Thursday, November 5, 2015

convocation and memories

hey dear friends ,hope and pray that all is going smooth and nice in your beautiful worlds,last week i went Karachi to attend my son;s   convocation  and had blast of pleasure and enjoyed each single moment of that two days which i spent with my son ,after two days me and my son had to rejoin their jobs so we got back to our town ,yes my both younger kids also visited their elder bro joy party but at return we got little dis heart ,wanted to be together forever but life has different plans and place chosen for us ,we can just wait for that moment when we all will be at on place and be a complete happy family,these emotions created a little poem sharing with you all,have a lovely safe life god bless you all.

Trees are shy and air is bold ,
coming winter's day is cold; 

Touched my cheek when a sun ray,
gave  me the sense of my mom's kiss;
before leaving for the school got every day,

There were the days ,when all were close, 
Hearts of our's like blooming rose,

How joyful  was atmosphere,
When we used to everything share,

When kept my head in mama's lap,
All my miseries  took some gap,

Having my little sister's hand ,
flying like a butterfly on the land,

When i see my yard;s neem tree,
Comes in mind my happy family ,

Though all is well and everything is right ,
present is pleasant and future is bright ,

But still whenever i feel tired  low,
Memories give me strength and glow,

Memories like a butterfly,
Takes my heart so high and high,

So everybody please take good care ,
keep your life so nice and fair,

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