Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rise of will a poem by me

Air  flowing through the valley ,
without making any noise ,

standing on the hill ,
I am watching sun rise,

Slowly on tip toes ,
Rays crawling here,there ,

Earth's darkened face,
Became bright and fair,

In the ears of trees ,
Sun's golden advise ,

They are dancing with the joy,
My heart realized,

Birds sitting on the branches,
Singing joyful song,

Stream's glittering smile,
Said nothing will go wrong,

Then why did i think that may be not,
Has new kind of puzzle day just brought?

Its easy to be a butterfly and fly over flowers,
And hard to be a man and work for 24 hours,

But pearl of victory is hidden in the hardships,
A drop is like an ocean to a dry lips,

So finally emotions defeated the reason,
I will take this challenge,i made a decision,

I returned home with new power of will,
my inner world became peaceful and still.


  1. Wow, this is great. Amazing writing!

    1. thank you dear for your kind visit and words ,glad you liked my simple words

  2. Baili, I love this. May your peacefulness and stillness be solid and strong.

    1. thank you dear ,may our dear creator bless all of us with deep peace of mind and stillness of soul amen,actually my elder son was sick since about two weeks and i was desperate to be with him but my hubby gave me strength and advise to go on my duty and he will be taking care of our son by visiting him once in a while as his office is nearer to our home then my school,so this poem is product of my heart's confusion during these times,thanks for kind visit and words god bless

  3. A beautiful poem and great pictures.
    Greetings from Austria.

    1. thank you dear sadie ,glad you liked it ,have my best wishes from east god bless you


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