Sunday, October 4, 2020

Flowers And Thorns Both Have Reason ,And Glimpse Of Ayub Park Islamabad


Hey  beautiful  souls !

Hope  picking up  the flowers gratefully from the garden of life along with all the thorns  life offers :)  Whenever i think about life free from misery  i inevitably think of  minds that might have not  grown well if  this happens . Human mind is designed to learn .And learning is not possible without challenges :) Still water can become stinky and useless  but flowing water is always carry new substances that make difference to many other things  he encounter with . All the thorns life bring to us are for reason ,so we can realize the value of flowers and should not take them as granted .This gratitude  is only very first learning . Other is learning is way to survive among thorns and how to deal with pain if they poke you .Last and most important learning is how to turn this pain in your strength :) Once we cross pain we find  how gracious is lord and how he  did us favor by making us face all this .

Sharing glimpse of our trip to Ayub Park during our recent visit  and stay to Islamabad . It is claimed to be largest park of  south Asia and cover 2.300 acres .Always crowded  though  we visited few days after lock down lifted so it people were less. I remember last time we returned from the entrance because park was  literally  packed with visitors. This time also we could not spend appropriate time because our cab was stuck in traffic so badly. Hubby was angry as  we paid quite amount of fare but we were late due to driver's mistake .Actually he chose wrong road where traffic was heavy . 

when we arrived we had hardly half hour of light as sun was leaving , 20 minutes took walk  on road that leads to center of the park from entrance ,all images are captured within ten minutes therefore not so good ,park has all kind of wild life in abundance  but we could catch barely  bit of it :(

pond beside the road  from entrance looks serene and delightful ,this time very few floats  we found there  

                     our walk towards center of the park was beautiful and filled with lovely sights 

we had to stand in the mouth of lion as our younger son insisted :) i remember when i did same to him when he was hardly three ,i still can hear his shouts as he was annoyed with opened mouth  and long teeth of lion lol ,i had to feel the same so i could enjoy my attempt of taking risk ,life is not different than standing in the mouth of lion often ,it is up to you how you stay on the tongue and not get swallowed ,that is really interesting game indeed :) 

right in the entrance we saw few pairs of beautiful parrots ,these shots are by my son's phone so bit better   

                                  parrots are my second favorite birds  ,first love is sparrow :)

 worry of loosing light and being unable to take photos made us almost run towards center of the park ,it was good exercise though 

man with child on shoulder reminded me days when we both used to carry our children like this ,how fast time flies by makes me sad sometimes ! 

This park is really Huge and demands hours for exploration . We were staying quite away from it so could not visit once again .Yet i am glad we were able to refresh our memories belong to place .
We are in the process of renovation these days ,If you remember we have renovated all the rooms and front yard of our house but the kitchen ,yard bathroom and guestroom for men guests  remained.So work on that has started since four days >We have emptied kitchen for this and my temporary kitchen is little street laid on the back side of our rooms .Stuff is not placed properly obviously. Once the tiles are installed in kitchen walls ,the wood work will begin.It can take weeks so i am patient and hopeful :)

Hope you all are taking good care and holding the robe of positivity tight in the stormy way of life dear friends. Faith and hope do miracles in life i believe :)
Blessings to all of you !


  1. Hi Baili- It looks like you had a wonderful visit. 2,300 acres is a nice size. I have visited similar places and I love them. It is very nice to see various kinds of wildlife and it is very nice to explore by foot.

  2. Glad you were able to visit this nice park.

  3. Love the mouth of the lion photo! Looks like a fun day!

  4. You are so right about life needing a few thorns to be appreciated, but I'm good with walking around them, no need to get stabbed if I can avoid them.

    1. Sometimes inevitably we are stabbed by them dear Joe

      Pain is gift when transformed through wisdom to strength
      All is part of the process of learning, that's what I feel:)

  5. It is a beautiful park. Looking at the animals gives me a feeling of peace.

  6. I enjoy visiting the animals in a natural setting like you do.

  7. That is a huge place. Thank you for sharing your visit. I too like the lion mouth photo.

  8. A park like that would such an experience to enjoy! The animals are lovely.

  9. Hello Baili, its always so nice to see your photos. This park is certainly huge in size and definitely looks like an enjoyable place to visit.
    Good wishes for your further renovations, and I hope its not too long before you can enjoy the results!

  10. You had a wonderful trip. It was a time when you had good things in your life. It's a time when many things come together and make sense.

  11. I love your photo in the mouth of the cat. I enjoyed the animal photos as well.

  12. Baili, after I read the introduction to this post and then the rest of the post, it seems that you and your family certainly did get some thorns with this visit to the park. How unfortunate that the driver made you lose so much time you could have been enjoying. But, good that even if rushed you were able to spend some time seeing the animals and remembering past good times visiting with your family when yous sons were much younger. I liked the photo of you and your husband in the lions mouth.

  13. Interesting to see your photos.
    The mouth one is good :)
    Good luck with your new kitchen and patience is a virtue and it will be wonderful when it's finished.
    Take care.

