Saturday, October 10, 2015

rules of simple life

hey friends ,

hope and pray that you guys are enjoying whatever  life has chosen you to  do ,me either following the same idea that whatever we do we should give it our  100 percent and then rest should leave upon God .since beginning of my life i tried to follow this rule  and found it fruitful and effective.
In today's life we often see people complaining about problems they are facing in their daily lives but when we dig it little we find that most of our problems are created by our own attitude towards life  and towards people around us .We  mostly  cannot dare to imagine ourselves at other's place and most problems starts from here,
To me to make life beautiful and enjoyable are  required few really simple rules and first of all is to live a  simple life, choose a simple way of living ,a straight path which gives you sense of  gratefulness and    leads you towards the experience of  being successful  creature .
To live a simple life Honesty is the Best policy .if you are honest with yourself  and have respect for your existence then obviously you will have to be honest in your all relationships and respect their obligations .
Second rule is truth ,though i know it is a hard part for those who listen brain more then their heart  yet this fact cannot be denied that people who listen their heart more are happier then whom who prefer their brain.Being truthful in your all kinds of relations makes your life easy and simple and these both qualities creates beauty and peace  in life.
Before hurting anyone if you replace him or her in your imagination you will never dare to even think of hurting is true that we cannot like everyone and cannot be liked by all but it does not mean that one who is not a friend is an enemy ,treating all on humanity basis is a best quality of a modest person.
without having a sense of love for humanity and love of our creator we cannot be able to follow such rules which are essences of Blessed life ,my god give all of us dare to follow these rules and live a happy life amen, take great care friends and stay positive and blessed.


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  1. Beautifully expressed, Shabana. Thank you for these true words.


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