Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Weather Voice Messages And Bit Of Miracle Again !

1:45 noon ,i just came from kitchen ,Trying to save keyboard from downpour of my sweat .What a heat .Still feeling happier due to cool winds that started last night .It rained in areas near probably so weather is being bit gentle. Temps seems to drop few points too. I like mild weather to keep smooth flow of life.When it comes to extreme i will choose summer.They make my mind work better than winters.Cold weather jams  not just my joints but also my tools of thoughts, though i always enjoyed winters more when i was young .Being from sunny part of land where rains are rare .I find cloudy grey weather fascinating. Rains drive me crazy with  excitement and smell of firstly wet ground inspire more.

 taken last evening while having  tea ,some friends  comfort you without saying a word ,they directly connect you to whom you look for in false temptations for a long part of your life,once your soul window is opened and you are able to see the truth berries between you and him are taken away by your insight

with each sip my eyes explore wonders of life within ordinary sights ,sometimes hubby and me have little chat ,sometimes it is silence who's lap is filled with countless memories of times we had together an unseen circle of peace hold us close and connected

 last evening was dramatic with soothing strokes of clouds who were changing shapes swiftly
    my eyes were reading their changing expressions carefully and heart was wondering about winds who\s efforts was involved in diversity of display 

I think people living in both extreme weather learn to survive through them somehow.As you cannot think of  temperature of 50 plus .It is hard for me to think of life in  temps below zero :) I think i can visit such areas once in a while but living there seems impossible .

I  am missing  my native village these days .We suppose to be there in this time of year.Since kids are grown and other concerns regarding their further studies  have occupied our minds we have decided to visit there after each two year instead of one .We are thinking about buying house in Islamabad when hubby retires.This decision is part of  saving plan .Hope Lord will help us to fulfill this one either .
 My brother's wife who lives in my native village and native home often sends voice messages .Actually she is fasting these days so she record messages when she feels comfortable instead of making long calls. She told they got plenty of rain yesterday which lasted for hours and it was still cloudy . More cities of my country are having rains  and therefore our weather is behaving nicely .

My eldest son called two days back and wished me happy mother's day :)  Despite of all the crazy business he never forgets to do so:) He always calls though sometimes a day later still it is his love and care that matters not timing :)

Miraculously he got appointment letter of his very first proper job. This makes my heart more tender and more grateful ! In my heart i want him to choose partner and settle but he says he has to struggle for dreams who made him go so far .All i can do is wish him luck and pray for him. He is inspiration for his siblings and peace for our souls!May lord keep him in his blessings always amen!


  1. Big congrats to your wonderful son!!! May all his and your dreams come true!

  2. Hello Baili, I'm one of those who can't take the heat but with the cold its ok as long as we have warmth inside. Luckily, the sun comes out in the daytime and warms things a little.
    To sit beside your hubby and enjoy a mutual silence is lovely isn't it. No words needed, sometimes a little smile shared... pure gold xx
    Best wishes to your dear sons xx

  3. Congratulations to your son for getting the job.

    So sorry to hear that it is so hot where you live. 50 degrees Celsius seems unbearable. I am happy to hear that you are getting some rain. It ranges from about - 20 to about 38 degrees Celsius throughout the year where I live.

  4. I prefer to just visit places where the temperatures are constant. Our 4 seasons makes life interesting though.

  5. Baili, we could use a b it of those warmer temperatures here in Nashua, NH, where Spring has failed to stay around. After the tease of a couple of warm days, it has been windy and cold with even frost warnings in nearly mid-May. Sitting outside with your husband is a beautiful way to spend time, even when no words are exchanged. That's good news about your son's job offer. And, as much as you would like him to settle down, I think his plan to settle himself in his work first is a good one. it was nice that he called you for the holiday too.

  6. I wilt when it gets too warm. I will complain about winter cold but I'll take that over those hot days any time.

  7. Congratulation for his first job, Baili.

    Have a wonderful day!

  8. I am not a winter person either but the last few years, the summers have been extremely hot Nd very hard to enjoy also. Spring and fall are just right.

