Monday, March 28, 2011

fool's heaven

i just sat on my desk front of the computer which is placed a little far from the window,spring breeze is coming in the room and moving the curtains slightly,
its touch is delivering undefinable joy to my soul,
when ever i feel this touch i think it will be the very first thing which i will be missing so much in my grave.
tomorrow or after hundred years i will have to go their , it is a fact which cannot be rejected though, so if sometime glimpse come in my mind its not a big deal,
the most important thing in life is happiness and peace that each of us after is, most of us bear so much pain to reach this state of mind,i dont know that if i am lucky or a fool to have this feeling always with me even in worse times too, i be sad and feel low for while but it could never keep me disappointed for much long,

most of people think that intelligent person needs a solid reason to be happy,it means people who feel depressed and desperate all the time and find no joy in life are very intelligent, but what about all the gifts they already have.

when i listen this i feel really grateful to my creator who did not make me as intelligent,i am happy to stay fool and living the moment with all its depth and joy,especially when i run alone in the house during the day and do my house work i feel my self most happy person on earth that god has make me healthy and blessed with all necessary parts of the body so i can do whatever i want to do to make my home and family comfortable,

my feet can lead me to any destination i want,my hands can bring huge change in scenes,my eyes can see the whole beautiful amazing world and my brain can come with all solutions for each problem,

i feel this, because i saw people with their different disabilities and felt their deep desire for just getting up once and walk by own, or can pick up something in hands,
people who came in this wonderful world but could never see the beauty of it, or could never hear the sweet songs of birds and vices of waves,

scientist says that a normal human's definition is that his each new day is better then yesterday but IS betterment all about bringing more and more material in life or feeling the blessing we have already,one can buy an expensive bed but it is important if he can sleep well on it,

no one can buy a peaceful sleep which is a precious gift of creator,and to sleep peacefully bed is not must if my heart realized the blessing and relation to the creator i can enjoy a peaceful sleep even on floor.
realizing that we have countless blessing without any effort is a base of true peaceful life ,it makes the thoughts and attitude healthy and positive, and once we have it we get rid of every kind of depression and can focus on healthy living along the graceful effort for better.


  1. Limiting our wants is key to being content in life... And when we are content, we are always thankful even for the smallest blessing that we receive. :)

    God bless you and your family!

  2. I agree with you. Written well.

  3. Well said, lovely post. Very true, happiness is most important. Let's all stay happy at all time.

  4. Beautiful write up Baili! I love the lines:
    " one can buy a peaceful sleep which is a precious gift..."

  5. Baili,

    About semi finals, I think public makes big hype. Do not congratulate me on semi final win. Congratulate me on the day when India wins hearts of Pakistan or Pakistan wins heart of India.

  6. U r correct, being a fool is one of the happiest state in life..and wise people always get disappointed..

  7. Hi Balli,
    Liked what you have written very much and agree with it too.
    In so many ways we are blessed, that instead of counting our money, we should be counting our blessings, and by doing so, precious sleep is right within our reach.

  8. Enjoyed reading your thoughts....contentment brings with it lot of peace and happiness....when we choose contentment we are certainly intelligent : ) Cheers to you!!


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