Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fitting Into Very Old Dresses And Glimpse Of Pakistan Monument Islamabad

It's  been one month since we came  back .After  settling to our routine we  have been visiting  some of our relatives (in laws) here. As  you know weather in our city (southern part of Pakistan) remains really hot most of the year  so  we wait  for  kinder weather that allows us to visit . Three sisters of my husband are married in two different villages  that are  almost one hour or one and half hour drive  away from us.

Hubby has five brothers ,two elder ,three younger .Three of them live within the city in various colonies  with their families. This is quite big family so occasions for gathering are many  and often .Weddings of their children or other similar events are celebrated often .Still paying visit to each other without any particular reason is also common here. Me and hubby are introverts so we hardly attend events or visit others if really necessary like (God forbid) someone is ill or else.

Though when weather is fine we like to visit  them specially my sisters in laws . We visited two of them who are married to two brothers and live in same big  house last week. It was pleasant to spent time with them .We lost in talks and did not realize that five hours were passed and sun was about to set .

One of the topic that we discussed  was Old  Favorite Clothes  that are hard to give away .Discussion was provoked by my almost 20 years old dress that i was wearing that day .Power was gone actually  and i was unable to iron new dress. That old dress was of kind that would not come to notice easily as "without iron ".  Many other girls sitting there including daughters of my eldest sister in law complained that it annoys them when they cannot wear old clothes that they bought hardly few years back .Specially after children it is common for women to leave or give away older dresses  because they gain weight  and mostly not get back their previous fitness.

I think it takes almost one year to get back to old shape after delivery . I started my first exercise after eleven years of my married life when  i got worst backache after my  younger  son's birth.Thank to a morning show i  learnt that how exercise does  wonders to one's mental and physical health. Yet i was not thinking about weight loss at that point but only about getting rid from terrible backache . That was beginning of  a new era for me as i realized that i am getting stronger not just physically but my head was working better either . Latter i  found out that unlike others  i  was also able to get in my very old dresses that belonged to my early days of marriage. That seemed quite a privilege :) I  still have few dresses that are age of my marriage lol . It is a different feeling when i wear them :)
Does this happen to you too ? 

Sharing Some images below from our visit to Pakistan Monument Islamabad dear friends , But few images  with google help so you can may feel how amazing and beautiful the place is :)

monument  was constructed by ministry of culture to symbolize the unity of the people of Pakistan ,more you can learn through here  ,more than 6.9 acres are devoted to this magnificent place that give  a commending view of capital city  

below the main part where people can  see not just city laying before their eyes but whole other three sides are decorated with beautifully created gardens and rows of delightful plants 

place is crowded specially during evening times .i bet visiting here is pure joy and excitement that views deliver 

 i think it was fourth day when lock down was lifted so we were expecting crowd already 

mere a glimpse of the sooth and beauty that garden around monument offer  

there are many interesting places created for visitors including steps so they can sit and inhale the charm of  place ,we visited there few times ,though images belong to one day 

 you can see people sitting over wide tops of  small walls here ,we too sat there ,it was airy and cloudy ,we talked ,laughed and sang just like other people were doing there 

 poor  capture by my weak phone camera but it can give you idea how serene and beautiful the view was at that moment :)

It's been month but i think that magic of those beautiful moments we spent in capital city will shine long in our memory chest .
I hope and pray that all is great with you and your's dear friends  and you are  glorifying your days with the brush of faith and positivity :)
more blessings to you all!
Take care ,see you soon!


  1. Hi Baili.

    Pakistan Monument looks like an incredible place. Memories from travel really do stay with us. I have memories from trips long ago that are going to stay with me for life.

    Have a great day!

  2. I can't even fit in anything from 10 years ago! Those clothes mysteriously became too tight so I gave them away.

  3. The monument is simply magnificent. It took my breath away.

  4. Such lovely photographs Baili.
    Enjoy these last few September days, the year is passing by so quickly.

    All the best Jan

  5. The landscape ans the monument are simply wonderful

  6. Lovely photos of the two of you.
    Lovely place and those lovely green trees look nice too.
    Haven't got any really old clothes anymore as I gave them to charity as I always do if in fairly good condition.

