Friday, October 9, 2020

Contentment Is KeY To Happiness And Glimpse Of My Native Town


One part of my kitchen renovation has been finished yesterday.Tiles and marble pieces are installed .Polish will be done after two days . Then carpenter  will come and cabinet will be made and installed .I was able to get out in my yard after a week and it was nice to see my heaven flourishing before my eyes :) Though because of cement use thick white layer of the dust has covered my garden inhabitants ,they still look beautiful and soothing . I washed my grains today too so got tired enough to take 15 minutes nap after lunch. I felt better when i woke up.I went out and everything looked so lovely.My neem tree seemed astonishingly majestic bathing with sunshine. Branches looked so happy while embracing soothing breeze .Voices of birds and occasionally passing vehicles were narrating the delight of life.And like millions of times before, my heart wondered " how life can be so beautiful "" ? 

I did not know the answer long ago but now i am aware that beauty of  everything around me lies within my own self .It is my way to look at things. It is dress carved by my own perception  that my eyes carry and make it wear things i see .

Yea i know may be i have created fool's heaven but hey if clever can tell me trick that bring them such peace of mind i will think to try that too :) .Contentment is key to happiness and thankfully i have it since i can think .It makes one person easy to live with and also a person who feels comfortable  among all odds.I am grateful to my Lord for this gift!

I  used to tell you about my wife of my brother who sends me long voice texts since few months .She was difficult person to live with back when i had to live with her. Her unkindness created problem in my life then.After my marriage we were not in touch for 23 years untill my parents died in 2011.Now when she started to talk through messages i was okay .I thought may be she is changed person now as we all grow with age (mostly ,probably) . I also few times helped her financially when she needed. Now  one of her son who is different than his other four siblings has caused some serious problem for her and things got worst when police was involved .

Problem is that everyone including father and sibling is pointing finger at her that she spoiled her son with her extra loving behavior .I mean when she had to warn and handle him wisely she covered his mistakes and that encouraged  boy to move further on bad side. 

When topic came during our chat and i tried to make her understand that by covering his mistakes she is creating problems for him. It's been month i am trying to convince her politely but she is only just more angry.I don't know what to do all i want is to end it now.Some images to lighten my and your mood .


it was almost 4pm ,two hours to say goodbye to today;s sun ,I don't why but such sights speak to me strongly ,this tiny part of nature that i can  experience within my yard connects me immediately to the whole scenario of universe ,i feel i  have become particle of air and roaming within the universe  peacefully ,joyously ,smilingly ,gratefully :) it seems so real sometimes and i stay in awe for long :)Sky is calm .blue and embracing ,i wonder why the sky is placed before our heads ,may earth is for physical wander and sky for spiritual exploration :) those who feel like me only they can realize what i mean .

few images of my dear native village ,childhood is not only little part of our life but a treasure that one can preserve and flourish throughout the life when being old seems tiring , nieces standing with kitchen wall in my native home 

some views of my lovely native town i captured while going to visit my parents tombs 

this is back side of village , it is all full with houses now , then forty years back when i  had to walk here it was barren and  wild life was threat for walkers ,bushes were high and scary and walking over rough way was really task ,i had been falling and hurting my self in the beginning yet i loved it so much ,i felt it was my town and i was meant to be here :)

blooms when i visited one of my cousin's daughter who was married to her aunt 's son in our village 

I have to finish this post as it is getting dark outside quickly almost 6pm evening .

Stay blessed with kind smile and try to share it with all you meet dear friends .You don' know how and when this gift of your's can enlighten someone's day :)

Blessings to all of you !


  1. It is difficult when it comes to family, knowing what to say in serious situations. In a similar situation, if asked, I would say what I thought and then leave it. Your brother’s family has enough to deal with right now. I would continue to support them as I normally would. That has worked for me in the past.

    Take care, dear Baili.

  2. Glad to know your house is getting done. I am sorry you have gone through and going through family troubles. It is never easy. I love how you brighten your day with what is around you. Beautiful photos. The two little girls are just precious. It's beautiful country where you live. Blessings to you.

