Sunday, December 20, 2015

Human Rights Day

Today just like all previous  Sundays  i had quite a busy day,due to cold weather it seems hard to leave the bed early in the morning but it is a fact that every day now when i wake up early for my job i feel quite fresh and exciting because it gives me a new challenge for the day which makes me feel active and alive.

At my wide front yard neem tree blocks the sunlight therefore when winter starts we cut most of neem's branches to get enough sunlight ,Having break fast in front yard under the warm rain of sun rays are the best part of our winter spent in our home.I .my hubby and kids enjoy each other's company and share our whole week's stories over hot cup of tea,Time cannot be stopped so it passes hurriedly with no care of anyone's feeling.In such times we miss my eldest son who lives in another city due to his job yet thanks to technology that we can talk to him and  see him through web cam.

In such times i also think when i will be too old and all my kids will have inshallah their own families ,how lonely i will feel then,some times it fears me as much that i make wish to be with my God before reaching such situations.I pray then that may God bless my hubby with long healthy life so we can have each other for long in such times when time snatches all kind of worldly relationship back and one is left behind only with his own shadow.

Inspite of  all my boring thoughts i also have something interesting to share.Last Saturday at my school Mikaza  Royal Academy our principle celebrated  Humans Rights Day.her daughter who assists her in school related works and is a brilliant girl supervised the Spelling Contest in which other schools also took part.Along with contest there was other nice thought provoking stuff  displayed by all participants.

There was a dramatic composition presented by Superior Science College in which they showed that how corrupt government officers exploit the rights of youth who  seek for job after studies but unfortunately such corrupt officers instead of giving them their rights and jobs on merit demand money or source for the job,The positive end of this short play gave relief that if one fight for his right and never give up finally he achieve success.But what inspired me most was a tablo presented by our own students.They displayed a really touching performance regarding the Peshawar Army Public school.For a while it took me to the real incedent and made me cry a lot.This song was writen by Major IMran which was a tribute to those innocent children who were martyred  in the terrorist attack.
                                             The  principal of my school and her husband

The meaning of lyrics was really inspirational.It was the voice of a child who wants to take revenge from terrorists in his own way he say that though those terrorists killed my innocent brothers  who deserved a long beautiful life with their family and bloom like a flower which did not start spreading  its fragrance yet but i have a way to give my soul peace and take revenge from those rascals and this is best revenge ever,i will teach their children so they will be better human beings then their elders and will have enlighten souls which will be positive change for society.

here i am sharing a video  of this beautiful tablo  with hope that you guys will enjoy it.god bless you all.


  1. The song is beautiful. There is nothing better than the sound of children singing.

    My wish would be that everyday be Human Rights Day.

  2. Thank you dear toni , mines are same everyday surely should be a human rights day, for human rights there must be no limit of time or situation god bless.

  3. Beautiful sentiments, thank you for your visit *smiles*

  4. Beautiful song and sentiment..We shouldn't have to have a human rights day..It should be every day!!


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