Monday, October 9, 2023

With The Coin I Have

Hello Kind Souls  

Hope and pray that finding peace ,joy and purpose in whatever daily life brings you !

Life is constant struggle to survive through odds and be grateful for blessings it bring to us once in a while (though most of the time blessings are there but we can't notice due to our negligence sadly). A non stop struggle that is what life seems .that is what basic philosophy of all holy books reveal and what a coincidence that our observations and experiences make us agree to this  eventually sooner or later.

There is a line in detailed explanation of a verse in our holy book which says 

" Once You Intend to do something or to be someone, It is habit of God to make it happen no matter what and no one can change my law" 

Sounds familiar ?

Yes Science also reveals after hundreds of the years of research that ,

"World is made up as "Probabilistic "and each particle Contains  Large number of possibilities attached to it facilitating it with ability to take any desired form or position" (though rest depends on the strength of our urge and power of our effort to achieve it fully)

When i think back when i was unaware of Truth i think those were better days full of dreams and enthusiasm for life just like Alice in the wonder land . 

When i would feel how people become responsible for their own miseries ,there would rise a nurturing sense of coziness secretly within me making me hopeful that i won't be as careless and try to avoid mistakes that complicate or trouble life .

The heart of an innocent full of faith that life is easy and i will make it easier with my own input of "carefulness" sounded good back then.

I don't curse the day when i followed my heart and decided to learn(the wish to learn was there always as curse or gift whatever call it)  more about life and universe because i know it is not about "knowledge" but "attitude " we own to treat everything with including knowledge.

My speed to learn about certain aspects of life grew faster when i realized i need answers to some certain whats and whys urgently to face current challenges and improve quality of life.

That helped lot to be honest . With knowledge i was able to understand the causes of issues and how to uproot them .That was awesome revelation for me as an individual and quite a sense of achievement as woman rotating in certain routine of life as house wife and a mother .

Like everything else knowledge comes with responsibility and side effects .(can't be only my opinion i bet)

For a poor a coin hold greater value than Rich who holds empire .

This is economical fact read in books long time ago and personal opinion as well after realization of it.

With coin i can purchase bread to stay alive .With little knowledge i tried to improve my "mindset" which could revolutionize my life to some extent. This is could be possible only when  i applied this little knowledge in my practical living.

When i read or hear that " good things   belong to books or movies only" I don't believe it. Alive people write books ,alive not physically but spiritually as well . Balance between both existences makes them see behind visible reality which they try to convey through their writings to those who keep focus on physical facts only.

My quest for learning made me encounter with fact that i know nothing but really little because whatever i was planning to write i saw was wrote already and in very impressive and influential way. 

But One thing which i believe is also said already and very nicely i want to say it too in my simple way and this is that despite born with numerous probability we humans bear specific limits to conceive and share things .

Just like the languages spoken all over the world are possible because of certain types of (limited) air movement in our air box placed in mouth or neck ,Similarly ideas we approach are pre determined and limited ,they exist already like everything else .We have to explore them only through intuition or contemplation on our arrival . 

So Goodness presented in myths or in modern day stories is same and exists side by side with badness because both are twins .So believe in "Goodness " as part of reality even if you deny Higher divine force presence. Because it is mean you are taking the hidden underlying Goodness into Reality by believing in it. As your thoughts take shape of actions later .

Thanks for bearing with me sweet souls! 

Sending best wishes for health peace and joy of you and to all you love!




  1. "When i think back when i was unaware of Truth i think those were better days full of dreams and enthusiasm for life just like Alice in the wonder land ."

    There is a saying:

    Those who walk in the light forget how dark the darkness is.

    1. the pattern of universe is weird dear Sandi everything we think or do demands certain type of sacrifice nothing remains unpaid. darkness or light both have unique good and bad .
      if ignorance is darkness which we most of the time it is than it is easy to dwell in not because of the emptiness or vanity it offers but because of "ease" it offers to it's inhabitants ,no matter how huge price they pay for it they are just unaware of it just like blind man does not fear from well he is walking towards. Darkness hide things that can make you careful and restrict your movement to avoid the consequences . there are many examples of dictators who acted as blind in past.
      on the other hand
      if the knowledge is light which we mostly think it is it reveals so much and unveils reality 's face that would have remained concealed other wise .Light is hard to exist in this world full of temptations .The responsibility brought by "light" makes one serious ,contemplative and sensitive in short "wise"
      i believe the fear of taking this responsibility hold people from having Faith in Divine

  2. Such an insightful post. A lot of times, I know I was just observing. Observing how others learned. How others thought before I decided how I felt. But along the way, hands on creates an experience that is yours. And to share it with someone who might be struggling to learn to read, to write, to think for themselves is really such happiness. Although, it takes time to grow. And reflection and your love of God always makes you see helping is key. Just as saving that coin for it's purpose.