  7. I don't keep things often but I do have a silk dress I wore to my friends wedding 20 years ago that still fits. I think you're right about exercise, it's good for the mind too - I really enjoy swimming and weight lifting. I have a fitball I do sit ups on at home as I have week lower back. Your pictures of your city break are interesting, I can't imagine the heat - us Brits always long for hot climates but when we encounter that kind of heat on a 2 week holiday, we head for the airconditioned rooms and can't cope with it!

  8. Hi Baili :) The Pakistan Monument is beautiful! :) Old clothes...yes I have many! I have a sweater that I've had for over 20 years now and I will NEVER let it go (it has a few holes in it lol) but it's my favourite sweater! I have gained some weight since meeting Alex...we eat too well lol...but I've kept some of my nice pj's and hope one day to lose a little weight so I can fit back into them! :)

  9. what i love about your posts are when you talk about the extended family and just every day life - ...I have hardly any family left other than my kids and grandkids. only a sister is still alive and we are close. Then there are cousins but haven't seen them in years. Love the photos you share of the amazing beauty where you live. Nope, I can't fit into my younger clothes - keep thinking it will happen some day. Living in nthe mountains i can't get out and hike as often as i would like - summer gets so hot, spring is windy, winter is cold and snowy but autumn is when I get out a lot more. Love my favorite season that we are in now.

  10. We have moved several times, so my closet stays current. I wish, though, there were some things of my mother's that had been kept.

  11. Nice photos. I'm glad that you were able to spend time with loved ones. I would probably faint if I were ever able to fit into the dresses I wore back when I was a newlywed. That woudl be a miracle.

  12. Enjoyable photos thanks Baili. You have a lovely smile.
    No, I couldn't fit into clothes from my younger days but I enjoy seeing how different styles from those times have become 'in fashion' once more!

  13. The monument and surrounding area look delightful.

    I love the picture of you and your hubby.

  14. There is nothing like family, Baili! I'm delighted that you have been visiting your family, having fun, and talking the hours away. I so get that!

    I love nothing more than to get together with my family and Terry's. It's been hard to be separated by this virus. Thank goodness for FaceTime. I talk to my brother and sisters frequently, and it is wonderful, amazing to be able to see their faces. My brother Roy called me every night to make sure I wasn't lonely and was okay while Terry was in Las Vegas. Sometimes he'll call me several times in one day. He lived in Kuwait for a long time, and I wasn't able to talk with him or see him very often. What a joy it is to spend hours talking on the phone with him now.

    I can't quite get into my clothes from the time I got married. I was there last year, but I've gained a few pounds while being at home since the arrival of Coronavirus. I've been baking homemade bread and biscotti. They are so delicious when compared with store-bought bread and baked goods. But I'm back at long walks, and I never stopped working out with my trainer. We FaceTime three times a week, and Julie puts me though my paces! You are so right! Exercise makes you feel so much better physically and mentally!

    All my best to you and your family, Baili!

  15. Faz muito bem, em fazer exercícios, Baili! É mesmo muito bom, para quem tem problemas de costas ou coluna! Eu também faço, por motivo bem idêntico!
    Mas eu não consigo mais vestir peças, de há alguns anos atrás... principalmente calças... Mas muitos casacos e blusas vou mantendo, sim, sem problemas!
    Belíssimas imagens, de monumento tão belo e impressionante! E rodeado de belos jardins verdejantes!
    Deixo um beijinhos, e os meus votos de saúde para todos!
    Cuidem-se bem... pois aqui a pandemia, está de novo em força, e vai-se agravar com o tempo frio do Outono e Inverno, e muitos hospitais começam a ficar cheios!
    Devemos manter alguma distancia, e usar mascaras, sempre que estivermos próximo de muitas pessoas... familiares ou não! Eu morando com a minha mãe, já não a abraço desde Março! Ela pertence a um grupo de risco, e eu andando na rua, posso transmitir-lhe algo... mas ela mesmo, já entendeu isso sem problemas, e também já se sabe proteger bem mais. Mas como tudo irá ficar bem mais preocupante, já considero a hipótese de usar mascara em casa a partir de Novembro, para que ela não tenha nenhum problema, até à chegada da vacina... crendo que para Março, já haja solução!
    Já houve pandemias há 100 anos atrás... que foram contidas por métodos e comportamentos idênticos, até à chegada de vacinas... Estamos a passar por tempos tão especiais, que nem os nossos próprios pais passaram... mas os nossos avós, sim!...
    Beijinhos! Saúde para todos! Feliz semana!


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