Monday, February 28, 2011

Hey Air !!! Poem!

hey air how are you,

did you find any clue,

you run after since year,

some time far, some time near,

did you find sign of,you mad about,

for whom you seem, cry and shout,

when sky hears you,its face gets grey,

its sparking eyes throw, tears all the way,

when you knock at my, half open window,

and i try to open, my eyes very slow ,

your whisper through the ears, give my body new soul,

like a friend tells the friend, that every thing is in control,

i dont know what relation, i have with you ,

but i know i feel good whenever i meet you,

when you play in the fields,i float with joy,

whenever i am low ,you make me fly,

did you hear heartbeat of dead yellow leaves,

are they still alive, do you really believe,

when you move her hair, laying on her face,

she consider you some else,and smile with grace,

can you share your issues you have with the sea,

as one fight without reason,when he is angry,

when you share your secrets with trees they expose,

only with me share heart, as i am not like those,

i am still you are move ,

be with me i can improve ,

hey friend just promise,that you will be visiting me,

no matter how much old and move less i will be,


  1. Yes, I missed the fresh air in my village! Here in the city, the air is polluted. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

  2. That's so refreshing to talk to the fresh smell of sweet air! Beautifully written!


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