Saturday, June 5, 2021

Rain And Swing Nostalgia


Life is beautiful even it is not raining here. Forgive me if  you find me more hysterical about rain today as i am missing nature's shower terribly.

Actually i am feeling bit feverish so being over sensitive about favorite thing is not illogical completely . Is this mean that fever like other hangovers gather our thought to one central point ?

Last night my eldest son called and talked about for an hour .His call was unexpected so our joy overflew with surprise.When i asked him about his plans for  holidays he smiled and told that next ten days weather forecast  is rain ,rain and rain  so he can't say if he finds time within breaks (if rain takes any) to do something.Though he registered for swimming on Saturday. He also told despite of rains weather is nicer than cold snowy winter.My younger son came back from gym and he also could spent some time in video chat with his elder brother .It was so good to be altogether though through technology only!

Rain mentioned by my eldest son dragged me to the nostalgia when rains were so often in my native village.As children we would sing rain songs and run from fields to up on hills by making rail. When i was in my early teens going out  and wander with friends was option was cut   off .Mom fixed us rope swing in take tree .I would finish my home work and then swing was my most favorite place to wave with breeze.View  beautiful scenes before eyes ,listen song of birds and humming of stream .When it would rain i would not leave the swing until it gets heavier. Dark roaring clouds and horrifying lightening would not make me afraid enough to leave swing and run inside .Sometimes mom would come out and drag me inside while explaining how badly sick i can be if won't go in.

I would love to read my digests stories while swinging gently .When i grew bit older then that cup of tea would accompany me while swinging.

My love for rain and swing never faded .I still want swing in my house .Hubby offer me to buy one available in market but i want  similar to one i had as child. a rope swing !

                                                               image Pinterest 

If i continued to talk about my childhood post will turn into book .

i was strolling for some images for post today and i saw this ,how i forgot smile or i knew i won't be here next year :(

i know you have seen my native home yard many times before but it is not just a view ,these hills beard my constant watch over for years ,they are part of me ,when i  step into my native house front yard all memories belong to this jump into my mind like someone removes the curtain and sun rush into eyes and light brightens our being at once 

things are change to some extent but i still  find smell of my parents ,warmth of their love and their divine presence for us 

so many rainy days ,we played,swung and sat there still ,just looking at shower in the valley and how views embracing the drops ,those were magical sights ,enchanting moments ,spell is still over my soul

where my youngest son is stepping in photo there was garden before ,my sister in law removed it when my mom and sister left this house because of their unbearable behavior ,now this is roof top of two rooms that they made below the house ,rooms have their door opening in the street.where my younger son is standing there was take tree which had swing ,most lovely gift from my most special mother!

yes swing was right here ,with each move feeling  on top of the world was so obvious as below were fields ,stream and row of gardens of small town across the stream , mom made her dream come true by buying this piece of land ,she had house of her dreams though not perfect one but is there anything perfect in this world ?

few glimpse of our last trip to beautiful lush Islamabad ,Park 

                                                                    gorgeous drives 

                                                  Murree trip and lush hills and  roads 

though i am not on chair lift but i feel often i am flying over the land ,looking below enjoying views ,i don't know how long i will keep feeling this ,i remember when i was little i used to have dream about flying .I wonder when little girl inside me will grow enough to stop feeling this way though i don't mind but is this embarrassing ?

Keep being kind to yourself and all around you dear People !

stay blessed with wings of hope that will help you fly higher no matter how tough storm is !



  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!

  2. I really like when you share photos! So lovely that you connected with your older son.

  3. Glad you are able to video chat with your boys. The photos are lovely and a good showing of where you live. Have a nice day today.

  4. Baili - such wonderful photos. I have always enjoyed swinging as well. When I was small my dad made a swing out of an old tire and roped it to a heavy branch. It was such fun to swing back and forth on a hot summer evening. Take care and hope you get some rain soon. Hugs!