  14. Those parks are a must in every city I visit.
    Have a great week

  15. Bonito o parque que visitou e cujas imagens partilhou aqui. Bonito o seu texto. Também concordo que a vida é uma aprendizagem constante.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. Oh, that photo of the mouth of the lion! It is terrific. Thanks for sharing this lovely post with us. I've missed you, dear friend, and I look forward to more of your adventures. xo

  17. A lovely post and great photographs.
    I like the one of you and your husband in the mouth of the lion ... fun.

    Have a good week, and I hope your renovations go well.

    All the best Jan

  18. It looks like a lovely park to visit. I would have needed more time to enjoy it to its full.

  19. Always a joy to see these animals...

  20. Renovations can be hard but wow, when they are done it's always worth it. I really enjoyed the photos and I would love to sketch those two beautiful parrots on the cage if you don't mind. I like what you wrote - i always do when you share your thoughts about life. I once read that learning is invisible and can only be recognized by their results. We know we have learned something when we see it unfold in our lives.

  21. nice to see you enjoying yourself. hope your kitchen is finished quickly, it must be stressful having builders in, I once had my kitchen done, it too 2 weeks and I felt exhausted by the end as just having people in the house so many hours a day was difficult to get used to, making them drinks ... all the noise and dust! good luck.

  22. Dearest Baili, oh how I have enjoyed your fabulous has really cheered up my day!😊😊
    The first part could have been written just for me...I did so need a gentle push, in order to overcome my present challenges. And you, my wonderful friend, have achieved just that! Oh thank you so, so much!
    Thank you, also, for those wonderful photos. Such beautiful animals and birds, they touched my Soul and my heart...

    I do so hope your hubby is fully recovered now, and that you are all staying happy and safe there!😊

    Sending you much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  23. Hi Baili :)) I LOVE the photo of you and your husband in the lion's mouth ha ha ha ha that is so great!!! I love the bird photos! Oh we are about to do some renovation here too, although I'M NOT patient lol...I have no choice, so I'll have to learn to be! :)

  24. Dear Baili, thank you for your analogy of the still water and the flowing water with its current and how that represents ourselves and our ability to grow and change. I'm going to think about that throughout the cay. I used to spend many hours by the creek that meandered through our 20-acre farm. Perhaps that's why I so like change and growth! Hope all is well. Peace.

  25. Such great pics, and standing in the mouth of a lion looks and seems very cool! Hope you are well! Hugs, RO

  26. I love that your younger son insisted that you stand in the mouth of the lion, Baili! What a great park to explore. It's too bad about getting there so late, but it looks like you made the most of it. Like you expressed so eloquently, we can't appreciate the flowers in the garden of life without getting pricked by the thorns.

    Terry and I are still "staying safer at home," although Terry met his friend Jon in Las Vegas for four days. Terry got back home again a week ago. Since then he has been isolating downstairs. We've been getting together at dinnertime, but sitting well apart from one another when dining and wearing masks otherwise. He says that he had fun with his friend in Las Vegas, but he's not going back for a while. He took all kinds of precautions, but he didn't really feel safe from the virus. Fortunately, it looks like he hasn't caught anything. I'm looking forward to tomorrow when we can get back to normal.

    As I'm sure you have heard, my country's response to the virus has been shockingly bad. Consequently, I have rarely been out of the house since March 6th. It looks like I'll be at home until we can get vaccinated against the virus. I've made peace with that. I wasn't too worried about Terry going to Vegas. I was welcome to go with him, but I wouldn't risk it since I have asthma. It fills my heart with happiness to see you visiting home and getting out. Just like it fills me with joy to see my family and friends having fun in the "Atlantic provinces bubble." Meanwhile I've prepared for a rough winter, because I think the virus will run amok here in the next few months.

    I think of your eldest son in Germany all the time. I hope that he continues to thrive. I think of your younger two sons, you, and Ali too. You are what makes Pakistan feel "real" to me, and I am grateful for your sharing your beautiful people and country. Please stay well and safe, my friend. Sending you a big hug!

  27. What a fun picture of you in the lion's mouth. It was a joy to see all the unusual animals. The Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. So glad you got to see some amazing animals. The Parrots are so pretty with their dazzling colors, and the white bird is beautiful. The pond looks peaceful and serene. Thanks for sharing your photos, Baili.


  28. Such a beautiful park! I love all your words of wisdom! Such a cute picture of you and your husband in the mouth! LOL! Big Hugs!

  29. Um parque enorme, pelo que deu para me aperceber pelas imagens!
    Grata, por tão linda partilha, Baili! Que pena, o tempo ter sido pouco, para visitar tão grande espaço... mas apesar de tudo, certamente, foi uma tarde muito bem passada!...
    Temos sempre de ficar atentos aos taxistas!... Muitas vezes, eles também por aqui, gostam de ir pelos caminhos mais longos e cheios de trânsito! É favorável para eles... cobrando mais!...
    Beijinhos! Votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor, por aí!


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