Monday, April 4, 2011

Message of The Nature

when i see around me carefully i find that there is some invisible force exist which is beyond the time and limits, he created us with great love and blessed with an automatic machine called BRAIN,it absorbs the knowledge from surroundings and and turn into a wisdom.

it seems that everything in this universe is just to help it work better even all body parts too,i mean the biggest curiosity of the creator seems that HOW DOES HIS EXPERIMENT GOES AND HOW MUCH HE SUCCEED IN IT?

he made such so many and put them in the game called life,every game has laws and rules ,so he must briefed every one with them but it was not possible to give each one a separate book of laws so he created a BOOK OF NATURE,and explained all his rules and laws in it,

book of nature is full of signs,every inch of it teach us that how can we lead a healthy ,happy and useful life.

this book has countless messages for us,and a very first is that we are very especial to our creator , he loves us sooo much and it is proven because everything as human we need since beginning and will need even after centuries he has arranged for us in this universe,

the second most important message is that every thing in this huge space need support of another thing to make its existence meaningful here,whether it is a tiniest tissue of human body or an atom of matter,

third unique message is that love is base of every creation ,but balance and care is the most important substance for its successful survival ,
scientist says that up in the space countless huge bodies are revolving and crossing each other regularly since the beginning of this universe ,often they are so close to make a blast which can destroy the whole galaxies in a minute ,but it never happened yet, because every thing is as well organized and balanced there, aren't these signs that love ,care and balance are the guarantee for stable existence of anything small or big,

another message of nature is that everything is moving in circle,if we see water from the ocean gets up through the air in the shape of vapors,turns into the clouds and rains , then gets back down to the earth,and it travels through the rivers to join the ocean again,

this sign give me hope that after leaving my body i will not be just disappeared ,but will change in some other form of life,may be though,

babies of all other creatures start moving and walking instantly except human,why ,because creator want to give us time to feel each other's love and store it in our the memories,these emotions differentiate us from other creatures and make our living beautiful by bounding us together forever,

creator could have make everything with like a magic just unreasonable ,but he is smartest, he gave every existence a REASON,and invited us to TAKE A LOOK ,THINK, AND UNDERSTAND IT,

book of nature want us to be responsible for what we have around us,it shows us that jungles are the greatest source for purifying the oxygen, and holding the earth strong for us,but we could not get it,

a little seed turn into a shady tree ,it tells us that very small investment of love,care and time can turn in a huge source of peace and joy,

oceans are huge amount of water,but we cannot drink it,until it travels through the filter system of creator,it is sign that he love all his creations equally and basic need of life air and water is not under particular hands,

spring says that result is BEST when the balance is arranged,otherwise summer and winter are the two different colors of seasons,
but still there are few flowers which shows that they can bear every mood of season and can bloom forever.
messages of nature are countless and only for wise,and none of us is unblessed,just need to realize that there must be little portion time to read book of nature in our own company in 24 hrs a day.


  1. really nice words, make me flying like a bird :) tq 4 share :)

  2. Love post, well said. Nice photos too. You could always come up with something nice to say like the above. Thanks for sharing

  3. So many beautiful thoughts in your post! Really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Very well said: read the book of nature.
    Yes every season, every thing has some hidden message in them, it is up to each one of us to unravel the meaning of life, and our purpose in this world.

  5. All praise is due to Allah...
    Nice blog, like it... :)
    Stay Blessed

  6. So nice and peaceful. Thanks for sharing Shabana!

  7. Baili! You have an award waiting for you. Please check it out at my blog

  8. Well said . Balance is the key and even nature tell us the aams

  9. It's a very lovely article about respect and faith of nature. I can see you are such a kind and compassionate person because it is reflected in your write-up. Keep up..

  10. Good thoughts. Often we tend to forget simple things.If people follow simple rules of nature,life would be simple as well.

  11. Sister, Thank you so much for taking your precious time for sending your feedback via the contact me page at my blog.

    I would love to share this beautiful quote for it seems to be matching with your post:

    "There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough to pay attention to the story."
    ~Linda Hogan

  12. very thoughtful post..I liked that picture, I have used it for an advertisement purpose few months back..

  13. Wow, amazing pictures! Nice post! Very well thought-out! Great job!


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