Thursday, March 3, 2011

just sharing

I see different birds coming in my garden every day.being a villager i used to miss badly in my previous small house for sixteen years.that was a time when then i felt the great blessing of my imagination power which helped me lot to survive in such atmosphere where i was
surrounded only with huge wall instead of hills ,fields and stream.but although little effect of this huge sudden change was obvious on me.

since we moved here in our new big house, we all feel quite positive changes in our mind and soul. here we never get bore ,me and my husband have our evening tea beside our small garden and talk over different topics ,some time we talk about our unnecessary fights in that house and laugh that how we were becoming such rude due to living in very short space.

and now we both have our evening tea beside garden .sometime we play badminton and have quite fun together. my elder son also play and teach his younger brother too. we bought a new three wheel bicycle for my youngest one , he seems really happy to have it
and rides it all the time in front yard when gets back from school.

i really want to share pictures with my friends but i don't have a nice camera to do it.even i can buy it but being a mother of two school going and one university going kid, it sets some higher priorities. So it will take some time but i am sure not much long.

so when i see birds and butterflies in my garden i feel more close to god and it delivers true peace to my soul.i see sparrows and crows with different habits and voices .sparrows are soft and polite and at the defensive point but crows are loud, aggressive and offensive .
they often try to hurt other birds weaker then them and have all food alone . i tried hard that my favorite sparrows can have a part of it but not succeeded yet.

i wish that sparrow must have some cruel qualities like crows so they can fight for their rights and can be able to have their part.

thanks for reading and god bless you all.


  1. I couldn't wait to see your paradise in pics. I can feel that you have such a wonderful life to share. I admire you for setting priorities when it comes to financial matters. You're husband is so lucky to have you as his wife. God bless you more Shabana.

  2. hmmm i can imagine how beautiful hear the bird song in our home yard, hopefully someday u can share us the birds pic at ur blog :)

  3. I love waking up to the sound of birds, watch butterflies flying around my flowers, I do get all these almost everyday. Those lovely tiny creatures loves to be around my house. Maybe they can sense that I am an animal lover.

  4. Baili! Sparrows are my favorite too and ravens/crows are not. Glad to see we share same point of view on these birds...


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