Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Life Update And Glimpse Of Hamburg City From My Eldest Son "s Visit

Since  lockdown  is lifted completely life in our country is  joining it's normal  routine . All happenings and  all things seems to have  refreshing look. Seeing  people  walking  fearlessly every where is  something we all are grateful for obviously. Despite of all my introversion i have  realized the beauty and value of crowed . Lots of humans filled with lots of various  thoughts and emotions will less bother me now (i think)

My youngest son's school has opened  on 15th of September and it was  almost like celebration to see him going school once again. There  are hardly six months in final exams so we are waiting for reduced syllabus  so we can figure out how students will be able to get ready for it .

Weather  has reached to it's turning point  for us finally . Spring like days before our shortest winters are filling my soul with serenity and joy. Joy of being able to look at the sky so glorious and garden so healing  fills me with absolute gratefulness .What else one can ask for  :)
Nature 's lap is always comforting and nurturing .My soul never get tired of being cradled within it . The long i stay with  her the more strong i feel . Energy consumed by  life and people returns back when one sit by nature . I don't know how this works but it seems that she is hugging you like a mother hugs a child and strengthens you with her healing power and soothing love.Cleans your soul and set her free :) Do you feel same ?

When i think about days when we lived in small house 16 years ago. My soul seemed to starve for seeing plants around as after some renovation we had no space for plants there . So i bought artificial one and would see them with sigh ,sorrow and hope as they will appear alive for me.Sometime they would actually .

My imagination helped me for which i call it "Window Of Soul" and i strongly believe that this window opens to those who long for his help when life treats them roughly . It makes one look beyond limits he is captivated at the moment . It nurtures his faith with hope of the  days and glory Lord has preserved for him  in future. This keeps his spirit high and attitude positive .He avoids despair and short cuts during his walk to divine destination. No storm shakes him and no dark overshadow him because his eyes are on the divine sight that he views through the window of soul :) That is lord's promise which is not meant to be broken ever !

My eldest son has started his first proper job since two months. I am glad that his long run of studies is over finally .He and his friends like many many others are facing visa issues that was delayed because of lockdown. He told they had to wait in row for 7 hours to reach in office .Hope and pray this matter solves soon.

After his final exams he went to visit Hamburg which is port city in northern Germany . He spent two days there alone.He said it is nice to visit alone sometimes so you can explore place by your own terms and ways .He said it was beautiful experience and he cycled a lot which seemed most appropriate way to discover beauty of any new place.
He shared images with us .I am sharing some of them with you ,hope you will enjoy . 

        his first meal there after arrival probably ,many people don't like to visit new places alone ,they prefer company ,specially youngsters ,what about you 

   i noticed that he captured water most , whether river ,pond or canals ,water has compelling power to attract minds who find solace in nature's most divers and  tranquil  kind 

Germany suffered lot because of it's military history that is stained with naziasim and Hitler and even though i am not one of those who were effected directly ,such art reminds me horrible things done by power to innocents 

 i am glad my son choose cycle to explore Hamburg city ,this guy was the inspiration probably :)

   don't you want to sit there by putting your feet under water ,how soothing !

see how air is able to write on water ,isn't it so poetic to read this poetry while looking at the glittering reflections ,truly magical 

what would have we done without bridges ,they connect  which is constructive activity ,a kindly act that gives you sense of reliability, how many things we can rely on in this world , i see we return to lord when we are heart broken by worldly measures ,how wonderful it may be if we realize from beginning that it is only lord who makes this work for us or not ,we eat fruit of our intentions rather than just actions mostly 
It is astonishing how harmony of nature create perfect environment for us to live and enjoy His blessings , trees seems like mother nature is holding bouquets for us to keep us cheerful and happy :) do we have insight to say "THANK YOU " in return through similar kindness ?

 i wonder what i have felt while standing here , probably i would have had a constant smile on my face and eyes filled with wetness ,gratefulness does this to me always 

no matter where we visit in the world ,we see people busy in taking photos ,everyone wants to bring pieces of what he or she experienced there :) 

My son adored the ferry tour most, i would have loved it too  :) i was never as close to water though i have visited beach of Karachi few times but being within water is still dream ,bit scary too may be ,i absolutely loved the shining on the surface of water ,seems like a warm kiss of loved one :) 

Precious friends keep being kind to yourself and all around you as this is Best and Most Important act in life .
See you all soon hopefully .Blessing to all of you !


  1. So good to hear that life is getting back to normal in your country and that your son was able to travel. His photos are great. I miss travelling, it looks like it will be a long time until we are able to travel anywhere. I've never travelled by myself and wouldn't wish to, in the way that I don't go to the cinema by myself. Sharing the experience and discussing it and remembering it afterwards is part of the fun for me.

    1. Most of the people think same as you dear Amalia

      I love observing things alone or contemplating upon nature particularly
      Though there are times I want to enjoy traveling with family or friends
      I hope restrictions in your area loosen soon my friend

  2. All the best to your son with his new job and thank him for the lovely photos. All the best to your family in the new school year.

