Tuesday, February 1, 2011

from the wife's heart

i know you love me but hey ,

say it for me every day ,

it is like you sowed a seed ,

daily water is its need ,

as every day's cleaning is must ,

otherwise things will get much dust ,

then layer will become as thick ,

you could not see real pic ,

if you don't have the whole day ,

few moment will be ok ,

sit beside ,have cup of tea ,

it will turn the day for me ,

if you don't want to open your heart ,

there are many other things to talk ,

in the desert plant a tree ,

give me a hug before you leave ,

cant relate with things around ,

its your love ,which keep us bound ,

i can cross the endless sea ,

just make me feel ,you are with me


  1. Inspirational poem of a true love. :)

  2. It is so sweet, we as men over look it a lot. There small things or rather small words that means the whole world when spoken like "I LOVE YOU."

  3. I love your poem. I think you paint your words every bit as beautifully as a picture.

  4. Nice. So true we should express our loves for others more often before it become dusty and forgotten

  5. hi visitting you thru linkreferal, thank u so much for a good review in return I followed you,

    your site is nice very neat, and i actually like your poem god bless


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