Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Kind Weather Made Our Journey Enchanting

Hello  dear  friends 

Sorry  for  being  absent  without  clue!

When  few days  back It came to our knowledge  that educational institutions will remain  closed  till 15th  of September  ,Me and  hubby  decided after  some hours  of confusion  that  we are going  to islamabad  to avoid  this extreme  heat. Despite  of knowing that everything  entertaining is  shut down we  wanted  to leave our area because  heat was so exhausting  and  specially kids  seemed  to be needing  change  of place. 

In short  we managed to wrap up necessary stuff  at home  and prepared for abrupt  trip appropriately  .It  

I am posting this through  my phone while  sitting  in balcony  of a flat In Islamabad. What refreshing  soothing  air and no need  to turn on fan even :)
Train  journey was beyond  beautiful because  of constant  cloudy  rainy weather  throughout the way  :)))

Sharing images below that i choose among so many crazy clicks hope won't be disappointing .

     train tracks  laying  on  ground  travel  just  like  dreams  move in still eyes care freely  

     an elegant  house  looked  gorgeous  bathing in light rain 

     loved   cute  camels ,they were looking at train with such a lovely  curiosity 

    lush  meadows  seemed so serene under the shower just like my heart feels peace when close to nature 

   life  looks  fast and busy more when look it from above and how interesting such distance helps to understand it better 

    we saw so many small and big industries  on the way ,found these heavy machines intriguing  
    cattle grazing  everywhere looked  so nice ,it fills heart with peace when all goes the way it suppose to be  

as eid uladha is near (less than two weeks) saw so many kids holding their goats proudly and cheering them up by taking out 
   joy and beauty were all about that journey that strikingly turn into enchanting one when it was cloudy and rainy throughout the way ,unforgettable because views were absorbing and heart were happy to see that 

 kindness  is tool that builds bridge between  hearts ,i think we are meant to be kind and nothing else 

Stay blessed with  kind heart that makes you special



  1. You are lucky to be able to go to a cooler place and stay.
    Nice to see your photos along your journey.
    Take care.

  2. Glad you got a break from the heat it looks like a lovely trip

  3. Glad it was cooler there. Wonderful photos Baili.

  4. Cooler weather is so welcome in the summer. Everything is nice and green there! Glad you had a good getaway.

  5. Stay cool and relaxed on your vacation. Just changing the view outside your window can work wonders.

  6. Hi Baili - Sometimes it is really good to travel. It is really nice that you were able to get some relief from the heat.

    The pictures are great.

    Safe travels and have a great time.

  7. It looks lush and green, enjoy your vacation

  8. How wonderful that you were able to get a break away from the heat.
    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  9. Lots to see on train rides. That's why I like them.

  10. I love travelling by train.
    My grandfather worked in the railway,
    Maybe that's the explanation.

  11. Sounds like you made the right decision, glad that you had an interesting journey and escaped the heat. Great photos!

  12. What a lovely journey and I'm glad you had the chance to get away to a cooler place for awhile. Train travel is my favourite way to go but I have not been on one for many years because passenger service is no longer offered here. I would have to ride on top of a coal car or a tanker - lol

    Enjoy your getaway!

  13. Dear Baili, thank you so much for sharing with us the photographs of your train ride and your stay in Islamabad. You are such a joy to all of us because you live in gratitude and appreciate beauty--the beauty you share with us. You have the unique ability to find good in everything. Thank you for sharing. Peace.

  14. No need to apologize about not posting, Baili, because a getaway is far more important now. Despite the rainy weather, your spirits definitely seemed to be lifted by the train trip. We all need an escape now and getting away from the heat gave a great reason. Thanks for taking us along on the ride as I really enjoy trains as well.

  15. I'm glad you were able to travel and escape the heat. I enjoyed seeing the photos that you took, especially the cattle in the fields.

  16. Dearest Baili, oh how I enjoyed seeing these stunning photos of your journey!
    I absolutely adore that house...such gorgeous architecture! You certainly do live in an outstandingly beautiful country!😊😊 And thank you so much for sharing your trip with us!
    Enjoy your stay in Islamabad, my wonderful friend...wish I could be there with you...

    Sending you much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Thank you for the tour Baili!!! I loved seeing the camels! I'm so happy that you are somewhere that isn't so stifling hot...that's not easy to live with, enjoy your breezes! :) xxx

  18. Foi bom viajar através das imagens que partilhou. Obrigada.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  19. Those elegant house are beautiful! I wonder who lives in them and what they do.

  20. I am so happy for you that you were able to get away from the heat into a more pleasant environment.

    Lovely photos :-)

  21. Hi, Baili! I loved sharing your train journey! Thanks for sharing your photos! It must be wonderful to escape the oppressive heat. I do hope that you and your family are continuing to enjoy a change of pace in Islamabad. Hugs to you!

  22. I hope you are doing okay, Baili! Blessings to you and your family!

  23. I'm late to your post- it looks beautiful where you are and i hope you find that coolness and pleasure while staying there. Love the photos. Hope you share more.

  24. Thank you for taking me on this train ride with you and your family. It is so interesting to see a different side of the world. It looks peaceful.

  25. Thank you for sharing the pictures, I enjoyed reading your post. I'm glad you can enjoy yourself during the heat too, stay safe always!


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