Saturday, September 5, 2020

Murree Patriata Visit Glimpse ,Magic And Beauty We Experienced

Hey beautiful  hearts 

hope and pray  that  life is treating you gracefully ,though it matter more that how gracefully we treat life right :)

life is super busy since we are back ,it's like getting down from the fun ride and  entering  into the  fixed  circle  of daily routine. Seems  we are unpacking the whole package of routine of life we left here behind :) first few images below can explain it well i think :)

 This image is taken by my younger son while we were getting down from the chairlift ,we visited Murree week before our departure  so best memories  can stay refresh for long 

when we arrived home ,we were well comed by these pretty blooms close to entrance , because August  is not stormy month so  our big front yard was not covered with loads of sand and dry leaves unlike we used to find it when left in June July . specially finding tons of dust and trash right after entering the home  seems annoying despite marble flooring  makes cleaning easy , thankfully i am done with all cleaning step by step now 

  it feels so good to return home sweet home after sometime ,i missed my garden and specially my neem tree  

 our stock of grind flour was finished when we left ,so i had to wash grains and lay them in yard so they can dry , it was partially cloudy so it took them three days to dry ,i  found out meanwhile that how much i missed to do mouse chores ,my soul grabs peace when i do it ,it is refreshing indeed 

Murree is magical place believe me ,i mean for people like us who live mostly under scorching sun it is miracle to visit such place where clouds seems to roam under feet ,air is  heavenly cool and views are enchanting ,we visited twice ,firstly we went to area where chair lift is ,it was crowded as lock down was lift hardly week before ,these images are only that part of murree which is called Patariata  

   before  standing in the long line to buy tickets we decided to get down to the city and have some tea because tea found on hills where chairlift leaves was not as good ,kids were not happy being late for the ride but we knew once we got on it will take almost four hours to get back so we insisted 

entrance from where people gather ,wait and take ride ,took this image from steps you can see in image above ,steps go high to ticket cabin and waiting area ,people in wait for turn stand in lined within fenced  street so can move further without any mess 

 ride takes one to the dreamy height where breathtaking views laying under feet ,it seems indefinably amazing to float over sleeping beauty of nature that makes one forget the whole world for while ( 20 minutes i think) 

 how exciting to be able to see roads from above ,looking at things from up brings pleasurable change in thoughts , sense of freedom and ability to look place with different perspective is innovative feeling indeed :) you can never find it while being with that place except you have extraordinary imagination  

i saw these girls wandering within woods ,their laughter  attracted my attention ,they were wearing flowery rings on their head and at that moment i could not resist to imagine them as fairies wandering in heaven , how essential it is to take some moments off from life and step in the garden of relaxation to fill up your basket of heart with flowers of beautiful moments :)

chair lifts leave riders in  thickly wooded jungle  7000  feet high from sea level , people wander ,rest .eat or play different games  there for hour or more and then these cable cars take them higher place almost 500 feet higher ,ride takes 20 minutes again and views laying below hold one's soul in magical grip that lasts long  after they leave this place ,though i like chairlift more as it is open and not closed like these cable cars 

last station also contains lot for visitors though what i did not like that price of every thing was doubled after lock down including ride tickets which was quite shocking ,water bottle that we bought there was three times expensive then we would buy in Islamabad 

  hubby sang for me on my insistence ,i recorded that historical moment lol ,song from him seemed sweeter there :)

and then we stepped out from that dreamy  beautiful place with so many lovely priceless memories :)

Thank for kind visit and sweet words friends. Your affection always gives me strength to share my thoughts with you .It is such a pleasure to have you all with me in this wonderful world of blogging!

Stay strong and stay blessed with unconditional faith on Lord and in your goodness ,it will turn all good for you hopefully !

God bless you all!  




  1. Enjoyed this lovely reflection on life, on routine and beauty and fairies in the woods, how magical.

  2. Returning home after a period of being away can be very nice. I also miss my home when I am away for awhile.

    With that, traveling can be pleasant too. Murree seems like a nice place.

  3. The chair lift looks great, wonderful views and fresh air on your face.

    No matter where you go, isn’t it always great to get home?

  4. I like cable cars as you get a completely different view of things.

  5. Wonderful views from the chairlift and so lucky you could go for a ride.
    Always good to be home, nice to go away, nice to be away but the best is returning to home.

  6. Hello Baili, welcome back. What a beautiful, happy post - your chairlift ride looks so much fun - I love jungle and would have enjoyed it too. Nice that hubby sings :) I am interested that you dry and store your own grain, that must be hard work and require planning - we are so lucky we just walk in a supermarket and buy everything packed and ready here. Your garden has survived without you so well, your beautiful tree waiting for you and, as you say, the pleasure of home making - I love cleaning/housework, it feels like I am cherishing my home/loved ones - my friends think I'm mad!

    1. Oh same here dear Betty :)

      I hardly saw my girlfriends enjoying their house chores which surprises me as I love doing house work by my own without taking paid domestic help.
      It's like connecting with myself and discovering more of me

  7. What a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. I too live in a hot climate and know you felt you were in a wonderland at that altitude.

  8. It looks a lovely trip, thank you for sharing your photographs.
    Many years ago I went on a chair lift, but I'm not too sure if I could do it now as I don't seem to have a good head for heights!

    Happy Wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

    1. My husband says same dear Jan but for faster ones. He agrees to sit only on this one Thankfully :)

  9. When my feet don't touch ground I get nervous :)))
    Have a great week

  10. Um texto muito reflexivo e umas fotografias maravilhosas. Obrigada por partilhar.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. Thank you for sharing the photos, Baili, but I would not have felt comfortable ascending to those heights. But from what you wrote, the experience did seem like a very good one for you and your family. Very sweet too that your husband sang to you at your request. Like you, I also enjoy doing my own housework and the best thing is when it is over. Glad yours is done and I know how good it feels to be home after such a long time away. Welcome Home😀

  12. You shared some fantastic photos. It is easy to see why you went home feeling refreshed.

  13. Beautiful post and photos. I enjoyed it all.

  14. The sky ride looks wonderful and so do your garden flowers. What a welcome home.

  15. How wonderful that your hubby sang for you, Baili! What a special moment. I first read of places like Rawalpindi and Murree in "The Jewel in the Crown." I imagined how beautiful they must be, and you photos have confirmed it. I love chair lifts, although they are scarier than cable cars.


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