Tuesday, February 22, 2011

getting out from the well

some time i think that why we humans are here in such a big and wonderful universe.it is here from long time but we got very short time to stay here.when i think of time i think of a very cold and still gate keeper, who let us enter in the beautiful ground of life with a really hard look,which sounds warning that play by rules or i will be watching you.
but we are bound with our nature and just ignore it.mostly we enter and start just running with setting our targets and selecting any direction,so as result we waste our energy and loose our faith.this failure makes us confuse and made so we waste our time in planning that how to make other loose instead thinking that how can we win.
most of us start digging well as they enter and just get in to them,they spend there whole little break of life in well and think of them whole world.

according to my tiny opinion the most important and useful life is of a scientist.they seems true obedient of our creator and do the real worship.they showed us the beautiful face of earth which we got as our first home in this huge universe,and made us realize that we are very tiny part of it .because of them we know that life in universe is just in its beginning process.
i think now we can feel that this short break called life should not be waste in gathering money in banks without thinking that after all how much can we spend in such a little life or can we take it with us when we leave this world.
respecting each moment and getting joy from it is not bind with material it is about giving away the love and spreading the joy by paying our all kind of duties and giving to others their all rights.we should try it at lest for once .it will declare the difference between taking and giving and deliver us the true peace of mind.and peace of mind is the main thing which we run after our whole life ,what if we find it inside us.


  1. Life is so short and we have to make every bit of it to be meaningful..

  2. One of the words for love in Greek is agape. This is the highest form of love, a sacrificial love a giving love, putting others first. The extreme example of this love is Jesus Christ who gave his life for us so that if we accept his sacrifice we will be forever reconciled with God.
    LoCTY (=Love of Christ To You)

  3. great words darling and thank you for your inspiring comment...life is very short...let us make use of it...and learn to treasure it for good



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