Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Completion Of Kitchen Renovation !

 Hey  Amazing Hearts 

Hope  enjoying  the weather and moments  in hands with  gratitude and  positivism :)

Our  kitchen  renovation  has been complete finally  and thankfully. I have  shifted  all stuff  into the cabinets including my dinner set that was waiting for it's suitable place .Our old kitchen had only four cabinets that were enough for spice containers or utterly  needed  utensils .But  now my all  things has found their proper place sigh . 

           my new stove ,hubby asked for copper burners so it was quite expensive than others ,as  housewife it is pleasing to have kitchen with new and neat look and stuff  :) so i am liking it a lot :)

here we have lots of sun so this blue color will help to feel the coolness of cloudy sky :) i am even finding these tiles nice now lol

i have bought new bread cooker ,you can see it on left placed with stove ,i am planning to buy some necessary stuff more specially spice or other thing's containers 

the wall above the cabinets  will be painted  that will probably take two and a half days , we will cover everything including cabinets with plastic then 

i washed kitchen stuff last day ,it took two days almost so i am feverish and tired already yet happy and serene with deep sense of gratitude :)

 i know i am posting late but it is because of extra house chores due to renovation but it all is worth it :)

See you soon dear friends ,keep treating yourself with love and kindness as you deserve it :)
I have you all in my thoughts and prayers !
Stay Blessed!


  1. Beautiful, I know you are going to enjoy all of those cabinets. So much space, you will be lucky to fill them. But if you are a packrat like the people in my family; they will be filled. Enjoy.

  2. Dear Ann

    I like to keep things prosperity and I learned it from my mother :)

    She used to say that if people in the house find difficult to find a thing on right time when needed it means house owns a "lady"

  3. its a beautiful kitchen Baili - lots of space, no clutter, a home for all your utensils and the tiles turned out very well as they work beautifully with the blue cupboards. Kitchens are such an important part of our homes, I hope you and hubby enjoy cooking together :)

    1. Oh dear Betty either you noticed it :)))
      Yes It was such a relief and joy to see that tiles looked nice when blue cabinets surrounded them I regret for not believing hubby that they will look good once all is done , silly me :)

  4. Very nice! A good set of cupboards makes life much easier.

  5. This is just gorgeous. What a relief to finally have it all done. Enjoy.

  6. It's beautiful!

    I am truly blessed by your blog, Baili. I like how you love your home.


  7. The kitchen looks great. I love the colors.

    Enjoy it!

  8. Your new kitchen is gorgeous. You will enjoy cooking in it.

  9. Very well decorated, it's beautiful!

  10. Wow! Have fun finding a home for all of your things.

  11. What a beautiful job on your kitchen, Baili. Love the colour of the cabinets and tiles.

  12. wow wow ...this is SO beautiful everything goes so well together and the copper burners - the whole stove looks like a piece of art. You are obviously going to love cooking there. The tile - everything...goes so well and I would have never thought of the blue looking like the sky and it does for sure . I also love the bigger tiles to the left ...your choices were great.

  13. Looks wonderful! Redoing kitchens and bathroom are always fun and big improvements.

  14. That is a delightful kitchen, I do like it.
    The tiles fit so well as in colour and not stark white which is wonderful to see. The stove is great, the blue is also lovely and one of my favourite colours.
    Well done, and I'm sure you will enjoy your cooking so much more now with this new kitchen.

  15. Really nice.
    And it's important because makes us feel good.
    We are still considering what to do.

  16. Oh WOW, your new kitchen looks must be so happy with it, dearest Baili!😊😊
    Cooking will be such a pleasure from now on, I'm certain.
    I am so happy for you!👍👍

    Have a wonderful day, my beautiful friend!

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. Oh my goodness!!!! It's gorgeous I want it!!! :)))

  18. WOW!
    Your kitchen looks fabulous, you must be so pleased.
    Now enjoy it.

    All the best Jan

  19. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous! Your kitchen is beautiful. ENJOY!

  20. It is beautiful. I love the blue cabinets. It is indeed calming and serene. I need a new stove bad and I like yours. Enjoy.

  21. So happy to see your completed kitchen renovation, Baili, and it looks wonderful! I am rather envious of all the cabinet space you have as living in an apt can be challenging in terms of kitchen space as here we have a galley style which means only one person can be working in it at once without getting in the way of the other.

  22. Ficou com uma cozinha renovada e muito bonita. Vai apetecer-lhe cozinhar melhor.
    Uma semana com muita saúde e coragem.
    Um beijo,

  23. Wow, you have a new kitchen to cook and make wonderful dishes for your family. The blue is nice. That's a lot of work washing down all the kitchen stuff - you must be tired. Everything looks nice, Baili. So happy for you that you have a new and improved kitchen. : )


  24. Ficou com uma cozinha linda, e muito funcional, e com imensa arrumação!
    As obras são mesmo, bastante cansativas! Já passei por algumas, aqui em casa... por isso sei dar valor a tal...
    Adorei ver! Tem tonalidades que aprecio muito! Que a possa desfrutar com saúde e alegria, durante muitos e bons anos, Baili, na companhia dos seus!
    Tudo de bom! Beijinhos!

  25. Your new kitchen looks lovely it will be a joy to cook in :-)


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