Friday, November 19, 2010

life is beautiful any way

sun just slipped away behind the hill , light and darkness were mixing in each other in a very beautiful way . sky was changing its colors every moment , voices of the birds who seemed in pretty hurry were making slight waves in the deep and still sea of silence ,

i was almost laying on my chair putting my head against the chair as still as the sea of silence ,eyes are stuck on the highest branch of my neem tree which seemed to receive a good news from air and could not hide its joy .
previous some days were quiet busy for me as we celebrated our yearly Eid ul zuha festival on Wednesday and shopping ,cooking and serving guests were the main tasks to face ,today when guest left my kids reminded us our promise that we have to take them out for visit but i was so tired and asked for one day rest. thank god that they are agreed, in my business i just forgot about invitation attending a marriage ceremony , which received from my staff teacher from my previous job where she became a good friend of mine .thank god she accept my apology and i promised to visit her soon.i just love this life when i breath i take it as a precious gift and feel deep joy and undefinable peace ,my health condition is trying to get me down but it still could not make me feel low .i think life is beautiful in any ,any way ,god bless you all dear friends ,take care


  1. Yes life is beautiful and busy ! :)

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  3. yes life is beautiful if we can through it with sincerity :)tq 4 share :)

  4. Yes, life is indeed beautiful. Love the second photo, nice. Have a nice and beautiful day to you too.


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