Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Tale Of Happy Fairy!

i used to see her through my window and always got confuse to see her peaceful smile which rarely seemed apart from her face,

i am about to join in my teens. my parents got me life for which one can ever desire.
i have my own car.a driver takes me where ever i want to go, in my farms i take ride of my beautiful black horse.

i am young but learnt from my parents that people can be superior by having high status in society which brings heavy bank balance and luxurious style of living to them.

so when i see the people with low standard i find them funny creatures celling around.to me poor people are like tiny useless things with no reason of existence and no right of being happy.

when we moved in this new huge beautiful house i was very happy to have big pool in backyard .my room was on second floor ,from where i could see the amazing view of flow of vehicle on turning bridge at one side and on the other side high buildings of city were standing.

every thing was perfect until i saw her playing on ground with some old broken toys,in first sight i smiled with pride of having lots of more then her and gave her a look which had hate and insult both.

she looked quite younger then me in age, but what i found most disturbing was her peaceful smile on her face ,her eyes were not much big are pretty but had a strange depth, like a lake lies away from the dirt and noise of cities ,has smoothly singing silence inside which reveals the true meaning of life.

it made me to look in mirror and smile again, but it was not as attractive as her.

i waited for the next few days and noticed that no next day is making any less in her smile.she was busy playing with her shitty toys and same smile along.

i could not bear it as i got an idea that if i can apart her from toys,then maybe i can make her upset.i gave some money to my butler's son who went , grabbed her all toys and threw them in the dustbin.
i was watching it from my window to see her tears i wore my glasses ,but what gave me a shock was her cool smiling look which she gave to the boy was taking her toys away.looked around as she got up from a sleep and had little walk towards thing people thrown on ground ,
she gathered some cans ,packets and straws and start playing again with them,having same strange smile along.


  1. Now Baili! Just tell me this is imaginary as I don't see you as a person who could want to see tears on a child's face. Or was it when you were a child yourself when we were all crude and wild?

  2. dear nri girl thanks for kind words dear but ,as you know writer get inspire by life ,people and incidence happening around them and most of time they give it a new shape of words to make the reader feel it in deep.

    believe it or not i have little ability to get inside other and sense their true feelings,my poems pampered ,gift and many other are the same story,

    the boy i wrote about above was a son of one of my land lady ,he used to abuse kids of his servants and even my son too ,we took a part of their house on rent for one month ,while our vacation visit to other city,it is long ago but his barren face still exist in my mind.

  3. one thing more i cannot forget that the face of that little girl who was being abused by that boy but her carefree nature and smile was never lost .

    i think toy were not the reason of her playing but her attitude for playing that just enjoy each moment of it without wasting any time in cries or else negativity.

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  5. I am curious to know what, where, why and how of this post ??

  6. I enjoyed reading your post....really its hard to buy peace of mind and contentment.....thanks for sharing this story : )

  7. I child's smile is always the best...:)

  8. What a lovely stories to share.

  9. Hi
    First time here,and I liked it.
    You have wonderful imagination,the key to any story writer.
    Have wonderful times.

  10. Of course, I am so sure that it wasn't you who made the child cry. Indeed a wonderful imagination. Thanks for sharing!

    God bless you and your family.

  11. Joy in living and a loving heart are the only wealth.


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