Sunday, January 24, 2016

True Love

Love is most precious gift to the soul of  person,life cannot be imagined without love, And world will be a desert without it where everyone will stay unconnected to eachother like sand particles .No bounding of relationships will exist and no emotions like sincerity and dignity will be seen in this world where inspite of all kind of hatred  ,fights and misunderstandings Love still occupies  its place in each heart and  regulates its beat according to its own rules and regulations.

Since i started being in my conscious i realized that i have a serious , irresistible  and unconditional love for life ,my creator and everything about life . This love never ends no matter how hard treatment i receive  from life or people.In my early life  my brother gave us quite tough time as he was completely against of our schooling ,he said that girls should not go to school and they should get married at their teen age,but my mother sent us school standing against him and her own brothers,during our school years many times my brother created problems and even burnt our bags and books .In those times i though that i will hate my elder brother for my whole life and never see or talk to him again.

But later after many years when my brother had an accident me and my younger sister financially supported him for long time.i prayed for his well being with tears in my eye and pain in heart.Thank god that he has recovered now and running his family life successfully.

One of my friend who got married third time made me think lot about definition of word love.Her love is really strange to me as when she met her first husband before marriage she fall in love with him like a made girl and inspite of it hhat her family was against this marriage she choose him for her and i still remember how much she was fond of him.they were truly made for each other ,my friend used to pampered him like a child.But strangely marriage ended suddenly when couple was at honey moon trip in other country.I was just shocked and speechless when i heard this.

When i met her i asked her how? and why? and she replied with normal accent that he was my mistake ,he does not deserve me,i was surprised that she was not sad or panic   at all.Then within a year she fall in love again and with same madness,couple enjoyed almost less then two years together with love and passion but again i heard  about their separation ,though her husband and friends like me  tried very hard to protect their family unit as they were parents of two children now one girl and one boy but my friend did not agree and finally she got divorced.

On our next meeting  my questions were same and her answers were not much different then before,except two sentences that  i dont love him any more as i realized that he was not my ideal as i thought he will be.Later i thought upon her views ,to me she seemed holding a shell of a model which she wants to  fill with the mud of someone's personality and if it goes slightly unmatched she become disappointed and get away with her shell to find out perfect match of it ,Its been quite long time that we did not meet but still in touch,recently she told me that she found her mister right and got married ,hope this time it makes a perfect match.

Everyone has his own perspective about love and mine is that if you have a heart which has ability to love someone it means you have ability to love everything around to me is not a business of give and take or a game with terms and conditions ,if you have a loving heart you are unable to hate anyone even someone who have  hurt you.Love makes your I.Q so wide,it gives you wisdom and strength to ignore others mistakes,If you have this gift you truly enjoy your existence.It enchants and vibrates you life and you feel completely alive.


  1. Heartwarming post. Love is truly the most wonderful thing.

    1. thank you dear ,i finished it in hurry i will write about it little more to make it complete ,thanks fo your kind visit and words god bless you

  2. Replies
    1. completely agreed,without it everything loose its meaning

  3. I hope your brother appreciates the support you gave him during his time of disability and realizes that you were financially able to do so because you were educated.

  4. Can't be happy without it, definately true, agree with every word.


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