Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friends and Party

it is almost 5 pm of the evening.and i am thinking about the birthday party which i have to attend at 8 pm tonight.when i got call form my friend's niece yesterday she seemed so excited ,she told me that she has passed her medical exams with very impressive marks and she is throwing a party to celebrate it too as its birthday is also at the same day.

i met her mother almost three years ago in a religious gathering called meelaad ,she belongs to a quite rich family which also has a political background.that was our first meeting and she got so friendly and invited me to visit her some time,i did not expect that she will remember this meeting any longer but was quite surprise when she called me again just to remind me. i am the person who never feels comfortable meeting with people with huge difference in financial status.

but my all worries were gone when i went her home she was very humble and sweet and there was no pride or show off thing.after that she often invited me in her parties and always gave especial attention.

now turning to the point for which i am writing this post.after our first meeting next time she invited me to attend her party for friends only.i put on just my normal dress and like always with no jewelry or makeup,but when i got there i was shocked to see that it was a grand party and all females were glittering with complete party made me little nerves for a while but then i became normal.that day i noted that my low dressing did not changed her behavior at all.she was introducing me to all with perfect confidence.

it made us very good friends and i start thinking that people with much money also have a heart.i dont go out much,just monthly visit to in laws or weekly outing with like normal women i dont take especial interest in clothing and jewelry.i dont know why but these things seems unnecessary to me. for attending such parties i have some nice dresses which seems enough for it.

i often remember one of my class fellow who was just made about parties and she used to borrow wearing stuff from her friends .her cousin was my good friend we are still in contact. she told me many times that parents her cousin are very worried about her behavior as she is earning a bad reputation for her such habits even they give her enough pocket money for whole month but she finish it before a week.

i heard from my friend that the girl is married now and trying to control her nature as she is a wife and a mom too.i hope she has understood that happiness cannot be borrowed ,it is just a feeling comes with being yourself .


  1. Well said Baili! Happiness does come from within - not from any material things.

    Hats off to your true friend!

  2. Baili, you made a very valid point. Sometimes, in our quest to put up an appearance, we just compromise our happiness.

  3. I agree, it is always best to just be yourself rather than project to be someone you are not.

    God bless you and your family.


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