Friday, March 25, 2011

it is so funny

i been attending many marriage ceremonies recently.i dont know what kind of skills are needed to enjoy such does not means that i dont have sense of enjoyment but now a days it seems quite hard to have fun in such gatherings .

it not very long ago when i used to have great fun in such events. about 20 years back when i was in my village, i went in marriage ceremonies so many times.

for me the main attraction of these events was simplicity of the people.smiling innocent
faces and peaceful eyes .that time their only aim seemed to just get together, having fun and yes giving their best wishes to new couple.meanwhile people seemed friendly and caring with each other.those days i observed hardly few who felt proud or busy in show off instead of enjoying the atmosphere.

if i go further back in my childhood these ceremonies were even more simple ,but yet beautiful
people used to sit on large cloth laying on ground called dree in Urdu.girls sang sweet songs on the beat of drum beaten by them.

people seemed very warm to each other those days.its not that people did not has care for their looks those days but it was only a little part of event then.

now when i go to such ceremonies, people sit around huge round tables,they dressed well and specially women wear lots of makeup and jewelery, but every one seems almost still with blank face and searching eyes as asking hey every one did you see me or my stuff along .
one thing makes me panic is cold behavior and strange attitude of people for each other.they even sit on same table but dont talk to each other even they see each other by the corner of their eyes and if some one just look at them same time they avoid and turn the neck.

as a writer i find each face a different story,i always chose the seat from where i can see the more of them ,some time someone start talking but its all about stuff i am not interesting makeup and blah blah blah.

since some time i start wearing lipstick,which makes my presence in event reasonable.when i see every one chose to stay stranger to each other makes me uncomfortable ,why cannot they just enjoy the moment make new friends or stop wasting time just in showing off.for this some time i feel pity on them and some time i try to hide my laughter on their poor way of thinking.

i feel people have become really funny,they dont know what are they loosing for nothing.having lots of material is not a joy,just portraying yourself is not the way of healthy attitude.
main thing is getting along sharing hearts and spreading smiles .this is what called LIFE .soul of life though.

just be yourself dont keep checking on others that they see you or not, but keep friendly smile on and be friendly to all. this is real beauty it will make your face most pretty face on earth which need no further help to glitter.


  1. I truly enjoyed the last few lines Baili! Sounds almost musical and has great meaning!

    Keep writing...

  2. Every culture, every country and every society has its own way of celebrations, truly unique ones..

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  4. There would always be people like that in any gathering. The kind of people who never feel content with what they have unless, they compare themselves to others — poor thinking indeed

  5. Here in England more and more money is being spent until it seems that the day is not about the couple but about how much money has been spent. Also I believe as wedding parties become larger with ever increasing guest lists they become less personal.

    Many thanks for raising such an issue, it was very interesting reading.

  6. I aggree with u, just be ourselves, tq 4 share :)


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