Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Days (poem written by me)


Days are like different doorways 

Each one  opening to new ablaze 

Heavy or light doesn't depend on season 

Good or bad without logic or reason 

One day you get up and world is mad 

Some craziness has turned all bad

You feel awful though things are right 

 With everyone you want to fight

Although all around is same 

Inevitably you want to blame 

For the things did not go well

Who is responsible ?hard to tell

 Moments come when you want to figure 

But today you are ridiculous digger

Like heavy rock you drag your day 

Leaving you with thoughts hard to sway .

One day you get up and feel top of the world 

Flying without wings all over like a bird

Overwhelmed by exciting pulse 

People seem patients and you are nurse 

Treating others with kindness and calm 

Gestures are sweet and words are balm 

Your kit is full of tools 

Those who worry ,you think are fools

No such thing with you can't deal 

Oldest wounds are going to heal 

Long awaited puzzles and question 

Miraculously today are done 

Such days are like winter's sunlight 

To end  them you don't want night 

Some days idle , dull and slow 

you don't want to get up and go 

All you want is stick to bed 

Scroll phone screen what is written or said 

Laying lazily between sleep and awake 

No thought cooking no dream baked 

Tons of coffee and tea taken by you 

Where is  mind? still no clue 

To motivate ,you try things 

Music or stretching but no bell ring 

Gossip on call or book to read 

Trying to focus is such "dread"

Priceless moments and hours of your day 

uselessly just wasted away 

But at night when you lay to rest 

Suddenly you feel you got back your best 

Some days Social full of cheerful mood

You forgot once you have been rude

Want to get out and meet everyone you know 

Hugging and kissing ,greeting and bow 

You think how you missed all this 

Relationships are such a bliss 

Aunts and uncles cousins and friends

Life at once seems colorful blend 

Beautiful rainbow encompassing your heart

Makes you feel strangely strong and vast

Some days are lone that isolate you  

You don't want see any old or new 

Self reflection is call of soul 

And meditation can lead to goal

You knew all now time to know you 

Work of "figuring" ,"mending" and "sew" 

Once you have rearranged the "self"

You can find your place in "shelf"

Just like roots grow into stem 

Days are how you look at them 

And your look is determined mostly by what you eat

So please beware of what you choose as meal

Can't say whether you believe it or not 

But what you eat makes "day you got" 

Sorry for ruining the poetic essence with last stanza ,along with all other reasons that influence our days what we eat is really important actually and i wanted to convey it because i am experiencing how correcting eating habits makes our days better.

thanks for bearing!


  1. Lovely and profound, as your poems always are!

  2. You aptly described the way we all need to examine our days. It is the way we improve ourselves. You show your wisdom.

    1. heartfelt thanks dear Emma this bit of wisdom i learnt from my blogging friends in all those blogging years and some reads :)

  3. So true! What we bring to a day can really affect how we respond to it. What we eat is so important.

    1. all we see with instant look is not instant reality created with snap of finger dear Marie .everything has reason behind it and it can be consistency of long lasting things we have been neglected so far or result of something not that old but still building it up gradually . my long term yoga was not guided by any article or video just my own choice but slowly it made me realize what to eat and what not to because it makes your body's inner system highly sensitive which protest on consumption of things your body does not need anymore .that was amazing and gradual elimination helped me lot to eat less and healthy thankfully

  4. One key phrase. Who is to blame? Many are accused but no one is taking responsibility.

    1. when we seek ease we find it easier to blame others to spoil our day or mood dear Red . self reflection is great help to unveil one's own truth but are we ready to face it ?

  5. Loved to read it, dear, baili.
    Every day should be a new chance to be happy

    1. emotions are enjoyable until we are able to deal with them dear Pedro otherwise they their influence is toxic what we eat really affects our moods and how our next some hours are going to spend ,it is scientifically proven fact

  6. That's is true about what you eat Baili. The poem is thought provoking and I did enjoy ready it - the words flow beautifully.

  7. thanks dear Margaret !
    i see people around including me for so long indeed hardly think about this. they mostly blame other things but when it comes to eating habits they avoid talking about it .it is probably quitting old habits is toughest thing to do so they better skip off the topic

  8. Such an amazing poem! Definitely, great to read your words! Thank you so much for your comment too. All the best to a peaceful October and more.

  9. thank you so much for encouraging words dear Ellie always!

  10. Thanks dear Nichole. I am glad that you liked it

  11. This is an amazing poem my friend. Your words are powerful, evocative, the kind of poem I would like to read again and again. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. thank you so much for honoring me with your kind and sweet words dear Denise .
      they mean lot to me believe me !

  12. Cada dia é diferente do outro, como bem descreve neste poema. O melhor é vivermos cada dia da melhor maneira. Como se fosse o único.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  13. agree to each word dear Grace ! despite all odds life is priceless gift unreturnable so live it wit best of yourself!

  14. Dear Baili,

    So remember, as days come and go,
    Each a new doorway, a chance to grow,
    Through highs and lows, and every season,
    Find the strength to navigate with reason.

    For life's a journey, full of surprise,
    And the key to its beauty, in your heart lies,
    Embrace the days, both dark and bright,
    And let love be your guiding light.

    PS I loved your post! 😊

    1. Oh this was one of the most beautiful response some ever left for me dear John 🤗
      Thank you for the generosity!
      I agree to each line !!!
      I wonder if you write this ?

    2. Yes, Dear Baili ... Thank you for the love! Blessings to you! John

  15. Hello Baili,
    I loved your poem. Beautiful words, I am grateful for each day I am here on earth. I am dreamer, I wish everyone days of peace and happiness. Take care, have a great day!

  16. there are beautiful lovely words dear Eileen :)
    thank you for sharing the beauty of your soul!
    world needs more like you for sure !

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