  3. I am glad to hear that the lockdown is just about over for you. Here in New York while we still are under some restrictions things are closer to normal.

    I have done a little exploring alone when I was traveling on business. It has its advantages.

    I hope that everything works out for your son. Best of luck to him.

  4. Hamburg looks like a beautiful city indeed. I hope your son's visa issues get resolved soon!

  5. Glad things are getting back to normal in your country, give hope for us in the States.

  6. It is so good to hear about normal life. I am leaning in and reading with awe that he bicycled in Germany and started a job and your other son is in school and...heavy sigh...I am grateful to hear good things. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  7. I emjoy going tp eat and explore new places and even some favorite old places by myself and do it often. The tree is magnificent. I like trees almost as much as water. Is your son coming home to work or will he be in another country. I know how you miss him.

    1. dear Emma we don't know what he prefers for himself latter though he got his first proper job in Germany Munich two months back
      i will be happier if he stays close to us but all depends on his decision
      i want him to see happy whether he stays here or there as parent

  8. another beautiful light filled post by you. Also it seems as though your son is really seeing beautiful places where he travels. How fortunate you are all off of lockdown. I think our "issues" will keep going until the election. anyway - thoroughly enjoyed your post.

  9. I enjoy traveling by myself, because there's no one to tell me what I can and cannot do.

  10. It's hard for me to believe you don't get to the sea, where here it's never far away.
    Lovely photos and good to see the city where your eldest son visited.
    Glad all is going well where you are.
    Take care.

  11. Despite being in Europe we haven't been to Germany, I think the war/nazism is still very much a part of our history despite being from another generation and it spoils the prospect of travelling there for me. Your sons pictures are encouraging though, it looks pretty and vibrant. I understand how you feel about plants, I think they breath life into a home and are so important to our well being. Schools here are back too and I am noticing people are not distancing (which is required here) either at the school gate, in the town or in the shops, this is worrying me. Covid is still here and the numbers are currently increasing. I am lucky that I am working from home every other week but my sons are not, wearing masks is hot and itchy so the Autumn weather will make this easier.

  12. In traveling I often do it alone, so I get used to being alone. Hamburg appears to be a beautiful city, close to nature and comfortable for a vacation.

    Greetings, Baili

  13. Dear Baili, it's great to hear life is getting back to normal in your country! Here we continue to be very careful, hoping a vaccine will be available soon...
    Nature, its peace and greenness are necessary to me, I start to feel anxious if I just imagine a life without it. :)
    Wishing the best of luck to your son in his new job... and safety and good health to you all!
    Big hugs.

  14. Dear Baili – Thanks for your comments and sorry for not having visited you sooner. I was idle during the record hot summer. Nice to know life is getting back to normal gradually in your country. Children look shining with friends at school. The life with corona will continue for the time being. Enjoy your life with enough preventive measures. I love Germany where I traveled about 20 years ago. I like watching surface of water where light and wind plays. Your family photo on the side-bar made me smile. Have happy days ahead.


  15. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing your son's photographs of Hamburg, Germany, with us. Such lovely water views as you pointed out and wonderful bridges also. You, yourself, are a bridge builder. With your postings, which are always uplifting and positive, you build bridges between all of us who read of your appreciation of soul and beauty and life. Thank you. Peace.

  16. Good to know that lockdown has been lifted in your country and everything is back to normal. Over here, we are still required to wear mask when out in public places, observed social distancing especially in eateries.

  17. Beautiful photos Baili, thank you for sharing them with us. I'm glad to hear your lockdown was lifted, but please still be careful. Have a beautiful weekend.

  18. Hi Baili, I am glad your lockdown has been lifted. The numbers of covid keeps increasing every day here in my state on the North of the US. You have beautiful photos.

  19. Hello Baili, It was nice of your son to send these photos for you to share with all of us. we can all understand what you mean about Germany's "bad" reputation because of the Hitler years. But other countries also have their own past demons. I hope that all goes well with your younger son's school year and your eldest son's job as well. Hopefully, the lifting of shutdown restrictions will not have come too soon as some countries are once again shutting down. Here, the US surpassed 200,000 virus-related deaths so precautions are still much needed.

  20. So pleased your lockdown has been lifted. Here in the UK we still have localised lockdowns ... it really is a strange new normal we are living in.

    Pleased that school has started back.
    Wonderful photographs from your son in Hamburg.

    My good wishes to you and your family.

    All the best Jan

  21. I like the photos of the city. The bagel and coffee drink make such a good lunch.

  22. Que tudo corra bem com seu filho em Hamburgo. Que bom estarem voltando à normalidade e poderem desfrutar das maravilhas que a Natureza nos oferece a cada dia.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  23. Lovely photos from your son they remind me of the foreign holidays that are not easily possible for us at the moment. We are not in strict lockdown but the virus is increasing again causing further restrictions. Christmas for us will be quite different this year.

    I am glad that you have come out of lockdown, how liberating for you :-)

  24. Your eldest son is kind and generous to share his photos through you, Baili. I'm glad that his studies are behind him! what an accomplishment. Now for the job! wishing him much success!


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