  5. Your memories are moving. My family likes to dance in the rain. A lot of people think we are crazy. Don't you dare let that little girl inside you grow up. She is what allows you see the world and all its beauty.

  6. You had a perfect place for a swing. I wonder was it the reason you dreamed of flying. Swinging is something like that, especially in that beautiful location.

  7. Keep the little girl and all the happy memories of childhood. Keep swinging in the rain. I used to like to walk in the rain.

  8. I had a swing like that when I was a kid too! My father made it for me.

  9. Wonderful to be able to chat to your eldest and to see him due to technology - it's great.
    It's ever so green in the photos you have shown and I can only imagine what it's like in the heat awaiting for rain.
    Take care.

  10. My father put up a swing similar to that one when I was growing up, too, and it was one of my favourite things to do on a warm day! I think you should always keep that little girl safe in your heart; don't let her grow up. The world would be a better place if more people remembered the simple joys and wonders of childhood.

    I'm so glad you got to talk to your son. It's hard to be apart but technology is at least a help. And I hope you get some rain soon.

  11. Hi Beautiful Soul. I love the rain too. We need a lot of it! We have been very dry! I pray for rain for the both of us! Loving all your photos! So happy you were able to speak to your eldest! Big Hugs!

  12. The multiple landscapes are amazing.
    Have a great week.

  13. Essa sua nostalgia pela chuva nunca vai passar porque está ligada à infância. Gostei muito do seu texto e das fotografias.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  14. Hello, Baili. Your nostalgia for rope swing suspended from a tree and rainfall made me nostalgic, too. As a child I liked to ride on a swing feeling breeze and singing “swing, swing, up to the sky." Nature is benevolent but sometimes can be violent and cruel; rain is not an exception. I love our one and a half months long rainy season which has a poetic name “Apricot rains” before summer comes with its full force. I wish I could send the rainfall here to you, Baili. And I understand how you enjoyed the unexpected surprise talk with your eldest son. Have happy days ahead.


  15. So pleased you shared some family time and talk on the internet ...
    I did enjoy seeing the pictures on your post here.
    Sending lots of good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

  16. wow, i love this post - enjoy always reading about your life and customs and seeing photos and ..well. it's all so interesting. You are the sweetest person.

  17. Technology does keep people together despite the miles that separate us. I especially enjoyed reading about your memories of your home and seeing the photos. It is unfortunate that the garden and outdoor swing are no longer there. We had a swing set in the backyard when my brother and I were growing up but the swing did not soar very high so neither did I.

    1. oh how sweet you and your brother had swing while growing up dear Dorothy :)

      our swing rope was quite long and would go high and high and we would stand up with excitement to make it higher :)

  18. I love seeing photos of your native village. All your photos are wonderful :-)

    We have had a pocket of sunshine and in the next few days we will be experiencing unseasonal rain.

  19. Grata por partilhar, suas belas imagens e doces recordações, Baili! São muito especiais as imagens da sua terra natal, com um fundo paisagístico deslumbrante!
    Um beijinho grande!

  20. Such a lovely post, Baili! You could see your gorgeous hills as you swung, and your sons can share those hills today. Germany has been going through such difficult weather and its resultant flooding in the last few weeks. We are certainly living in difficult times. Your son will likely have more rain and less snow in London. My Grandmother MacDonald had a swing like yours hung from an apple tree in her backyard. I especially loved swinging on it just after dusk, because the Milky Way spread across the sky in a carpet of brilliant stars. Sadly, it is not so visible now. Thanks always for sharing your beautiful photos!

  21. how lovely that your grandma had similar swing and you swung it in the evening :)

    swing was almost permanent part of my village life dear Louise .i want to have it here just to relive those days .

    i did not know about rains in Germany as we try to avoid news since an year actually .they make heart so heavy so this is all we can do to breath lightly.
    so right about milky way ,yes due to fast expansion stars are getting farther from planet earth and we cannot experience the magic of evenings like before :(
    still countryside are better option to see such natural phenomena


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