    How wonderful for your son to have gotten a job. That must be so exciting for him. His new life has just begun and I hope it us full of wonderful adventures.

  9. I was going back to my home province later this year but the pandemic has made that impossible. Maybe next year! I haven’t been back for ten years.

  10. We have many foreign workers who come from the tropics and they make out just fine in this climate.

  11. Happy to read you had some rain …
    Many congratulations to your son for getting the job, that is great news.

    All the best Jan

  12. Congratulations to your son!
    Thank you for sharing the lovely photos! It was nice meeting your friends:)
    May your dreams of moving come true:)
    Big hug!

  13. The last few days we have seen here thunder, lighting.
    It's Nature screaming at us.

  14. It was interesting to hear that you like the Summers better, Baili, as I appreciate the Autumn and Winter. Summers here in California get too hot, so I don't look forward to them. That was so thoughtful of your son to remember his dear Mom on this very special day. It's good that you got some rain, and it sounds like you get excited when the rain comes, like I do.

    I hope you are well, dear Baili, and happy May days to you.


  15. Sounds a bit hot there Baili, but rain is good and I it buckets down.
    Good that you heard from your eldest, he is indeed thoughtful seeing as he never forgets.
    Congratulations on his new job, that is wonderful news.

  16. Dearest Baili, living in a temperate part of the world, I can't imagine experiencing the sort of temperatures you have there in summer. I think I'd probably pass out from heatstroke! Lol
    I do love the hot weather though. Around 28deg C is my optimal temperature.
    We have had -20 some winters...and that I find intolerable, as no heating can keep the cold at bay. 😕. Of course, we do have far too much rain here...wish I could send some to you when you need it!😉
    I'm so glad you heard from your son on Mother's Day. I knew he would remember to send his best wishes, as you two are so close.
    Please give him my congratulations...and you must be so proud of him!😊😊

    Take care, my beautiful friend...and stay safe!

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. I'm sure your son will settle down and start a family once he's established in his career. Good luck to him!

  18. Hello!
    I saw your blog's name when I "visited" Margaret D, just a few minutes ago and I remember passing by here a few years back. I remember one of your sons was studying in Europe, I believe, and you had some kind of surgery! I has been a while...

    When our children are well, we are well.


  19. How exciting for your son that his first job is waiting for him! Congratulations to him. You must be pleased, and happy that HE is happy. That is what parents wish for their children, that they find happiness and purpose. I'm glad you heard from him on Mother's Day. He is setting a good example for your two younger sons in everything he does.

    I see your sunflowers - they are beautiful! Your entire garden looks well-tended and healthy. It is still too cool here for much growth. It's a late spring for us. I hope your heat doesn't get too unbearable.

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  22. Congratulations to your son for his job appointment. It sounds like he is off to a good start and will go far in life. I'm like you and prefer summer to winter if given the choice. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day.

  23. I hope you get to go home soon, Baili.

    Your sunflowers are beautiful and hopeful!


  24. That is wonderful news about your son! His hard work will fulfill his dreams and he'll settle down when he feels it's time. I wish him all the luck in the world!

  25. Hi Baili I enjoyed catching up with you here and seeing your photos of your garden area. I agree extreme weather would be difficult. i hope you can move when the time comes - in the meantime I know you'll be enjoying life no matter what is going on.

  26. It's funny to read your thoughts about heat versus cold, Baili. I struggle when it's hot. I have more energy and my mind is sharper when it is cold. I played outside at 40º F BELOW zero which is also -40º C. The coldest weather I have been in is -62º F (-52ºC). I had to walk to school because I missed my ride. Fortunately there was no wind. It was COLD! I was very familiar with rain and grey skies when I was growing up. It was shocking to me when I went up north and discovered sunshine in the winter. I love arid climates with blue skies, and if we get too much rain, I grumble. Isn't it funny how we are shaped by our early lives! Your intelligent, handsome, loving, thoughtful, well-educated eldest son will settle down when he's ready. Now is the time to reach for his dreams. It's harder when you have a spouse and children. You and your husband have done a wonderful job of raising a very fine young man ~ three very fine young men!


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