    1. dear Ellie i appreciate your sweet sharing !
      i being from a little town of 33 house in 80s knew hardly anything about world except world has few countries and life is about some struggle which leads to happy ending .that was like believing in fairytales .but how slowly i learnt that none of this was true and life has countless things to learn which are impossible to learn completely for us the human with such short life span . So since beginning people have come and shared what they had explored in their period of life ,then they left and others followed them in life and the quest they left unfinished .
      finding out that i knew nothing but a little at the beginning hurt a lot ,felt embarrassed and lost ,but with time after healing from this shock i realized it is never too late to learn and most importantly although i am not most learned person on earth sharing personal opinions and thoughts is plausible . when i feel my thought is backed by many other thinkers it makes me confident to share here and this is enough joy for me as simple housewife

  3. Many times we don't appreciate all the good things we have.

    1. i agree totally and this is because our denial or doubt in the presence of higher Force dear Red .such a bad luck that we slip from our foundation of existence the main things that can make our attitude healthy and beneficial for us and all around ,the damage starting from the first basic step make us fall badly towards materialistic side of the life only which may be help us to achieve worldly goals but leave our souls scared by emptiness and negativity

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I read every word with great interest. Hugs and blessings to you and your family.

    1. oh thanks for mentioning this dear Denise ,it makes me feel good indeed because i know my writing is flawed by many weaknesses such as poor vocabulary and putting the narrative in an impressive way ,but i am learning though

  5. ... returning your wishes for health, peace and joy.
    God bless.

    All the best Jan

  6. I love when you share your quests for meaning in life, Baili.

    1. i don't know what is like searching for the meaning of life dear Marie but one thing i am sure that we human don't behave differently than Nature ,we are hardly a particle of Her and we see Her wisdom lie behind the existence of everything Nature has created here and all for reason

      we do the same here everything we invent or make is for purpose ,if being a tiny creation of Nature make us act this way than seems obvious that Nature has reason to create us as well and no single thing is separate from this pattern. i know life is short to find truth but spending time chasing it is only spot that feels "fulfilling " to me

  7. Your thoughts, so good to read them Baili.

  8. it is definitely your own goodness reflecting in things you see my precious Margaret !

  9. Learning to understand ourselves helps us understand our lives. We are meant to be the best of the plan laid out for us.

  10. no true words my precious and wise friend Emma so nicely said ! thanks

  11. It is all about what a human believes. The wisdom to know what one believes doesn’t come at an early age. Live life like a detective … question everything and try to find truth. When you find truth, you will know it. The questions will have answers.

  12. absolutely true dear John!
    Nature has beautifully programmed us to "open up to wisdom gradually" what a justice that childhood is completely free of worries full of joy and wonder and carelessness
    youth is exciting ,adventurous and attempting whether old age is to look back and meet your struggle and analyze it what you gained and what lost and at what cost and them extract conclusion to share your essence further to next generation .
    thank you for reminding this lovely fact today !

  13. You have an amazing mind, baili. So many of us go through the days without thinking further than the next hour. For what it is worth, I believe if the thoughts and conclusions you have come to by yourself are similar to the writings of deep-thinking people who became before you, that is a huge accomplishment, not something to dismiss!

  14. i take your encouraging and kind words as great honor dear Jenny !
    i think it can happen to all of us that while growing up when watch some show or movie or read book or go through in conversation with someone or only listen others talking we realize that we too think similarly .
    i think i realized this slowly because i did not have anyone around to whom i can speak my inner mind . i mean by "inner mind" that things or topic that don't belong to daily routine of life or current fashion adopted by people .
    I try to share less what i think and how excessively such thought storm in my mind because i don't want to sound too boring which i feel i am known already as here :)
    so when i started to read books specially regarding philosophy of life ,health and fitness of mind and soul both ,books and articles about space and time and above all books about how human brain works . i realized that there are many things that i felt same way when ponder on the topic.
    i am one with really bit of knowledge so whenever i try to explain such coincidence i mention that despite having less knowledge i am using my right as common person to speak my mind and then lay my point hesitatingly .
    i think this is very natural human instinct to long for congenial company .
    now if you say that my such effort is some kind of accomplishment this makes me serene so thanks for being so kind my friend!

  15. I think life has the potential to lead us away from the truth that we instinctively knew as a child.


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