Saturday, January 9, 2016

Why Groups ?

Today is Friday. I  got back early from school and after  reaching home did my laundry while thinking about my day at school as today school was opened just for teachers  due to some kind of holiday, We teachers take advantage of such occasions while working in a light atmosphere talk to each other about things  of common interest.Such gatherings bring us close to each other and we come to know each other better. Meanwhile our lady maid make us tea and young  teachers bring spicy fast food and over all this full of fun chat makes the environment pleasant.

Today  one of my colleague  shared with me that she too loves reading and  has  a fine collection of books.Like me she  also  has great interest in literature.She  is Urdu  speaking and surprised that  how my Urdu is so fine as Urdu is not my native language ..I told her that since  my childhood i was fond of urdu and as grew old my interest in Urdu literature also  became more huge and  may  be this is the reason  of my fine Urdu.when she  knew that i do write poetry she asked me to say few lines for her .  I read some of my favorite lines which she appreciated.

It is nice if we find someone around us with same likes and dislikes but here i want to share one of my habit that i never liked to belong with one certain kind of group.I enjoy all people's company and may be it is due to my great great interest in human psychology.I just love to know all kind of people weather they are with good or bad attitude.Since my school days i  stayed away from grouping,girls of each class were divided into various groups,as popular  group,group who were good in studies or that who were dull  e,t,c .I tried to be nice and friendly with all of them.I belonged to a middle class family and had few friends who were normal in studies and status but in those days status was not more important then now days,

Though my friends were not writer like me as i was much encouraged by our principal to take part in extra  activities like drama writing , direction and acting.Still we were good friends but one thing i realized since then that each friend of me was of opinion that i should not be much  friendly  to girls of other groups,sometime  they tease me that when those girls from other groups ask me something to do for them i should not be doing this for them because  when i do it for them ,same girls later make fun of me that how stupid i am.But i don't know what made me always so calm since such age which called the age of attitude and ego.It does not mean that i did not have any self respect ofcource i did and i do have self respect but it comes in my way  when  i try to do something which let me down for example   i cannot cheat in exams because  i think by doing this i will not be able to respect my self which is very important for me.I cannot understand that if we all humans are the men of one God why we divided ourselves in count less groups? why can't be just all  of us together,why putting conditions that if you are my friend then stay away from pother one ?

When i was new in my job i faced such problems from my colleagues and even from students of higher classes but my creator helped me to handle it patiently and nicely,inspite of all negative attacks i did not give up my positive attitude and gradually their heart opened for me and now same colleagues are my good friends.Here i want to share about a teacher newer then me ,her husband also teaches in same school.I realized that few of my colleagues does not behave nice to her ,It hurts me when they  together eat or drink something they completely ignore her which is humiliating to me,in such situations i give her company and attention and it brings her little smile  to   her face and i feel good then,I really wish that such behavior must be avoided because it make us fell down from the high merit of humanity. thank you for taking time and reading .God bless you all. 


  1. Balli, You have such a pure heart. I wish there were more people in the world who are as loving and open as you.

    Blessings to you, too.

  2. I love the way you write and the message that touches my heart. Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. I love the way you write and the message that touches my heart. Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. I was also the one to comfort the loners, and I would refuse to be any popular girls bitch.
    "You want me to buy you lunch and you'll totally love me forever? Starve bitch". Lol...
    I seemed to be friends with everybody. Being a peace keeper is as important as self respect.

    - Harlynn


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