Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i sowed a seed ,long time ago,

soil was not healthy ,seemed hard to grow,

if i would looked around,climate was against,

some time windy or hot,some time heavy rains ,

water was no near ,had to bring it from far,

i was weak but not as,that could loose the war,

i sheltered it with my body ,and watered it with tears,

fertilized with my blood and ,defeated all the fears ,

i bear all the storms ,on my weak heart ,

burnt myself in the sun ,and protected it from hot,

i was happy to see, which my efforts brought,

as i melted slowly, and my plant grew so fast,

i was sick i was tired ,but could feel now free ,

it did not need me any more,as it turned into a tree,

i was hoping i can sit ,under its shade for a while ,

but life brought to me ,another painful trail ,

i was pushed away, from my dearest tree ,

by some strangers ,and it also seemed agree ,

it was ok could not sit ,under its cool shade ,

many others will take peace ,that feeling was great,

as gardener i was done ,with all my duties,

my work was growing life ,without expecting some for me.


  1. wow mom, Its a great poem, but don't worry this tree of yours will never get separated from you, I promise. No one has the power to weaken the strength of our love except God , but I am sure God is on our side.Thanks for this great heart melting poem.

  2. Awesome poem..a gardener sowing seed, the satisfaction is when the seed grows and mature..:))

  3. may God give you rest and Grace and may you REAP a harvest of the faithful :-)


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