Monday, August 17, 2020

Teary Smiles With Gratitude

Hello  dear friends 

It's not easy to stay away from all of you for while believe me. Missing you guys so much and i really find it difficult to  not sharing my heart with you all,it is therapeutic. 
After returning from my native village hubby got stomachache that was joined by loose motion later. It was worrying for us obviously. I realized that it was food poisoning. Actually we celebrated  Eid in village where meat of sacrificed animals was in abundance. I was sure that my sister in law mixed the beef with mutton mistakingly and served which was prohibited to him. I was sure because he mentioned his doubt while having a bite that it was not mutton but my sister in law insisted that it was. 
Anyway that small portion of meal not just troubled hubby's stomach but it cost us more than 40,000. Actually when doctor knew about hubby's hepatitis history from which he has survived few years back he wanted to be sure that disease was not active again so he recommended us few tests that were expensive. 
We received results today which are all Clear by the Grace of God! Hubby  is doing fine now. 
We are going to book our seats for returning home. Probably 13 days more here. Sharing some of the happy moments below but detail later due to too much business :(

On  7th of august my eldest son celebrated his birthday with his friends ,it was peaceful to not see him alone on his special day !

                          we miss him beyond limit and waiting for moment when he will e before our eyes !

in the Centaurs mall Islamabad before opening of lockdown ,we visit here often as kids love fast food there though it is always packed with people since lockdown is opened since 10th of August
visited one of my school friend ,on left is her younger sister who was our junior in school 

visited one of my cousin Nano ,most naughty one in childhood ,in the middle with pink dress ,her two daughters are on right ,little girl is granddaughter holding her mom's dress 

visited one of my mom's cousin whom i liked always ,she was on who used  call me with twisted names formed out by my original name,it was annoying than but i still knew it was her love ,beside her on left is her youngest daughter whom i met after six years ,she was so excited and invited me her own house though we could not go until now due to run for hospitals ,lets see 

piece of my soul ,my beautiful village !

these both images took my elder son from balcony of apartment we live 

view is enchanting specially when it rains almost everyday :)

Precious  friends stay blessed with lovely hearts ,deepest faith and strongest  hope !
all of you are in my heart and prayer !

See you soon!


  1. Glad your husband is feeling well again and all is okay! Stay safe!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your husband
    . Food poised is a horrible thing to get. I am glad that he is feeling better.

    It is good that the mall had reopened. Most things have reopened around here too.

    Say safe and stay healthy.

  3. So glad hubby is ok. Beautifulphotos and happy belated birthday to your son!

  4. I am glad your husband is fine, Baili. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  5. It looks like a nice trip....except for the sickness part.

  6. oh dear Baili I hope hubby recovers fully, that is a worry - having to trust others with your food and perhaps they make a mistake. Good to see your son looking so relaxed and happy, missing your posts but clearly you have a large family/friends in the village to give your time to - have fun.

  7. What wonderful news that your husband is well now. In these times any illness is something to strike fear in our hearts. Stay safe.

  8. Good news about your husband! And I always enjoy the photos - Good seeing an update by you.

  9. Sometimes our body tells us to stop.
    Your husband must check what he was eating.
    Our body is really the perfect machine.

  10. So pleased your husband is better, not good not being well.
    The cost of the test, yes, it looks expensive but it's a relief to know if all is well.
    Happy Birthday to your eldest son.
    Lovely to see the people and you in the photos, looking lovely as always..
    Take care and be safe.

  11. Despite the expense, it must have been such a relief to know that your husband was OK.

    Your family and friends are all beautiful and handsome.

  12. It's pleasing to know your husband is feeling better. You have a lovely family! Happy birthday to your son! Many blessings to him! Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing them!

  13. Hello, Baili, so lovely to see you having a good time with loved ones in your beautiful childhood village. I am so happy to hear that your husband is feeling better and testing came out good, but sorry about the large expense. It's sad that you cannot be with your beloved son for his birthday, but I'm sure that your voices of love made his day very happy. I took a look at your last posts of your journey and enjoyed seeing all the wonderful sights and dear friends and family members. I just love all the pretty clothes and faces! Hope you are enjoying the rest of your visit and the cooler temperatures. Stay well, my dear. xo Karen

  14. How awful, Baili, to read about your husband and then relieved to know he is doing better. It does seem a shame that your sister-in-law mixed the 2 meats, perhaps unknowingly, we all hope. Yes, medical tests are always more costly than expected, but if they brought peace of mind and a good report, then worth the costs. It was nice to see the photos of your oldest son and his friends, and I enjoyed seeing you and your friends and family. Take care and enjiy the rest of your vacation.

  15. Goodness! I'm so pleased to read that your husband is well now.
    I did enjoy seeing your photographs, thank you so much for sharing them here with us.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  16. Beautiful, beautiful family. So glad your husband is doing well now. You are in my thoughts!!


  17. Good afternoon, how are you? I am Brazilian and I am looking for new followers for my blog. New friends are also welcome.

  18. Those are beautiful photos Baili! I'm happy to hear that your hubby is okay, what a scary time. Nice to read a post! Take care my friend!! :) xx

  19. Que bom o seu marido ter melhorada. E que família bonita você tem. Que sejam todos felizes.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  20. Hi, Baili! I'm sorry that your husband was so sick, but I am glad that he is feeling better. I enjoyed the photos of your oldest son's birthday. It's wonderful that he has such great friends to share his birthday with! And of course I always enjoy the photos of your friends, village, and other places. I look forward to your coming home. Hugs to you my friend!

  21. I'm glad your husband is feeling better, it must have been so worrying! I enjoyed the photos of your family and friends, the fabrics are so colorful and pretty, just beautiful.

  22. I am so glad your hubby is OK.

    It troubles me that your Sister in Law was dishonest about what she was serving.

    Several of my family members have food allergies which can have a harmful and in some cases potentially fatal effect. I am always very careful about ingredients when I am cooking and also with food choices of others whilst dining out with them.

  23. OMG - I'm so sorry that your hubby ended up getting sick and that you had to pay out so much cash. the good thing is that he's feeling better and that the tests came back so clear. What a lovely family, and your son looks like he has some wonderful friends. There's nothing better than being with family and friends whenever possible. Sending lots of hugs your way. RO

  24. Sending you all the love in my heart, dearest Baili...and many healing wishes for your hubby...❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


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