Monday, July 13, 2020

Rain , Blooms, Faith And The Eye Of Soul

It  rained here last night . Despite of all concerns about date harvest i could not help to feel serene :(

Am i selfish ? when i complained about myself to hubby he said Allah (God) knows best of all! So it's okay to be happy when it rained specially after more than months .

So i am happy and praying for those who were harvesting  their dates ,hope nothing bad happened and all was warped up before rain started .

Rain did magic to views specially plants and my neem tree  look transformed .Green color of nature is symbol of life. And when it is bathed and refreshed  under rain ,looks  divine and soothing !

We live near desert so our sky looks weirdly hazy most of the time. Rain cleans haze away and i feel more connected to my Creator when look at sky :)  It is extraterrestrial  experience believe me . Seems like my soul fly in the sky while  my body walk on the ground captured in daily routine . I wonder what would i have done without this magical power of mine :) So lets call the imagination  EYE  OF  SOUL  :)

i envy how finely my younger son's phone take photos :) sharing with you so you can see the difference as i shared same flowers in my post previous than last one ,but here they look more visible and vibrant 

life is short and unpredictable so LIVE AND SPREAD  ALL THE BEAUTY OF LOVE WITHIN :) flowers are PERFECT display of this message delivered by Nature 

 beauty  is hidden  within souls who fill views with it where ever they see , i think happiness is also form of beauty that grow within  peaceful hearts ,peacefulness that belong to freedom of conscience  and piety of consciousness :) (my opinion )

Our  search for scholarship has not stopped completely though we have accepted that it is almost impossible to get it this year specially when reopening of academic institutions has been delayed by authorities once again . New date is announced which is 15th of September. As parent i am worried about my youngest son who just got in ninth grade . His books are  tough and since school are closed i am helping him in his studies .We are also taking help from online .But it has made my days busier and more tiring .Which means less time for blogging :(

I could not even come near to my lap top for last three days .It was quite a coincidence that we were having guests each day. Actually rain in surroundings has brought temps little down so it is obvious that  better weather conditions make moods light and people like to visit each other .If it was cloudy today we too have visited to Sukkur city so kids can have change of scenery for while but  clouds disappeared till 11 am and sun started to  shower  his warth with bit lightness though .

I hope all is going great in your beautiful world dear friends.And you all are enjoying delightful summers as well :)

Stay blessed and keep spirits high because loosing hope means we lost Faith in Lord. And nothing is more unfortunate than this loss indeed.

Take care God bless you all!


  1. It's tough to home-school a student, but good luck!

  2. Hi Baili - Hopefully the date harvesting was not effected. I am glad that you have had some relief.

    I hope everything works out for your youngest son. It seems that parents all over the world are facing these challenges.

    Have a great day.

  3. All the best for your sons also hope for the dates! Beautiful photos by your son too.

  4. Beautiful flowers.
    Take care and God bless you.

  5. Your flower photos are beautiful! We had rain finally a couple of days ago, and now the grass and plants all look green and fresh again. I hope you have a nice week ahead.

  6. I also like after the rain. All the clean smells. The rain seems to wash the world.

  7. The flower photographs are lovely, such colourful blooms.

    I do hope everything works out for your son. I think parents the world over are finding studies/university applications etc. are much more difficult in these coronavirus times.

    All the best Jan

  8. Your son's hone does take very good photos, Baili. Thanks for using it to capture the flowers at your home. Glad your area received some rain as many areas here need it as well. Yes, home-schooling can be very hard and your priority is of course to your family and helping your son. You don't have to worry about not being able to blog so often, as life and family are much more important.

  9. what a beautiful post - anytime you talk nature, imagination, soul, flowers, ...i listen... and I imagine it's going to be hard for so many parents this school year. In a way... no not in a way... completely wholly and absolutely I am glad I don't have school age kids anymore. Good luck with everything you will be doing.

  10. The smell of rain is indescribable. I love this : "Seems like my soul fly in the sky while my body walk on the ground captured in daily routine "

  11. Keep working on the scholarship. Something will turn up.

  12. The newer phones take very good pictures, don't they? Better than some digital cameras.

    You should not feel guilty about enjoying the rain - your husband is right! I hope with you that the date harvest is safe, though.

    It is very difficult to help kids with their schoolwork - even the teachers only specialize in one subject or perhaps two. Parents have to be good in everything :) Good luck with your teaching.

  13. And Macau is under an incredible heat wave.

  14. Lovely flowers Baili.
    It's good to have rain, freshens everything up in the hot weather.
    Good luck with getting your son into University, hope something pops up.
    Youngest son here is doing online learning from the University as it's closed and has been since early March and probably won't open again until next year all being well.

  15. Baili, I'm so glad it rained in your area. A good rain is always something we need for the flowers, and it cleans everything up. The flower photos taken on your son's phone are so pretty. I especially like those vibrant pink flowers. They kind of look like carnations. That's so good of you to help your son with his studies. With Jess being an elementary teacher, everything is different right now with teaching, and they are still going to have to teach at home this Fall and into the Spring. When you mentioned, "the eye of soul" I smiled because I got a fortune cookie one time that said "your eyes are the windows to your soul." Thank you so much for saying prayers about my neighbor situation. I hope things get better. And I also like the BIG font that you are using on your posts. Makes it easier to read and looks so pleasant. Take care, dear Baili.



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  17. I think it is no coincidence that it is raining here too.

  18. Gostei do texto e das flores. É sempre muito bonito ver a sua preocupação com seus filhos e com tudo o que a rodeia.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  19. Hope you are well, Baili! 🌸

    Dates sound so good right now. I wish I had some!

  20. Hi Baili :))) Those photos are beautiful. Your flowers always make me smile and I would be happy for rain too. We had some last night and I was so thankful. Now we are in a stretch of hot, humid and sunny weather, which is okay...good to put the laundry out to dry! I'm sure it must be such a challenge with school and for your, nothing is opening yet I've heard but they have good online education going on so that might be how kids learn for the next few years.

  21. I’m happy, too, when you are happy, Baili. I like rainy days, and the magic rain brings. Especially in summer when it’s too hot, only rain can soften the heat. But I need it in moderation. Recent climate tends to cause extreme rain. Nature is mostly beneficial but can be destructive at times. We live in uncertainty, but always encouraged and soothed by nature including the flowers like in your photos. Nature is always awe-inspiring. Take care and be happy.


  22. You are not alone in worrying about your son, Baili! Parents all over the world are struggling during this Covid-19 pandemic. All we can do is move forward with hope and trust in God. He is a good son, and he is blessed with wonderful and supportive parents. The most important thing is that you are together. You will get through this one day at a time.


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