Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hi i am woman

i am grateful to my creator who made me woman because i think i belong to the unique part of the gender .though in today's modern world women have learnt the methods of survival,but it is still long way to go to feel safe existence here.

it is proven that being woman is not easy job,especially when you live in under developing country.some time i think in the picture of the world i find woman incomparable artistic part of it. a part which relates the all other parts together and gives meaning for existence to each thing.

may be ,making woman physically weaker then man was for giving meaning to her presence according to her creative personalty and smooth nature.

but it became a reason for consistently being hurt by opposite is painful fact of the world and there are so many voices and efforts to make it stop but lets be realistic that its not possible,because in spite of all civilization and world acts according Darwin 's law where each who has power eat or crush the weaker.
even woman release their anger on their children, although we know that no one can love a child then his own mother.

i feel sorry for women in rural areas ,who come in world with the will of god but live here by the rules of men of the house.they dont feel life, they just breath , obey and spend all wonderful seasons of the life in the prison created by men.i just think in their last breath is their any pleasant moment come in their memory when they felt free as individual.

being a woman i also gave up my many dream for going out and having an independent life,yes you can call me coward ,but struggle of out going women puts so many complications in here and i am not enough brave or smart to handle them.but i still have desire that i can go out when ever my mood is ,so i can sit where ever i want and have a look of surroundings or sceneries ,write and paint or chat with friends.i want to do this just like men do it like they own the world so o i ,before leaving this beautiful world i want to have a look of it without having any cover on my eyes.
let me share the secret that in my friends,relatives and ex coworkers i was most bore person in the whole world.from my teens i used to beat boys who seemed bit over to me,so according to my all boy cousins i was not even girl.this attitude of them was pleasure for me.when i grew up i was surprised that girls gave boys so much importance and try to interact.i broke up with my very good friend who was seriously in love with a boy and often went to meet him after school.
latter we became friends when i decided to take it her personal matter.

i am not enemy of men but it is true that i consider man woman equal ,attraction towards each other is a normal thing but when they are front of each other attention should not be for external looks but for nice character or good act by them.

but in-spite of all problems i am proud of my self that i feel the importance of my existence and enjoy it ,try to do all my duties with all my dignity and raising a healthy brains in my home. it is very hard to find time for blogging and some time it fears me that what if i wrote rubbish or much heavy to digest, but thank god that it is going smooth friend bear me with all my weaknesses and remember me in your prayers.thanks for reading and god bless you all.


  1. Have a lot of patient, sometimes sunshine do rise from a rainstorm..:)

  2. Hi sis ,

    love ur post.Yea although nowdays is consider modern phase , but women still under rule and being abuse . Not only abuse by the man but also parents and working . what we can do ...... be ourself and show them women is not toys and low class or weak . yeah we weak from physicals.

  3. While there are lots of cases of women being physically and mentally abused. For some, it's all about a matter of choice — it still depends on the woman if she will allow anyone to abuse her. I believe in the saying that: "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent".

    As for women like us, who chose to stay at home and gave up our own dreams to have more time for our family. I guess that is the choice that I'm sure we will never ever regret.

    God bless you and your family.

  4. Baili! I understand for many women that is the case. But whether we fit into that group or not it is upto us.

    Freedom is not given; it is taken! So, go for it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so openly and honestly. It's a pleasure to read such sincere reflections from a person who is obviously caring and good-natured.

  6. Nice thoughts on Womens day.
    Life is not an easy game,be it man or woman.How well you live life is the important thing.Have the courage to chase your dreams in to reality.
    I saw you at the NRI girls blog.

  7. A very worthwhile post :)
    Though I feel the "imbalance" in the society will never totally fade. It ought to be there to some extent in all dimensions of the society.

  8. love your post. it remind me when i was a child.


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