Saturday, December 26, 2015

Being Santa

Though he was just 13 years old but it was just his physical age , Mentally he was far mature then his age  as time revealed life"s quite dark side to him which made his mind broad and deep before reaching the correct time to reveal it.;People say that time is a best teacher but it is a fact that this teacher teaches sometime lots of stuff before time .He did not see his father since his mind tried ti trace out memories he found only his mother living with him in a stinky  little room which was home to them

He was old  enough to realize that his mother was not a girl.She was a woman with slight curve in her left leg,.Sometime her walk seemed very funny and he did not mind when children in the street laugh at her, She was not beautiful and he rarely saw her combing her hair or wearing nice  clothes.She hardly had two pair of clothes which due to wear all the time seemed part of her weak waving body now Her eyes were black or may be brown but a strange emptiness and wired look made them more unpleasant and sick.There were few times when he saw a slight light in his mother's eyes when she has money in her hand or fortunately get something nice to eat  and for both of these she and bobby had to do lots of hard work during the whole day.

He used to collect  the pieces of papers old bottles and other stuff from trash and sell it,he also sometime of the day cleaned the wind screen and windows of stopped cars on signals to get tiny amount of money,but more of earning what made him do this was a  inside vision of cars and touch of this fantasy world.People inside the cars never got his sympathy but hate and jealousy,their perfumed atmosphere and smiling faces were like those fast running vehicles on the road who often crushes street dogs and cats under their speedy tires and never even take a single look to what have they done to those poor souls,Still the touch of these huge cars give him a timely pleasure  that he is atleast able to grab their touch for while though.Once from a trash he found a broken toy gun and kept it  under his pillow,every night before sleeping he used to play with it and used to shoot all these car owners in his imagination  after watching all these cars left for him a  wide smile took place on his dry lips.

Everyday used to bring  same questions for them that How will they survive? and what will they eat ?What if it rained today  how will they be able to safe from dripping water out of their cracked roof?  .His mother used to do various kind of low jobs like cleaning ,mopping and washing clothes  in rich people's houses but due to her leg defect  it was hard for her to do much about it  so in result they were fighting for living every day,One day when he was  cleaning a window of a car a man sitting inside the car with wired look and black glasses gave him a hundred rupees note with a smile bobby was not ready for this surprise and before he could understand it signal got green and man drove away .He  was very happy without any hard work suddenly he got enough money and now he was able to eat something nice and tasty ,but he wanted to celebrate his joy with his mother so he anyway passed remaining day with desperate heart.In evening when he got home and told whole thing to his mother she also was happy and prayed for the stranger.she said to bobby that if he sees same man again he must thank him warmly.

After few days that same kind man come to bobby and took him to hotel near and told him that he feels really sorry for bobby and want to offer him a job from which he can earn well and live a better life,bobby was very excited to hear this  ,finally his dreams were about come true,he thanked that man and asked about his job,man told him that he will tell him in few days ,and these few days were longer then his all previous days .he did not tell his mother as he wanted to give her surprise after getting job,Finally day came when the kind man meet him took him to an old building where in a big room few other men were waiting for them.

It was the time when bobby felt  little frightened.his sharp mind observed that this place and these people have something wrong.Those men gave him great meal to eat and cold drinks ,sweets and cakes for her mother too .Later they gave him twenty notes of one thousand in a envelope and told him that he will get such envelopes every week if he will sell popcorn in a certain school in break time.It was unbelievable for bobby such a good job in school and with such  offer of huge amount of money,he found himself luckiest boy on earth that time,yet  among all his happiness there was strange little disturbances in a corner of his heart.But he threw away all his concerns and said yes to them for job.

After it he straight ran to home and told whole story   to his mother she kissed his forehead many times and said so many prays for those kind men,She was crying with the happiness and was prasing and thanking her god for his mercy.Bobby started his job and became really happy .Their life also became better and now they were not living under poverty line they were almost a middle class now,He and his mother live in a better area.they were able to eat and wear well and now bobby felt a wish rising inside his heart,he wanted to study and to be an officer on day.In break time when kids with same uniform surrounded him he wanted to be one of them.He started liking them as they were his friends for years.his heart and face both were getting gentleness,by looking at him one can not say that he was the same bobby.

It was the end of third month of his job when same men called him in same old building and asked him to do something really  unimaginable . .They showed him a suitcase which was filled with money may be few lac or more then it,then they told him that this money can change his life forever ,he can live his dream life can live in a  big house and have a car or whatever he want,.All he has to do is to take a bomb hidden in his popcorn cart and leave it inside the school in break time and come out.Suddenly the whole world of dreams fell down like a cracked roof over his head.Everything was clear before his eyes now but it was too late ,he knew that those who spent lots of money on him will not let him go easily,So he showed that he is agreed to their plan and remain normal.That night he slept with his mother as he was feeling quite low and it was hard to even imagine the destruction of this terrible plan.

Next day when he was going to the school with cart.His feet and hands were shaking.He was imagining the time after few moments when the bomb will blost  and hundreds of his fellows and friends will turn into the pieces,police will collect their body parts and he heard the loud cries of  their mothers.Then he thought that how luxurious and comfortable his life will be after sometime.he was  imagining himself driving a big shinny car and looking out of its window so proudly and carelessly at the other poor boys cleaning windows of his car.

When he reached at school's building he was calm and no one could have even a clue that inside his little heart how big secret is hidden and dangerous he is going to be.Bobby after parking his cart looked at the play ground which was quite big and was aout to be filled with children who were in classes studying that time,he looked at the boundary wall which was recently broken to alter  the more area in building and there he heard that soon construction work will start.meanwhile suitcase filled with money and cries of mothers were encountering with eachother inside his mind.Then he heard the break time bell and children from all classes ran towards the ground and his cart.

There was only few moments left when those men will press the button of remote control ,bobby thought and he could not think more then it ,suddenly cries of children won the war inside him,he started shouting Bomb Go away I Have a Bomb in my cart he was shouting and running madly towards the broken wall ,children and teachers were very afraid and ran away from his cart many ran out of the building,.Bobby knew that time was short so he ran fast more then all and reached away from school between that ground where no one was around,he was tired but he knew what he just did he saved his many friends though he could heard the cries of his own mother but it is ok mom you will be smiling when you will know how many mothers could remained smiling because of your son while he thought people in the school and around heard great blast and saw huge explosion and Bobby 's body suddenly turn into a Santa who delivered gifts of life and smiles all over,  


  1. nice share :D, happy holidays n best wishes always for you n familly.

    1. thank you Aulawi for kind visit and words liked your new poem and theme too god bless


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