Thursday, September 10, 2020

Better Option And Visit To Faisal Mosque Islamabad


 Weather  is being  sweet  since  previous few days  for unknown  reason . Winters  are  short  and mild here in southern part of Pakistan . September  is starting point  of spring like weather before winters .My hearts find it enough to be happy and grateful  for this short period given to me called life which no one knows when will end suddenly without giving any warning :)

Being human being all i can do is try  to make my existence successful  by  staying on  side  where Creator has promised he will take care of me .Second thing i can do is to wait for my turn  calmly until something bad happens to me in this unpredictable weird place called world.

All i care about to stay positive with faith i have on my Maker and encourage all i love to do so as no other option seems better or reliable .

 Okay  i enough followed my habit of saying blah blah ,now to the post which  was postpones twice this week due to guests .

We  visited  Faisal  mosque during our stay  in Islamabad .Sharing some images  to give you glimpse 

Faisal mosque is  fifth largest mosque  in the world ,it is situated in the foothills of margalla hills Islamabad ,these are the westernmost  hills of Himalayas ,it's area is 33 acres and 10,000 worshipers can say their prayers at one time . It was around 5 pm when we arrived .i tried to take photos from each aspect this time so i can share  broadness and beauty of this magnificent mosque with you ,day was hot and humid but as sun downed all seemed cool and soothing despite of all the crowd ,it was second day after lock down lifted 

situation  of this mosque brings deep spirituality  when one gets there ,soothing lush hills  around relate so beautifully with the call of worship , i think nature's call to prayer makes each breath "worship" 

designed by a Turkish architecture Vedat Dalokay mosque broadens one's horizons with it's unconventional and astonishing  beauty ,it is hard to not awe and wonder how it was done with such excellence ,In Pakistan Faisal mosque is one of the most famous tourist destination and going there during each visit seems privilege , visit by people remains arbitrary round the clock  though number increases after sunset 

stone seats for visitors on some points though people mostly try to walk within  all the beautiful parts ,some like to walk over grass bare feet , most of people  spend  more time in taking selfies and photos (like me ) 

and like my elder son ,he was taking photos of his father constantly for facebook (that's what he said ) he was refusing when i tried to take his so i did not waste moment and capture him while clicking, teenagers are hard task indeed :) 

lawn along with mosque yard is huge ,we hardly explored it's front part ,and as usual captured some light moments :) life seems perfect when we see our loved ones smile ,though right next day hubby felt pain in stomach and long stressful process of hospital visits and tests got along , all is well if end is well so thanks to Lord that he felt better with each day after week and life smiled for us once again thankfully!

as it was getting dark people were storming to the mosque ,it was hard to find place with few visitors , if it was closed place ,voices that people made would have spoiled the ear for sure specially children ,but i was not upset with crowd this time ,i could relate to their excitement  after long annoying restrictions

you can sea image beaded with heads , it was first time i saw such crowd in mosque , it was time for call to prayer ,we sat aside  and absorbed that precious peaceful moment it was calm when call to prayer started immediately ,most of people headed to area where prayer was about to start 
Hubby and my younger son too joined them ,me and my young son waited for them while inhaling the sudden quietness and peace in the mosque ,it was divine moment 

 lights of  the mosque lit and seemed prays rising from praying hearts , absolute peace took away all the worldly thoughts for while , i felt my soul connected to my Creator deeply ,strongly ,divinely ,i wanted that moment to last longer but prayer finished and hubby and my son returned  and we had to leave for market and then for hotel for dinner 

i wondered how many such times do we get during our life when we can not just see or live life but Feel it !?

this time our visit to mosque was truly spiritual experience and i wish i can have it in future soon ,standing majestically among hills Faisal mosque invites visitors to bath their souls i believe 

Precious friends back in my native village a bad accident has happened recently ,i was informed yesterday and am in still shock ,a young girl was murdered by her own brother for the name sake of honor ,it is grieving and painful that such things still happens in this world .I will share details in some next post hopefully. Thoughts about her mother bursts my heart with pain who was my childhood friend ,hope you will pray for her so her heart can find peace ,amen!
blessings to all of you !please take great care  friends you are precious! 


  1. Your message about life and the short time we have to make it successful was lovely.

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your magnificent mosque and your beautiful family.

    Peace and blessings to you, dear Baili.

  2. When we visited Morocco, I loved the sound of the call to prayer wherever we visited. It reminded me of the Sunday church bells calling the people to worship.

    I am so sorry to hear of the death of the young girl, Baili. Take care!

  3. Yes, what a beautiful mosque! So large, spacious, modern and inviting!

  4. Beautiful mosque and family photos!

  5. The mosque looks beautiful, and I enjoyed seeing all of your photographs.

    I was very sorry to read about the young girls death.
    Prayers for all those affected.

    My good wishes to you and your family Baili.

    All the best Jan

  6. The Mosque is wonderful. I can see why you felt such serenity. It hurts me to hear of the honor killing. I don't really understand how a family member can hurt someone like that. I know about the reasons it is done but I'll never understand.

  7. In Macau a new mosque is being built for some time now.
    Have a great weekend

  8. Well it certainly is large and it does look lovely from your photos, all the photos are nice. Thanks for sharing.

  9. First off - I love how you talk about the Creator and your love for all things divine - really wonderful. I also loved the photos and your description of the time you spent there. Good seeing your son and his father together in the photo. So sorry to read about the young girl who's life was taken.

  10. Baili, the beauty and peace you felt when you and your family were in this beautiful mosque and your feelings were so beautifully expressed. I noticed in all of the photos that everyone was barefoot when walking within the mosque and is this the tradition for a sacred place? You are so right that staying positiver is the best option when all else in this crazy world seems so distorted now.
    The last paragraph about the murder of a young girl by her brother was very upsetting to read about, not only because of the killing, but also your childhood friendship with the girl's mother. It is hard to understand such violence in the "name of honor" and sadly this happens way too often in many places.

    1. Yes dear Dorothy

      It is part of our religious belief that as because mosques are considered " house of Lord " so we show our deep respect and devotion by taking off our shoes before entering the holy place!

  11. A Mesquita é linda. A sua família é linda. Ainda bem que o tempo ajudou na vossa viagem e puderam passear...
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  12. Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing. How horrific for that poor girl :( xxx


  13. Such a wonderful trip and beautiful family photos! I would love to visit mosque one day. I love the architecture in your part of the world. Stay safe everyone!

  14. Beautiful place and architecture

  15. What a lovely experience you had visiting Faisal Mosque. It is always wonderful to feel the connection that you experienced there.

    I am so sorry to hear about what happened in your native village. So sad.

  16. Thank you for sharing this lovely, spiritual mosque, Baili. I am sorry to hear about the honor killing in your village. I'm sorry for the victim, but I'm also sorry for her brother who must live with what he has done for the rest of his life. Please stay healthy and happy, my friend.


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