Thursday, May 7, 2020

Some Sketches By My Younger Son

When i was little i wanted to do good in my drawing period . I wanted to draw as good as few of my classmates would do. But it seemed most difficult thing to do.  

There were many times when i desperately tried to draw landscape , tree , lake hill or hut .But when  after finishing i would look at it, it would look disappointing . The thought that i can not draw or paint would hurt lot .When i was young I even cried little sometimes  over this tragedy .I would see my fingers helplessly and angrily after failing.
 I found this longing of mine for painting ridiculous .Sometimes i would complain to God "why did you put this wish to paint in my heart if you did not give me skill to do so" ? He did not answer,not until now .But when it comes to believing in him my inner voice always says "answer will come sooner or latter"  

I was born poet with no clue of  drawing skills .Unlike me my younger sister was good in her drawings .If she would have tried to polish her skills she could have done lot better. But she was not serious about this gift . She was also good in sculpture making though she did not develop it too.

My father had great sketching skills .But there were literally few times in life when i saw him sketching. My eldest brother in law is wonderful sketcher.Though  his art sustained till his school days. Few months back i visited one of my sister in law and i was surprised to see drawing on her wall .She told her daughter made it.Her daughter studies in grade fifth and is hardly eleven  years.It is always pleasure to learn that there are some blessed people in my relationship .We  all  born with different gifts .But people who can comprehend game of lines and shades and how to draw them to depict  actual figure seems extraordinary  to me.
I  mean picking blocks of words and  building imaginary castles  is another thing .People read your words and shape them according to their own perceptions .But job of a painter  seems more tough ,he she has to be more specific  and careful in display of his expressions so people can find it more authentic and flawless and can relate well.

It makes me happy that my eldest and elder both son can draw Lot better than me :) I have shared some art by them in one of my previous post sorry i could not locate it for you. Today i am sharing my younger son's some sketches as you know he is home due to lockdown thing .He keeps himself busy with reading ,sketching and cooking but all after at least four hours study of course .He will be giving his final  examination for collage (12th grade) when reopening occurs (hopefully). hope you will like it 

If i got privilege to grow old and get free times then i will learn painting someday .Until then  keep try to understand raw paintings of my torn words dear friends :)
stay strong ,healthy and blessed always!


  1. There is artistic talent in the family for sure!

  2. i so enjoyed see your sketch... good sketch :)

    let's be friends and follow back me :)

  3. These drawings by your son are done well, Baili. It's always nice to see the talent of others in making art. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  4. Whau! He is talented! Beautiful work! I like all of his art work.

  5. Thanks for sharing your younger son's wonderful art!

  6. Your son is talented. Both my parents can draw and paint. All 4 of my children are artistic in that way too. Not me. I can't draw a line!

  7. These are very neat sketches.

    Personally, I have no artistic ability at all. I cannot draw.

  8. Dear Baili, your second son has such a good sense of proportion and also, and this to me is so important, with a few lines he can show emotion. That takes talent!

    As for your desire to sketch and paint, perhaps you'll have the opportunity. But in the meantime, I so enjoy how your words reveal your mind. You have such interesting thoughts. When you muse and ponder something, you get all of us thinking! That's a gift. Peace.

  9. His art is very good, I enjoyed seeing his work, many thanks for sharing them here.

    All the best Jan

  10. Wow, these are really good. He truly has talent.

  11. hey this was fun seeing his sketches . He has a nice style. And you definitely paint visuals with your words, I always see what you write - it's amazing to me, the depth, shading, light and dark you use with your words. However, maybe for you to fulfill the artistic side of you - pick up a brush and whatever medium you like, acylic, watercolor , etc. and maybe your talent might lie in abstract vs. realism. I think it would be fun if you just threw caution to the wind and just starting painting! you might surprise yourself.

    1. thank you dear Sandy for such uplifting words ,they really healed my heart

      after all those years when i think about painting something one idea is so evident in my mind
      i want to paint female faces and them as whole ,i want those faces to reflect different shades of their emotions and moods with honesty ,i wish i can do it someday as i see how some of my wonderful friends like you and Chris do this amazingly,may be it is matter of time and once i can hold some more moments for my self i will learn painting through online classes and may be i will ba able to achieve my dream

    2. Oh...i think that would be beautiful - expressing their emotions and moods through painting. If you "feel" it can "do" it. I know when I first started sketching I didn't know what to do. My dad was an artist and he had me paint one time when I was 16...a version of one of Robert Woods ..seasons... it turned out okay and then I never again thought i could do anything like that until I was in my mid 50's. I was very self conscious and it wasn't until I let that go and just let my hand start sketching that it actually turned out I could do that ...I really think at some point when the time is right - you will let go and flow with it. Your courtyard area - wow, what a beautiful area to set up a corner as an outside studio when the weather is nice. Let the depth of you became the well you draw from - because it's deep.

