Saturday, October 3, 2015

window's new opening

hey friends ,hope and pray that in spite of  all side affects of life you guys are facing the all ups and dons of  it with great courage and by a brave smile on your face as life is all about having problems and finding their solutions ,

after along time i got chance be in touch with all of you again and it is making me feel like opening a window of  of tightly closed room after very long and breathing in a fresh air with a sense of  joy and gratefulness ,

the first month of my job is almost going to be complete ,sometime being busy gets  one out of  feeling hanging in space and having strange emptiness deep inside the heart,now i filled the glass of my day completely with business  and left no time for such negativity which had start tore me after the death my parents,

i getup early in the morning and at 7 30 leave for school ,where teaching kids and watching them playing and moving carefree makes me happy and full of life ,when they learn something new with my effort it gives me sense of  achievement and pleasure ,as Aristotle said that learning is a only source of pleasure so i learn life from my job,

after getting back  home lots of  house chore keeps me away from any kind of lowness and when in the evening i get sometime to sit and relax it brings me relief and revelation of  my own self,

want to share more but don't want you guys to get bore with the length of it,so please take great care of yourselves  and stay positive  in every mean,have a nice and productive day,god bless you all.

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  1. yes i agree to always be positive in every mean, thanks for share.


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