river bank,it was almost evening so park was looking full children were enjoying the swings and elders were sat on benches.before entering the children portion we sat and had some drinks while i saw few children standing near the river there was no protection wall they were laughing and pushing each other and can easily fell in the river nobody was keeping eye on them i could not move from there till they go

,it was my fear which chased me since our village after lunch often girls and women go to the stream where they chat and had evening tea.once were sitting beside the stream and children who chased their mothers were playing near fields,we had lots of fun there and it was getting dark when we decided to go back, one mother could not found her three year old daughter some one said she might have already gone with her elder brother cause he was also not there,we arrived and did not found the girl next day her body was found in village next to ours.that time i was fourteen years old.
i got married seven years after that accident
. people around me often says that i am extra sensitive about my kids but i know that some things cannot be taken easy in any moment,after shifting this new big house this fear saved my youngest son,s life twice ,once when he started crawling he got up the satire while i was in the kitchen seemed someone just shake me i ran to check and seeing him like this was a frightful moment he saw me and try to pass through railing but god made him stuck there and i picked him up in y arms .another time he fell down in the bath tub when i saw him he was almost drowned .so some time fear is really important cause it makes us be careful and protective about our loved ones


  1. Hi dear,
    A mother's instinct- The best gift from God that has been rewarded to us; to efficiently protect our children from harm.
    Even if our children are out of our sight. We could simply feel if something is not right.

    Good day Shabana.


  2. that is such a deep thought :) worth pondering


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