Wednesday, October 21, 2020

In The Middle Of Kitchen Renovation

We  are enjoying our weather these days to it's fullest. Days are pleasant and nights are slightly cool .Temps are spinning around thirty though figure thirty seems hot during September.For what i am specially grateful for is gentle soothing breeze that feels like miraculous touch of the Love and grace of Lord with each calm gust :) This is inexplicable feeling to feel my Creator as close .This kind touch travels like silver soothing light within me as whole and connects me with him as whole !

Last week two of my sister in law came to stay with us with few of their kids. My younger sister in law brought her daughter (6) and elder one brought her grand daughter .Her grand daughter is considered problem child but i was surprise to see that she did not annoy her grandma for even once .She was extremely calm which was totally different what i know her as during each encounter i found her mom so angry and frustrated about her daughter's behavior .I was concerned but when i saw her as calm it was relief .
This was two days and one night stay.We had nice time together except little difficulty with preparing food for them ,specially my elder sister in law take cautionary meal and i have no kitchen right now .but my back street is serving as kitchen which is hardly 3 feet wide .Yet all went good thankfully as we all face such little difficulties gladly for loved ones .
Half of our kitchen  work seems to be done .I have taken few photos to share with you 

when i got in my front yard i was stunned by beauty and serenity ,being under open endless sky is joy indefinable  :) Sunlight crossing through branches seems always so magical to me ,they take me to the horizons unknown but full of wonder and tranquility .as workers work in the yard from morning 8 am to 6 pm evening ,i stay inside with curtain closed ,so i try to spend sometime in yard before they arrive.Hubby has washed plants many times after cement work has finished but climber look still dusty .we tend to wash it after work is off completely .i like and wait for rain to wash away plants but no rains here since months ,my brother's wife told in her last day's voice message that no rain in their area either though she thinks it is because of an innocent girl has been murdered there.Girl was daughter of one of her aunt and was killed by her own brother for name sake of honor .They blamed few male cousins and other boys who uploaded inappropriate images (photo shopped though)  on social media .My brother's son is one of those boys .Though he declines to do so and insists that his sim card was used by another boy and he is not guilty 

I took this photo before squirrels spoil them ,earlier i was worried about pomegranate but now i am happy for squirrels :)

tiles below cabinets are not that i wanted ,i wanted tiles with green color (fresh grass color) but found nowhere including Sukkur city which has huge shops and collection,all they was brown and cream color ,i like cream color but they had weird patterns and big images of fruits or crockery that hubby did not like ,he preferred these and i greed inevitably ,Blue sheet of cabinet will be hidden behind grey doors that i chose , you can see it in last image but it's elegance is not obvious in photo completely   

my most favorite place on earth is my yard :) the peace i feel here and joy is hard to explain . I am deeply grateful for this sense of realization that how close Lord is to his man and all he needs a true call from him so he can response with kindness and eternal love ! I don't know what is after life but i am totally drowned with gratitude that he made me "FEEL" him ,It seems that the door beside which i was waiting for ages has started to open slightly ,the strange comfort  and contentment that i used to feel as child even ,still overwhelms me when i look at these gifts ! I did my stretching and little yoga while inhaling his grace and exhaling all the worldly worries for while ,This gives positive start to my day 

Dear friends hope and pray that each day is adding glory, peace  wisdom to your soul and each day life is more  graceful is for you.You are in my thoughts and prayers as precious fellows .Wishing all of you more grace of Creator in days ahead !
see you soon!


  1. Hi Baili- I also love being outdoors in my yard. Being outside is so nice and being home is also nice so it is a good combination.

    It is starting to cool down a lot here but it is still pleasant.

    Have a great week!

  2. Must have been difficult to prepare meals with visitors even thought you managed.
    The kitchen is looking good.
    Take care.

  3. Tem um quintal enorme, Baili! Parece excelente para imensas actividades, também em família, como celebrações, quando a casa se revela pequena, para receber mais convidados...
    Estou a gostar imenso da sua cozinha! Não fique triste com a cor! É uma cor neutra, que liga bem com todas as demais, pode sempre alegrá-la com loiças coloridas, ou vasos com plantas bonitas!
    Estimo que as obras continuem decorrendo bem, e sem demoras! Nas últimas que fiz, estive umas semanas às espera que chegassem os mosaicos que faltavam e não chegavam para tudo...
    Beijinhos! E votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor, por aí! Feliz semana, com saúde, para si e todos os seus!

  4. dear Baili what a shocking story in the middle of your post about the honour killing of the young girl, how this must weigh on your soul. A very sad thing (I don't think any religion truly condones killing another) - as always you remain serene, non judgmental and honest. How sad also that your nephew has been tainted; I am glad you don't live near those people. As always it is lovely to see a small glimpse of where and how you live, it looks welcoming and beautiful. Betty

  5. I've never seen pomegranates growing in real life before. I hope your kitchen is ready soon!

  6. Kitchen looks nice. Those pesky squirrels. I love my home and yard too.

  7. I feel so bad for that poor girl. Life is hard for women and girls in this world, even in the twenty-first century.

    Take care, Baili.

