Saturday, March 5, 2011


hello dear friends hope and pray that all is well in your amazing worlds.

i consider life as fast running train and each moment a passing station ,which i hardly look and it passes away extremely fast ,i see it getting away from me but still feel happy that at least one look of it.
in my past, moments came in my life when death
felt better then life,but as time passed, i found myself stronger person then before.i saw that miseries made me more awaken mind and confident as an individual.i discovered that there is some one who know and love us more then us he take care of us when even we try to get lost in timely attractions of life, and think of ourselves wisest of all.
latter it was proven that whatever i have in my life was best for me. today life seems a blessing which felt just a punishment that time and i thought and tried to get rid of it.
nowadays when i hear news about people who omitted suicide or tried for reminds me stories of people who got lost somewhere without food and shelter for many days and faced life harder then death but they still survived with the great deep love for this blessing called life.i think what makes them survive in such difficult situations .
i think it is self confidence and strong faith in god which washes away all doubts about if they can do it or they cannot do it,but there is only one option they left with, that they will do such situation they compare themselves only with them,such people are free of any kind of complex and it makes them win always.

people who lives in populated areas and find death easy then life prove that they think of them a tiny insect and problem a mountain so fear of being crushed makes them erase their is not misery which makes them loose life but i think it is people around them with whom they compare themselves and find helpless or hopeless ,actually they want others to feel their pain or to do some thing for them instead of their own.
i can write a book on hard times of my life,but i dont want to remember things which hurt me,but i am happy that i did not sallow my crushed bangles twenty years ago with a glass of water and decided to face the life with all my is true that god help those who help themselves.
so whenever such thoughts comes in some one's mind just look in the mirror ,get in to your brain through your eyes and tell him that you are the best on this whole earth and nothing is going to stop you walking through beautiful journey of life and having all colors of it.
god bless you all friends


  1. I'm sure each and every one of us has had their share of difficulty. But it differs from the way we look at it. Some people just didn't realize that they had been lucky enough compare to most people. They easily took their own life upon experiencing an unexpected occurrence in life. Cowardice, it is.

  2. AMEN!! marvelous and encouraging post :-) We grow the most in the tough times - im there myself :-)

  3. may God give you peace as you walk through it and may you find your self (Psalm 91) tucked under His shadow as this storm passes over.....

  4. Life experiences taught us to me wiser, humble mature. That's the way life is..:)

  5. It is a great post Baili! Very true! With God's help we can overcome all difficulties in life. ell said.

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