    3. how amazing that you inherited these skills from your father dear Sandy :)

      i agree that after certain age we feel much mature and this maturity gives us confidence to do what we been hesitating to do because of the lack of confidence
      but again there is time for everything indeed and when it comes things start working for us miraculously
      i love your paintings and i am glad you are doing Amazing now :)
      i love my yard so much but as we live in hotter part of land so it is impossible to stay outside in long summers which stay for almost 7 or 8 moths
      though we sit in evening times in our yard or i take my regular walk daily

      little garden area is most precious part of my home and inspires me lot :)

    4. after reading your post you put up after this - and you talked about the temperature - i can see that it would be impossible to paint outside. And here I complain when we have a month or so of monsoonal weather and humidity. I hope the weather cools up a bit for you.

  12. Your son is an artist in the making! And you, my friend, paint masterpieces with your words:)

  13. I like what your sone draws. Your kids have grown up very quickly.

  14. I wish I could draw and paint, baili.
    I was always a disaster.
    Have a great weekend

  15. Oh, excellent drawings, baili!

    As Laurie said, you paint beautifully with your words. That is a talent also!

  16. He has a style, character drawing is hard, I am rubbish at it.

  17. Your youngest son has done well Baili.

  18. Wow, your son is very talented, congratulations! I wonder what talent my baby boy will get☺ Stay safe and healthy everyone!

  19. Oh WOW...I love your son's drawings!! He has a real talent for art, doesn't he!
    Dearest Baili, please don't be angry with yourself because you appear not to be able to draw or paint... I'm sure that you could if you relaxed and didn't try too hard. Coincidentally, I am currently working on a painting (for the first time in more than 20 years!), and I have already had a couple of tantrums because I felt I just couldn't get it right. The more I became annoyed with myself, the less I could get it right. So, I thought I would put it aside and try another day, with fresh eyes. And guess what? It is working! And I know that you, too, have a budding artist within you. Oh please do give it another try, my dear friend? Choose a subject that is dear to your heart, and I promise will go well!👍👍
    Perhaps then we can both post our efforts when they are completed!😊😊

    Have a super weekend!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  20. dear Ygraine how can i thank for for your kind sweet comforting comments :)

    how AMAZING that you are try to paint after twenty years ,it means you used to do it previously and left it for some reason or artistic block thing
    this is great that you rediscovered that painter within you and leading her to display her expressions once again :)
    i am in awe what the sublimity your painting will hold when your poetry is such stimulating and wonderful:) BEST OF LUCK MY DEAR FRIEND !
    i have crossed those bridges from where looking down made me feel helpless ,i think i am flowing like water now that knows how to make way for survival
    i am not anxious for being unable to paint anymore because now i know i will do it when time slow down for me little
    probably this is what actually i am waiting for and eagerly :)

  21. Hello Dear Baili, your Son's drawings are very creative.
    I agree totally with what others have said, in that you paint pictures with your words.
    I can understand your thoughts and feelings about wanting to draw and paint and I believe you will do this one day when the time is right, just as you say xx

  22. He is very talented, Baili!
    Oops, Asad does not mean a sad, does it? He's also very creative :)
    I also read Manga series a lot in the past.

  23. I have no drawing skills either, Baili, but it looks like your son has a gifted talent. He should continue to draw sketches. We all have artistic skills like writing or expressing our poetry or taking pictures. Your gift is lifting people's spirits and encouraging and comforting and showing love with your words. I thank you for that, dear Baili.


  24. Maybe you have more talent than you believe, Baili.


    Your son's drawings are good too! It runs in the family?

  25. I loved seeing your son's sketches, Baili! He is really good! I'm glad that you encourage his artistic abilities. I come from a family of painters. I'm supposed to have artistic ability, but I've worked with words and photography instead. Maybe sometime I'll take up painting ~ I better get busy because soon I'll run out of time. According to many tests I've taken across time and in two countries I have very high musical aptitude scores, but I can't sing or play an instrument. I, too, wondered why God gave me this supposedly gift and I'm useless at it. There was only money for one of we five siblings to take music lessons, and they went to my sister Donnie who loved pretty dresses and ribbons in her hair and my grandmother MacBeath favored her. I excelled at climbing tees and beating up the boys ~ LOL! Donnie is a marvelous pianist now and has Nana's piano. I don't begrudge her that one bit. She wishes she could write like me! Life is funny, isn't it? I love your raw paintings of torn words ~ They are piercing and eye-opening!


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