Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

So here we step into the new year. There must be so many who did not enjoy last year as much as they expected but  friends this is called life  abstract and unpredictable,  After giving our best we have to rest leave on destiny.

What we need to realize is the fact that time given as life to us is really short on this millions years old  earth which is floating in space like a obedient baby ball,and first home to us.We should take some time out from our rushy life and look at its beauty and uncountable blessings.

What we have to realize is that  we are looking at the only half empty glass and ignoring the half which still is  filled.

What we have to realize that happiness is the treasure which increases when you distribute it around you.If you have blessings then kindly share them with  others who deserve it but don't decide  that they deserve only when they please you too in return, but stay free of  such  prejudices and discrimination,Such pure love of humanity will bring you true joy and peace of mind and soul.

Being alive and having realization of blessings one have is essence of life,so don't just pass your time live your life with its true meaning and make your last breath's moment so proud and beautiful.

Love life ,love everything around you and love yourself,May god bless your each moment of coming life with great joy love and peace amen.


  1. A lovely post to end the year with. Happy New Year!

  2. A melhor saída é seguir em frente com motivação.
    Feliz Ano Novo

  3. Boa tarde, o nosso tempo é curto em comparação ao nosso plante, este marca o tem com as suas rotações, não temos a capacidade para o fazer andar mais devagar, assim sendo, obrigatoriamente temos que acompanhar o tempo e muitas das vezes com falta de tempo. desejo-lhe um ano 2016 FELIZ.


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