Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Sitting On the hands of clock (Poem!)

sitting on the hands of clock,moving in the circle,

am repeating my journey ,in the same miles ,

sand is slipping fast from the jar ,

breathing and moments busy ,in the war,

spring out of window,does not come in the room ,

who will pull away ,webs of gloom,

writing my sorrows ,with feet by the sea ,

waves will keep it in their heart,for me ,

love changes its shapes and meanings by the time,

season is delivering new dresses to the garden,

huge shining stars turned in the dots,

does it matter, doing nothing or a lot,

you don't have to be ashamed or
proud ,

hold your mirror tight and don't loose it in the crowed.


  1. Love changes its shape..Do you seriously believe in it?
    Love is not eternal like they say,and that is why they call it " falling in love', like they fall in to a pit !.With the same ease,one can fall out of it too. Love doesn't change the shape,it simply disappears.

  2. Loved the last line: hold your mirror tight,and dont loose it in the crowd...

  3. dr antony thanks for smile ,and thank u so much for reading my words in such serious way.

    i did not mean that love for each other changes its shapes,because love has meaning lager then life and larger then this whole universe,

    i was talking about changes of the season in meaning of new gift of season to earth,as while ago it was brown color of autumn and bare branches ,

    and now it is lashing green with so many colorful smiling light full flowers,

    i see all these magical changes as different shapes of love ,
    love of creator for us,

    if u think, in human relations love also changes it shapes like a water,

    for example husband and wife are best friends ,but in some certain situations one of them or both play like parent to each other i mean in taking care, they become more responsible not just friends.

    even some time i saw kids who felt grown up for their parent ,and took care of them like loving parents all these are colors of true love.

  4. Hi Shabana, I saw you on NRIGIRLS friendship tree and wanted to stop by to say hello. I've enjoyed my visit and its been lovely to meet you. Best wishes PW (I'm the hedgehog on the tree).

  5. Nice. Like the first photo of the girl. Lovely

  6. Thanks for sharing another great product of your wild imagination.

    God bless you always!

  7. Hi Shabana,

    I'm first time here from India, found u from the interview done by NRI girl..

    delighted meeting a pakistani blogger..

    I liked the story behind the name of ur blog..

    about this poem, i loved the rhyming stanzas and also the melancholy portrayed in every line..

  8. Many thanks for stopping by my place and for following me - I really appreciate your support.

    A great verse that anyone who has ever loved can appreciate. I especially love the line 'love changes its shapes and meanings' - how beautiful and oh so true.


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