Monday, December 14, 2015

Fresh Air

Thank God that after repairing my p.c is back and i am able to write again .Almost two weeks back on Saturday night when i just sat before my computer to write my post  suddenly heard little  voice  like a blast inside the C.P.U and my p.c went out of order ,

At that time i felt disturbed as i was quite excited about sharing my stuff about Culture day celebrations at my school where all participants put great effort to make it great successful fun  day and all watchers had lots of fun.I saw my Mame in really a different mood while this wonderful day i discovered soft and pleasant side of her personality and it was happy feeling for me.

I have another Great news to share, my dear son got top position in the whole province in his scholarship  test for masters ,being mother of such intelligent and hard worker son i feel really proud of him and really grateful to my creator who blessed me with such blessing.when he heard about my p.c problem he promised  to bring me a laptop on his next visit,i really appreciate his love and care for his family ,may Allah bless him with great and ever lasting peace ,joy,health and success amen,

 Winter season is on its peak and i am enjoying each moment of it as who knows that i will be here to enjoy next year it again,though you may call my way of thinking extreme optimistic but really that me ,i find those fool who try to avoid thinking about death or leaving this world makes them scared and disappointed.In my imagination i love visiting my grave once a day ,so here i will have to come any way sooner or latter so why can't  be i happy and content whatever i have in this moment,i find my attitude a blessing it keeps me away from so many problems and issues which seem to make people sick made and historical.

I read somewhere that whatever you do ,do it with great love devotion and passion and it will bring you two kind of pleasures first   there will be no chance for failure  and second you will live each moment with the great sense of  achievement and self respect .Thanks for reading have a blessed life.


  1. thank you dear for kind words ,loved visiting your place too god bless


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