Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my past, opened a window

today i dont know why when i was sitting in my front yard after sending my kids to school i felt myself slightly sad and missed my childhood so much.

my family belonged to middle class until my father was running his watch making shop well .those days people used to have watches which had machines inside and my father was one of a quite popular in his skills and business ,we were two sisters with one brother who was quite spoiled due to be a only son in the house,

my parents were most good looking couple i ever saw but they have differences over some issues .my mother always wanted to save for rainy days but father was the man of present day.he liked to spend in a day whatever he earned.

our father was giving us a life which was full of fun.he used to brought us expensive clothing and gifts.we had enough pocket money for school and especially i was very fond of eating and had always some thing in my pocket to eat.mother often said me that i should not run my mouth like a cow all the time ,but i had no any other interest except eating.
my sister was very pretty and since beginning she was curies about her looks.she was naughty and popular.i used to take care of her like a doll.

life was going smooth then my father suddenly left us alone and just disappeared from our lives .
it was like you feel down from the bed got broke your beautiful dream or suddenly some unseen hands pick you up from the garden and just throw in the desert.in the beginning it was a great shock for my mother she could not understand that what would she do to give us a normal life because she was not enough educated to get some job.she started sewing the people's clothes for earning ,worked in fields and sold handmade thins door to door .this sudden hard work made her sick and remained hospitalized for almost year.

at this stage of life i became very close to my mother .all the time we both sisters think that how can we make our mom happy and try to give her surprise by doing our house duties very well as earlier we were quite fun loving and almost irresponsible.in such situation my brother tried to be dictator and forced mother to pick us from school and merry us with his cousins who were interested in us an in return were offering our brother to merry their sisters.that was the worst time of our life and we were missing our father so badly.one day my brother burnt our school bags and books and my poetry notebooks.

that day i cried for whole night .next my mother called the some respectable people from the village and put the situation front of them .they decided that brother will not force us for anything and will marry and live in the same house after throwing a wall between yard ,it made some better and i passed my school ,meanwhile quite well positioned people asked my mother for my hand but i was not interested to have a new man in life because then i thought that men are always selfish and irresponsible .i just wanted to do job and stay with my mother.
luckily i got the best man in my life .he is perfect responsible father and friend .god may keep him in his blessings.
today when i see my kids happy and free of any kind of fear .it makes me frightened some time and i pray deeply to keep them blessed for ever and each child on this earth.amen


  1. My childhood has never been better too. My parents used to work very hard in the fields to make ends meet. There were times that there were nothing on the table.

  2. thats really sad. here's to happier memories!! may things work out well for you in the years to come :-)

  3. Hello there Shabana! It's been a long time.

    Sorry to hear that dear...But that sad moments during childhood made the great person that you are today.
    I also have my share of sad stories in my childhood.. nothing is perfect. And I also pray the same for my children.

    God bless you and your family.
    I miss you!


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