  3. Beautiful views. They are somehow familiar to me, though I have never been there.

  4. Your native village is wonderful and peaceful place, Baili.
    I believe your kitchen is an awesome spot.

    Take care!

  5. Pleased that good progress is being made on your house.
    Family problems are not always easy but I did enjoy seeing your photographs, your nieces are lovely, such gorgeous smiles.

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  6. Hello Baili, I was so touched by this post. Your thoughts on personal contentment being the key to happiness. Yes, you're so right and that is the way I too think and feel.
    My thoughts are that we can read (or see on tv) about people who have great wealth... and mostly they are miserable. They don't seem to take any joy out of their wealth, rather they are in Courts of Law disputing someone about it, families are torn apart because of it and so it goes.
    Its within each of us to choose to be happy. I have long loved this quote and I'd love to share it with you dear Baili:
    "The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions- the little soon forgotten charities of a kiss, a smile, a kind look, a heartfelt compliment in the disguise of a raillery, and the countless other infinitesimals of pleasurable thought and genial feeling." [Samuel Taylor Coleridge]

    Its a shame you are feeling stressed by your brother's wife's attitude. Perhaps it is because, deep down, she knows you are right. Its good you look after your own wellbeing and purposely turn your thoughts to more pleasant things.

    You live in a beautiful village Baili and it is delightful to see all the sights and blooms there. Your nieces are gorgeous and have the sweetest smiles.

    Continue to find the best out of each day. Good cheer to you :D) xx

  7. Pleased to read your kitchen is coming along nicely, you will be pleased when it's finished.
    Oh dear, your brother's wife, at least she is telling you and that probably helps her by telling someone - so that would be of some help to her.
    The photos are lovely and good to see.
    Take care Baili.

  8. how lovely your home village and surrounding landscape is, I love the picture of the two children too, delightful.

  9. I send a big smile to you. Your brother's wife seems to be hurting. From what you have said about her in the past It seems that she is trying to transfer her pain to someone else... you. We both know that transfer is not possible. Try to keep conversations with her about the weather or a pretty flower you saw. Anything to change the subject. Besides keeping you happy it might give her a break from her problems too.

  10. Hi, Baili! What a treat to see the lovely photos of your village! Your little nieces are darling! How lovely it will be to have a renovated kitchen. Terry and I have talked about redoing ours. At least we purchased lovely new appliances earlier this year. I'm sorry that your brother's family is experiencing difficulties with one son. Family issues are challenging. You can listen and share your thoughts, but that doesn't mean you'll be heard. When I separated from my first husband, left California, and moved to Alberta where my family was, I couldn't absorb anything my family was saying to me. They listened to me over and over, but it was many months before I could take in and accept what they were saying to me. It may be a long time before your sister-in-law understands what her family members are saying, let alone accepts it. Take care! Stay safe!

  11. the world you view outside is beautiful both in your compound area and that gorgeous walk. What you write about your thoughts - i swear you could live in my head sometimes. i just don't know the right words to speak but I think and am grateful for the nature and beauty i see when i make sure to "look" and not just notice. Anyway, always love your posts. hope you show pics of your kitchen when it is done. I imagine it will be really nice.

  12. Your words are wise. It is difficult to point some people in the direction of enlightenment.

    On a personal level I am trying to teach someone how not to give in to personal demands.

  13. Lovely images of life where you are! Thank you for sharing them.

    Family issues are complicated and difficult. Sometimes all we can do is accept that there isn't much we can do about it.

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and her situation. When we are going through difficult times, we need understanding and kindness shown to us. I know it's a hard time for all, but love and goodness makes every situation better I think. The photo of the children is precious. And the flowers are beautiful with vibrant colors. I hope things get better for the family, dear Baili, and I'm sending you thoughts of comfort and love. You're right, contentment is key to happiness. : )


  15. Glad to read that your kitchen updates are going well, Baili. The situation that you described regarding your brother's wife is a difficult one to resolve. I know you are a patient and caring person, but perhaps some people may be unreachable. The photos of your village were great to see as I can only imagine how life is in places I will never be able to see firsthand, even more so these days. Take care, dear blogger friend, and continue to be as supportive as possible to those who need it most as you always do.

