Friday, October 27, 2023

Truth Or Dare (poem written by me)


Hope you know me i am man 

playing this game of loss and gain 

Tickled by fanciful rituals it has 

Running madly within puzzle of maze

In the beginning when i saw 

World was rough and life was raw

I was born with curious heart 

Always after what i have not 

My restlessness made me grew 

Always chasing unknown "due"

I created explored and carved 

To change older things with new 

I opened up ground's crest 

To get all what it had pet 

Going through hardship so cruel 

I obtained raw forms of fuel 

I refined  and  distribute 

To lay  civilization root 

 Sea or desert or spooky caves

Always had something to gave

Some metals with value high 

As their prices reaching sky 

Some naive but of subtle rank

Delved into air as airoplane 

When i looked at water untamed 

Thought it's needed to be framed 

By overcoming it's speed and waste 

Controlled it to facilitate 

Beautified with bridges and dam 

Nothing could stood in my aim

My eyes when saw Forest dark 

Realized it's hidden spark 

Embellished world with wooden feature

Architecture and furniture 

Everything i saw unbaked 

Picked it up to trim and shape 

I am proud how i  advanced

On the rhythm of need when danced 

Don't mind if it looks like  brag

It has been exhausting drag 

Now i wanna feel good and free 

Leaving behind all the creeds

Untying humanity from all  chains

Unfamiliar of whining or blames

So everyone can follow his heart 

By overlooking but ,if ,what 

Some say what i did is cool 

Though there are some naive fools 

Who give preference to "rules"

Talking about "order" and "ques"

What the point in making all" plain"?

When i forgot what is main

They think like a everything else

My mind needs refinement as well 

Waking and strengthening  Soul

Can be way that lead to goal

Trimming down trees of wish and dream

That are too much wild and extreme 

Bringing order in the thoughts 

Can save me from hurting others lot

Reconsidering priorities 

Can bring earthers lots of ease

I would say it's easiest thing 

Teaching others how to sing 

But when it's to catch the tune 

Sending wild beast to saloon 

Conquering world is easier bask

Fighting one's ego is hardest task 

Acknowledging own's flaws 

Travelling against gravity laws

Can i make this happen ever 

Says conscience  now or never 

Starting war is difficult 

Fighting  against inner ugly cult 

Reigning my head since i am

Ruining the original gem 

In the body soul was sowed 

To sprout up and grow 

From the rock 's core doomed 

Gently appear innocent bloom

What i did to thing subtle ? 

Imprisoned behind the grill 

Grill made up of lust and greed 

Despair was her only feed

Can i make her live again ?

To sit on throne of my brain 

Making him realize that he 

Must understand reality 

That his thoughts are "energy"

Like branches out of tree

Growing fearlessly free

That's what energy meant to be ?

Always up to something true 

But Oblivious how to do!

It's on soul to show it path

What to choose and what to not

Because brain is body's slave

Captivated in it's cave 

Reacting to chemical flee

Carrying orders momentary 

Giving physical senses drive

So it's  master can survive

But soul is Divine light

To make our paths bright 

So we cane walk with care 

Balancing "truth" or "dare" 

sorry if it got bit long ,just hope you liked it friends !

thank you for bearing with me !

blessings to all of you and loved ones!





  1. Dear Baili …

    In the mirror of your words, I see a reflection clear,

    A fellow traveler in this world, devoid of fear.

    The game of life, we both do play,

    Navigating through night and day.

    We create, explore, and we carve,

    In life's tapestry, our essence we engrave.

    Older things, we transform with grace,

    Embracing change in this endless chase.

    Blessings to you!


    1. a big heartfelt thanks dear John for leaving such lovely poems as i wonder if you have written them .
      i really find your encouragement generous and great !

      i think i could have made my point more clear if had tried harder .
      my argument is not about how man has achieved great things and success through the journey of life and gained wisdom gradually by Nature and by learning from our mistakes . Growth is essential sign of life and most important and without it life has no meaning at all indeed.
      But i really feel that we are overlooking facts so obvious and "overlooking or avoiding facts makes us regret sooner or later as because of it we take wrong decision make choices unsuitable to our pattern of existence.
      Knowing the fact that creation of life and universe is well designed ,well cared and surprisingly perfect for our existence and growth we must acknowledge that although we are unable to find perfect answers and reason for all of this and unable to detect behind the show ,
      we must think why in such uniformed world our life don't have certain meaning or reason and to fulfill role assigned to our specie particularly make us more responsible .
      If everything in universe appeared raw at first and was treated by us the humans to take it's most acute shape why we human think that we are free of this law ?
      and we should not shape ourselves according to Nature's plan rather than changing the laws that are base of whole function that takes place as life within universe .
      Why we have to be just as we are ?
      why it is bad to train ourselves to be fit in what a healthy society ask for ?
      I am concerned about our future as specie because such things make me doubtful and uncertain . i think the One such clever power who can create all is capable to treat us like players who must play by rules .
      if i sound stupid or boring i am sorry but sharing with you all makes me easy on blogging

    2. Hi again dear Baili, Reflecting on your reflection: We need to underscore the significance of being aware of the facts and information that pertain to our lives and the decisions we make. Ignorance or avoidance of relevant information can have negative consequences. Informed decisions are more likely to lead to positive outcomes. There is a natural or inherent way of living for humans, and ignoring or avoiding essential facts can lead us away from this natural path. Lastly, one thing of which I am certain: You are NOT stupid or boring, dear Baili, and I truly enjoy the outlook you give us via Baili and I. Wishing you a happy weekend! John

    3. Well said dear John .My concern is purely about loosing natural path designed for us as humans.
      Thanks for kindness you always show in your generous comments. They mean so much to me !

  2. A human's desire to learn and try new things is what has helped us to advance.

    1. i agree dear Emma
      while moving further with success and pride we should not forget that like every single thing here who has reason gifted to it by Nature ,we too are obliged to remember our origin and genuine roll as human here

  3. Replies
    1. Nature 's balance on both is striking dear Debra ,if ponder things are more underlying than obvious ones

  4. wonderful poetry! You said so much about life and its passing. thank you.

  5. Beautiful. A soul's journey. Blessings to you x K

    1. Soul is given to not keep body alive only but to make it grow equally dear Karen . taking the soul along keep our heart gentle and grateful . once we forget soul our bodies dark shallow desire occupy our being and make us do things that are not appropriate sadly

  6. It's an interesting poem - well done Baili.

  7. ... and blessings to you dear Baili.

    All the best Jan

  8. The game we used to play when we were young.
    Have a great week

    1. Truth is that we don't want to acknowledge because it encircle our life with laws
      Dare is product of foolishness that born out of our negligence dear Pedro

  9. Escolhemos o caminho e a nossa própria inquietação é que nos anima a continuar sempre. Apesar de tudo e de nada. O seu poema é muito profundo.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  10. "Can save me from hurting others lot"

    Oh, Baili. This line. Oh, wow. Yes...God help me that others would not be hurt by me.

  11. Amen!!!
    I am having light fever and flue since two weeks almost dear Sandi
    Sorry for late response my friend

  12. Oh it's great to see your work you give me so much to think on. Thanks for being here thanks for your comment too.

    1. Thanks for sweet environment dear Ellie ❤

  13. You have a wonderful way of putting words together Baili. I am so impressed!

  14. I am happy you found my words interesting my dear friend Dennis


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