Sunday, November 28, 2010

whats the difference

hello friends hope and pray that every one is trying to locate the answers of strange question which we face often in daily life .
i was watching a drama serial last night in which a husband was married with three women to have a child but could not have it due to he is the one who has problem ,but he and his family dont want to take man for check up because it will be embarrassing for that man and family that he is not able to be a father .so they are putting the all blame on women married with that man.i think for woman sharing his man is most painful experience but it happens in life often ,as a human being i truly consider both equal and want equal place in life for them,

in history books or movies we read about kings who used to have hundreds of wives and even female servants too,it seems there is no end if a man has financial power to support such life style ,we read and take it as a normal thing ,but what if we find out such facts about a woman ,we will definitely feel
uncomfortable and will not call her a modest person ,

these things makes me uncomfortable and so many questions stick around my head ,i wiil appreciate if you guys will help me to find out answers for them.

god bless you all.


  1. i do not know what to say, but that case proved if many woman still not know about they right as a wife...

  2. Its equality..if we believe that God created man equal..

  3. All i have to say is thank God I live in America where women are mostly equal :-) Its not legal for man to have more than wife here. May God give you wisdom as you pursue these questions.


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