  16. the view is amazing.
    Have a great week.

  17. That photos of the happy little girls quite made my morning.

  18. Gostei muito do seu texto. Realmente a forma como olhamos aquilo que nos rodeia tem a ver com o que o nosso coração guarda e acarinha. As fotografias mostram um lugar muito aprazível. Que as obras da sua cozinha continuem a correr bem e que se resolvam os problemas familiares.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  19. The flower photos are so pretty :) I'm happy your kitchen is coming along, I would go insane without a functioning kitchen I think! Your brother's wife...maybe you just need to distance yourself from her for a while, anger is not an interesting quality to have!

  20. I am so sorry to read of your family difficulties.
    And so very grateful for the beauty you shared. I find that focusing on it (and it is always there) is a wonderful distraction.
    I hope your kitchen renovations are now complete - and wonderful.
    Stay safe, stay well.

  21. Hi Beautiful Soul! Thank you for coming by my blog! You are such a smart lady! I'm happy your kitchen is coming along well! I love all the pictures! Those children are so cute! Big Hugs!

  22. The pictures are so wonderful. The red flowers, my grandmother grew and we called them cockscomb. The little girls are so precious. Sorry your family is having problems. I agree that love will find a way. Love is all there is.

  23. Hello dear Baili, there are so many lovely things in this post, first of all your wise thoughts about happiness and your gorgeous nieces (they are so cute!), as well as the pretty flowers and the renovation of your kitchen.
    Your sister-in-law's problem is a tricky one. Her life may have been difficult for a long time and made her look unkind. (But since I don't know the person, I can't tell.) In any case, everyone accusing her is unfair. How often it happens, that when we are blessed with kind and conscientious children, it's the merit of all the family - but when there are problems, then the mother is the one to blame.
    One needs to be mature and balanced to accept criticism concerning one's way to raise children... and it sounds she is not in that condition. You have tried to share your thoughts but it will take time before she can really hear you. Continue with your positive and caring attitude, and yes, try to help her to have other, more positive things in mind.
    Big hugs! Take care of yourself in these arduous times!

  24. Quite difficult situation wuth your relative, I am not sure how to advice... I love your pictures, these little girls are absolutely adorable, so cute! And kitchen renovation sounds so nice, I'm sure it's going to be so pretty! Stay safe and healthy everyone ☺

  25. I can relate to you, Baili. Right before the sunset, I feel one with nature and a piece of the universe. The girls are so cute, and their smiles are so contagious, I can’t help smiling, either. You must be looking forward to the kitchen renovation. I’d be so and would be more motivated to cook after the completion. I’m happy for you that you have such serene, happy moments. Talking with your sister-in-law via texts may be difficult, but remember this - It’s the difficult time that makes the other time good.
    Wish you, Baili, peace of mind and good health.


  26. There is nothing wrong with having a peaceful haven. I have my own. I actually think that it is a sign of mental health to have one.

    Some folks are so stubborn that it seems that they will not accept any advice from anyone else. Nothing gets through to them. Dealing with that kind of person is sadly a part of like.

    Very nice pictures!

    Have a great day.

  27. Grata por partilhar imagens tão bonitas da sua aldeia, Baili!
    Lindas as suas sobrinhas... e o seu jardim tem flores lindas!
    Baili, já deu os conselhos que achou dever dar, à sua familiar... se ela não os quis ouvir... a partir daí, tal já não é mais um problema seu. Muitas vezes, quando mais se intervém, mais prejudicial é. Lamento que a situação não seja fácil... mas às vezes, parece que há pessoas que só conseguem mudar os seus comportamentos indevidos da pior forma, infelizmente... E em tudo se encontra aprendizagem para os nossos actos...
    Beijinhos! Votos de dias felizes... e com a obra da cozinha correndo bem!
    Saúde para todos!


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