  8. love your kitchen - i like the tile - even though it isn't really what you wanted but to me it sure looks nice. Always love to read about your gratitude - you pull that gratitude out of me when sitting here reading about yours. i feel gratitude often especially when out walking in the forest or by a lake but I also feel is so much at home also. i know the more i open to it the more it flows in. It's such a simple thing - offer gratitude up and you've just opened up the door for it to flow through you and out into the world. Sad about that yoiung girl.

  9. I love the way you can find your Creator in everything :-)

  10. You had a lovely visit with family even if the cooking was difficult. The woman's granddaughter behave well because she was treated well. Honor killings always make me sad. And your kitchen is going to be so nice. I hope it will be finished soon.

  11. How lovely that you are having your kitchen refreshed. I look forward to seeing your photos when it is completed.

    I am glad that your family visit was enjoyable without any problems.

  12. We rarely get 30 C in the summer. 30 C in September way. Tonight, 7:00 PM it's minus 5 C. Keep safe and healthy.

  13. You're renovating your kitchen and I'm planing on renovating the house in Macau

  14. It is really great that you are renovating the kitchen! Wonderful Post! Greetings of the day!

  15. Hi Baili :)) Those squirrels got lucky! What a treat for them. :) I really like that blue colour for the inside of the cabinets!!

  16. Your kitchen is looking great. Enjoy your day.

  17. Hello dearest Baili, first of all, thank you very much for your always thoughtful and kind comments. They are interesting to all readers - and help me to stay better in difficult days like today.
    Secondly, I was amazed to read of your temperatures... by now our temperatures are just above 0 degrees Celsius. :) Sunlight crossing through branches is one of the loveliest scenes indeed and your photo is wonderful. Your kitchen will look beautiful.
    I don't know if I should comment on the horrible murder of a young girl. I just wish it wouldn't be called "honour killing"... honour has nothing to do with acts like that.

    Take care of yourself, dearest Baili. Blessings and big hugs.

  18. Your kitchen is already looking great, I love the color! I am sure you will cook many delicious meals on there! Stay safe and healthy everyone ☺

  19. Oh I do like your back yard, dearest always looks so peaceful and secluded there.😊
    It sounds like you had a really good time with your family's visit, although you had to make alternate arrangements with the cooking. Your kitchen is coming along very well, isn't it? I bet you can't wait for it to be completed!😉
    Oh how sad...whenever I hear of an honour killing, it breaks my heart. 😢
    People can be so cruel.

    Have a good weekend, and stay safe and happy, my dear friend!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. So pleased the family visit went well.
    Your yard is looking lovely and your kitchen is coming along really well.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  21. Your garden looks so peaceful, Baili, and a lovely retreat when you need to be close to God. Your kitchen looks very nice and I do like the tiles - so pretty. I am happy that your visit with family was nice, even with the inconvenience of having no kitchen. Sad for the young lady that was taken - praying her soul finds peace. Sending blessings to you xo Karen

  22. Baili I can see why your back yard would be a wonderful place of refuge. It seems like we all draw closer to the Lord when we spend time in his lovely outdoors. Your kitchen looks like it will be so grand when it is finished. Take care friend and God bless you. Hugs!

  23. It is hard work to renovate a kitchen. I'm sure it will look beautiful when it's all done!

  24. Aproveite bem cada dia que passa. Tudo o que as suas fotografias mostram é a prova do seu bom gosto e da sua enorme preocupação de fazer tudo bem.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  25. Waiting for any home renovations to be completed can be frustrating, but you seem to be taking it all calmly, Baili, and perhaps getting outdoors does help. We have been going outdoors as much as possible knowing that when winter cold and snow arrives, we will be indoors more. Now, we have beautiful fall colors and mild days so I fully understand your appreciation of your yard.

    It was good that the visit from family members went well, despite your concerns. It must certainly have been challenging to cook for everyone in your backyard kitchen.

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  27. I am glad you were able to cook in a safe way for your loved ones. I am so very sorry for that poor girl. I hope that your brother's son will be okay . Teenagers do not think of the consequences of stupid thoughtless actions, but how terrible for a brother to kill his own sister. The poor girl must have had such an unhappy life. I love the colour blue on your cabinets as it reminds me of the sky but I can understand that in a hot country green is more refreshing. Stay well!

  28. Your yard is lovely, Baili, and I'm glad that it fills you with joy and peace. Your kitchen renovations will be well worth it when they are finished. Yesterday our temperature was 7º F or -13.8º C with 5 inches of snow. Burrr! We are staying close to the fireplace, and I am wrapped up in my housecoat on top of my clothes. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with the relatives. So tragic about the young girl who was killed. I shall say a prayer for everyone, the girl, her brother, the other boys. Take care, my friend.

  29. Passando a deixar um beijinho, e votos de continuação de uma excelente semana, e esperando que as obras da cozinha, continuem decorrendo muito bem!

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